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Gift Giving Scenes on Film

This week’s monday movie meme is all about giving, as The Bumbles says to share “movies that feature presents, gifts or other tokens being presented.” Here are some movies that I believe fit in the gift giving category fairly well. They range from totally romantic gifts to those that are conditional and less sincere because of ulterior motives to surprise gifts that lose their long-term appeal.

Desperate Measures

Monday Movie Meme

Michael Keaton plays a murderer who agrees to give bone marrow to a cop’s (played by Andy Garcia) son who is suffering from leukemia but uses the transplant as an opportunity for his escape from a life sentence in prison. In a way, “Desperate Measures” has indian giving written all over it since Keaton’s character does something that people often hate in real life.....offer something and then take it back or worse......offer a gift and then renege on the deal.

Why Do Fools Fall In Love

*Spoiler Alert*
Monday Movie Meme

Based on singer Frankie Lymon who was the lead member of doo wop group Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers, “Why Do Fools Fall In Love” is a perfect example of getting receiving gifts that you either regret or presents that end up costing too much because they are not worth what you endure. Larenz Tate plays Lymon and surprises his first wife Mickey (played by Vivica A. Fox) with a mink coat sometime after they move in together.

Monday Movie Meme

Unfortunately, all of the mink coats in the world are not enough to save a relationship that is going sour because of a significant other’s drug habit.....in this movie and in real life. What was once a cherished token of love became currency that Mickey used to pay her husband’s debt, saving his life from being beat to death at the hands of a street thug. Does Frankie thank her and replace the mink coat with an even better one, like any appreciative husband would do for his wife? Nope. Instead, he kills her dog after leaving rehab and accelerating into alcohol abuse.

The Notebook

Monday Movie Meme

Ryan Gosling plays a guy named Noah who falls in love with a girl named Allie that he meets over the summer, despite the fact that she is out of his league, as stressed by her parents. Rather than give up hope on being with the girl of his dreams, Noah builds a house that he believes will bring Allie back to him. Talk about a grand gesture!

Monday Movie Meme

Now, I don’t know about the rest of you all, but a man who builds (or reconstructs, if it really matters to some of you “Notebook” fans out there, lol) a house with his bare hands just for the lady that he wants to spend his life with scores lots of brownie points and is alright in my book!

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Flashback Friday #3 and Call for June King Dong

In case you missed them, here are all of the Johnny Depp posts from May 2011. Also, all are welcome to nominate a male celebrity in the entertainment field or a celebrity who has appeared in movies, TV shows or music videos to claim the throne throughout June for my King Dong series. Each weekend this month, a post will be written that focuses on the chosen celebrity.

Johnny Depp May 2011 King Dong Flashback:

24 Hours with Johnny Depp
Various men and women told me what they would do if they had 24 hours to spend with this actor.

Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow Style Highlights
A few tidbits on the significance of different aspects of Jack Sparrow's "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" costume.

5 Minutes in Johnny Depp Land
Facts related to the actor in one way or another that also match the words I came up with within 5 minutes, using letters in his name.

The Year Of Johnny Depp
A wannabe poem paying tribute to the actor while also including some news about his new projects.

This post was inspired by "Fake It Fridays" created by Two Hands and a Roadmap and all of the posts written about Johnny Depp during May 2011 were done in dedication to Alana at Writercize.

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Overjoyed with the Overlord Award

As rapper Ice Cube once said, "today is a good day"! I will be jamming to his song right before watching Michael Jackson's "Remember the Time" video and then possibly checking out the extended edition (didn't even know an extended edition existed until a few minutes ago) of "Gladiator" (the Russell Crowe one, not the Cuba Gooding Jr. one) online somewhere......all in celebration of receiving the Overlord Award from Herman Turnip at Terrible Analogies!

Awards,News and Updates

I'd like to give a big thanks to Herman for this award and also congratulate the other bloggers who share in this honor as Overlord Award recipients. To be inducted into the club of Overlords, one must make a list of three things that he or she would change in the world and then pass this award on to 10 other bloggers and finally...let the recipients know that they have achieved such an honor.

First things first, obey your thirst! Just kidding....I just had to add that in here because I had Sprite on my mind for some reason. Here are the three things that I would change in this world:

*Two of these are changes that I would be serious about making while one is a fantasy....I bet you can't figure out which changes fall in these two categories!

1. Enforce statewide ordinances in metropolitan areas around the country that would require rude movie theater goers to pay fines....double the fine on weekends.

2. Reform the family court system including the placement of increased child support restrictions for unwed mothers (and fathers, if necessary) with the exception of circumstances where rape, abuse and/or incest has occurred.

3. Shutdown Facebook as it is in it's current state and require the owners to auction it off to corporations and universities that could buy it outright and use it in-house as an exclusive perk for their employees and/or students to communicate with each other and increase school spirit or morale in and out of the workplace.

And now, I present all the blogs that I am passing the Overlord Award on to:

Tossing It Out
For creating a space where bloggers can become more productive, meet new people and learn new things.


For giving bloggers and writers a fun way to play with words in a manner that is suitable for all ages.

The Bumbles
For helping men and women reminisce about favorite movies past and present while also discovering new films to watch and discussing what makes all of them memorable.

Far Away in the Sunshine
For making every day brighter for readers, through happy imagery, powerful quotes and other sweet musings.

Two Hands and a Roadmap
For being a multiple marathon champion with a humorous and realistic depiction of motherhood, writing, marriage, life and everything in between.

Daily (w)rite
For posting some of the most catchy short stories made from just one single word prompt.

Word Nerd Speaks
For reviving a blogging community that can help to cure writer’s block and save the Internet from empty blogs.

DIY Filmmaker
For championing indie film in a way that got others such as IndieWire to start paying more attention to certain philosophies on DIY and the state of the independent film community.

Random Thoughts
For convincing readers to identify the traits of a good and quality friend while also helping them realize what many of these traits are, in the process.

It’s All Me
For having the dedication, passion and drive to manage two different blogs while many of us other bloggers find it a struggle to keep up with one.

I completed the WordCount Blogathon, finished a video footage log for a music artist that I've been collaborating on a project with and now get to display the Overlord Award on my blog.....this is shaping up to be a good week!

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