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The Princess and the Frog Party Ideas for All Ages #disneymovies #partyplanning #gbe2

Helpful Reading and Research,GBE2,Movies,Party Tips,NaBloPoMo

The writer's choice prompt for week #16 of the Group Blogging Experience was "Children" or "Parent." Rather than choosing one of these two choices, I decided to combine them for a list of party ideas that are suitable no matter how old or young the party host or guest of honor is at the time of the event. Here are a few "The Princess and the Frog Party Ideas" that you can use for a Castle, Swamp or Mardi Gras themed event.

"The Princess and the Frog" Party Food:
Serve Gumbo as the main course, Beignets for dessert and sparkling cider to guests. Cider is a more appropriate choice for adult parties than beverages containing alcohol if you want to keep your social gathering in line with this "G" rated is categorized as a family film, after all! If your party is for kids, substitute the sparkling cider for a lime and lemonade beverage or green apple juice.

Need some Princes and the Frog party beverages that are suitable for both children and adults? No problem. Find a swamp water recipe that you like and make it for the kids and then use a different recipe to make a swamp water cocktail for adults. These party drinks should not be served on the same table, but, I don't (hopefully) have to tell you that, right?!

"The Princess and the Frog" Party Games:

Despite being annoying in this movie, Ray (the animated firefly) can serve as inspiration for a game that requires little supplies and setup time. However, it does have seasonal and geographical limitations that may affect how well you can pull it off....if you can at all. Host a race at a party for kids, where guests have to collect fireflies using glass jars within a specific time frame that you choose. The player who has collected the most fireflies when the time runs out wins this game.

Helpful Reading and Research,GBE2,Movies,Party Tips,NaBloPoMo

"The Princess and the Frog" Party Decorations:

If you're going with a Castle theme, setup the party venue to remind guests of Tiana's Palace. You could also use this layout as a lead into the party entertainment by hiring a live jazz band to play New Orleans inspired music or at the very top jazz tunes on a stereo or iPod dock.

Decorations for a swamp theme based on "The Princess and the Frog" could be easily made if the party is hosted outdoors in your backyard. Add different colors to empty glass bottles and hang the bottles from trees using rope or yarn. You can place candles in them or small lights to help illuminate the party area as the sun settles if your party goes well into the evening.

If you have a pool, add green food coloring and some dirt or chocolate cookie crumbs to the water to give it that swamp water look, or better yet....throw some leaves in there too. Wrap green, black, purple and gold beads around a tall votive glass cangle holder or slim lamp and then place a half-face costume mask in front of it to make a quick and easy tabletop centerpiece decoration for a Mardi Gras style event.


The L.A. Water Recipe on the Tipsy Bartender show could be used as an option if your Princess and the Frog Party is going to have a swamp theme. Swamps are dirty, L.A. Water is said to be dirty, you're good to go with some dirty ol' drinks!

This post continues my quest to getting up to speed with the GBE2 after getting behind for a few weeks that led to a month.

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My Favorite Horror Movie Bad Guys #amblogging #meme #dvds #movies #film

Monday Movie Meme

It’s a quite festive day for those who have been following along with the Monday Movie Meme, because Dale at Smurfin the Web selected this week’s meme to go with the theme of Halloween:

Things That Go Bump In The Night

Today, Dale asks “What are your favorite horror movie bad guys?”

On the surface, this question is not difficult to answer or rather, it shouldn’t be but horror is among my least favorite genres of film, so I’d be hard pressed to find any bad guys from these types of movies that are worth a mention. I’m still trying to find the time and moxie to watch the "1408" and "Hostel" DVDs that have been sitting on my table for weeks. Luckily for the sake of participating in this week’s meme, however, I was able to come up with a few selections based on all of the horror movies that I’ve watched since childhood.

Freddy Kruger in “Nightmare on Elm Street”

Monday Movie Meme,Movies

Despite being a child killing scumbag, he is also funny and made it easier to watch horror movies without worrying about having really bad nightmares. It would be entertaining to watch a fan-made YouTube video that bounces back and forth between his one-liners and those of Horatio Caine from “CSI: Miami.” In fact, it would probably work if Horatio’s lines came after Freddys in scenes where this horror movie bad guy gets injured or is put in a compromising position. Freddy Kruger is a horror movie bad guy who maintains some level of coolness to him. I mean, what other horror movie leading man has his own theme song? Is it as catchy as “1-2, Freddy’s coming for you...”?

Seth Brundle in “The Fly"

Monday Movie Meme,Movies

I LOVED this movie and must have watched it over a dozen times when it aired on television, during my late childhood and early teen years. Jeff Goldblum played the hell out of his role and Geena Davis became my most favorite actress ever, probably because for some time, she was the only one that I was familiar with because of "The Fly.” Unfortunately, this movie started to gross me out as I got older and now I rarely watch least not around any meal times. However, I would still play it on TV as background ambiance though! This reminds me....I don’t own the DVD. I’ll have to add this to my DVD collection.

What are YOUR favorite horror movie bad guys?

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The Animal Kingdom of Cinema #atthemovies #movierental #animalmovies #meme #amwriting

Monday Movie Meme

In tribute to the recent Ohio farm crisis that led to the death of mountain lions, Bengal tigers, a wolf, grizzly bears, lionesses, a baboon and black bears, I invite all Monday Movie Meme participants to join me in parking those cars from last week’s fun theme hosted by Dale at Smurfin the Web and start this week off with films highlighting an appreciation of our fellow mammals and warm blooded creatures. Inspired by a friend’s recent observation after watching a movie trailer about a horse........this week’s movie meme topic is: Real Animals of the Universe.

Share on your blog movies that feature animals in a realistic state, meaning they do not exhibit special powers like flying or human characteristics such as the ability to talk (Sorry, “Doctor Dolittle” ain’t gonna cut it!). No CG generated, animated, dancing, martial-arts exhibiting, etc. creatures are welcome. Here are my selections.

Free Willy
The little boy in this movie sure knows how to tug at the emotions of viewers. For someone who does not care much for killer whales, “Free Willy” made me sympathetic to their cause...specifically whales held in captivity and those who face unnecessary harm by their owners. Sure, the young main character’s performance made this movie more dramatic but the whale that was filmed during the making of this movie did his job too by being the animal that he is and doing whatever whales do, without all of the extra nonsense.

Ace Ventura Pet Detective
Jim Carrey goes on a cruelty-free hunting spree to find a kidnapped Bottlenose dolphin named Snowflake. His investigation leads him to learn that Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino was also a target of the main suspect.This is also the first movie (...I think) where I saw an albino pigeon. I mean, where are those animals walking down the street?

I’d also like to throw “Beethoven” in the mix for diversity purposes since this post is looking like a sea life parade. While I haven’t found a St. Bernard that can hum or bark to the melody of a song, real dogs can be trained to do this. Now, if they only took requests for their doggie tunes, we’d be in business!

What real animal movies would YOU add to this list?

For further reading and a quick flashback to previous animal themed Monday Movie Meme posts, check out The Bumbles circa 2009.

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