Meet Horror Film Director Samantha K. Tan
Thursday, August 2, 2018 at 4:57PM
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Originally from Massachusets, Samantha K. Tan is a Philly-based videographer, video editor and photographer. As a student in the FMA program at Temple University, she aspires to gain more experience in videography, post-production and sound design. She enjoys voice acting in her spare time as well as producing independent films.

Her experimental horror film My Bedroom, is an Official Selection of the 2018 Short Film Slam, presented by The Madlab Post, where it competed in Round I. My Bedroom is currently nominated for the Wild Card Award. The winning film will be announced in the Final Round this Fall 2018.

Tan's most recent projects include the short films Kakuri and Turntable, both which she worked on as Assistant Director and Assistant Producer. Directed by Kaila Shields, Kakuri is about a man who struggles with the loss of his lover, trying to hold onto his memory of her without losing himself. Turntable, directed Jake Noecker, focuses on the effects of deception in dating. An innocent night turns into one they won't forget.

Assistant Director/Producer Samantha K. Tan with her crew on the set of 'Turntable,' a short film about dating. Tan is also the Head of Production (aka Show Runner) for Ambitious, a mature coming of age web series created by Jenna Lam.  

Ambitious focuses on a hard-headed drop-out who must deal with consequences when her attitude and selfish actions bite her back.


As Samantha K. Tan's short film projects make their way from script to screen -- Kakuri was recently released -- and Ambitious continues to develop through pre-production, she is also interested in filming public events, weddings and other social gatherings.

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