Film Characters in Disguise
Monday, July 16, 2012 at 7:01AM
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The summer of 2012 is shaping up to be quite a hit for Hollywood with all of the superhero (such as “The Amazing Spiderman”), action (like “Total Recall”), animated ( including “Brave” and “Ice Age: Continental Drift”) and comedy (such as “Ted”) films playing in theaters. I finally got around to watching “The Dark Knight” this past weekend and now feel prepared to check out “The Dark Knight Rises” when it’s released.

So, this week’s Monday Movie Meme topic is inspired by the man who leads a double life -- working as a philanthropist by day and a fighting vigilante saving lives with tricked out costumes and fancy automobiles at night: Take off your little mask!

Share on your blog or in the comments section, movies featuring characters who wear a mask either intentionally or not. Their mask does not have to be worn during the entire movie but should be noticeable enough to be of some relevance to the lives of these movie characters. Face paint does not count. They must have the option of removing their masks. Here are my selections for this week’s Take off your little mask! meme.

Kingdom of Heaven

In this 2005 action film directed by Ridley Scott, Edward Norton plays King Baldwin of Jerusalem and he wears a gold mask to hide his disfigurement.

The mask is later removed momentarily by his sister Sibylla and although it’s obvious that the cover became part of his identity, all I could think about while watching this movie was “Isn’t he hot under there?!” -- I mean, they’re in the Middle East, for crying out loud and King Balwin’s mask in this film looked heavy as all get-out AND it was silver. SILVER! Since he was a ruler, I could understand if it was real but damn, can a man get some ventilation up in there? I’m just sayin’.

The Strangers

I love me some Liv Tyler and have no objections to getting a view of cute ol’ Ben from “Felicity” but the characters that they play are annoying as a couple. Still, you want to root for them to make it through a horrific evening surrounded by three weird ass masked intruders -- gotta respect the strange trio’s attention to detail in the styles of their porcelain and colorful disguises tho’.


Mass hysteria and chaos emerge in this independent film by the Duplass brothers, when a masked person in-question terrorizes a group of actors who are trying to make a movie. Although the mask is efficiently economical and easily accessible, I honestly don’t even know if this particular film counts as a “masked character” movie since an entire paper bag is used.

My guess is that the mask could easily be considered a hood -- which opens the Monday Movie Meme topic up to a lot of possibilities. The paper bag CAN, however, be removed by the unknown subject or any of the other main characters so it could work as a mark. Shucks! Is it a mask or a hood?

Honorable Mention: Man in the Iron Mask starring Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s not a main selection for this week’s Monday Movie Meme because I already talked about it in the context of mask-wearing during the 2012 A to Z Challenge.

What movies have YOU seen featuring people who wear a mask?

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