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Ethan Hawke puts Matters of Food Waste in Perspective #BAD11 #WorldFoodDay

Blog Action Day,World Food Day

By the end of this month I will have thrown away an unopened package of bacon, one-quarter pound of cheese, one-quarter pound of turkey breast, a half-full box of granola cereal, one and a half containers of cream cheese and one half bag of Cheerios in the trash. Don’t even get me started on the banana pudding that my Grandmother made weeks ago that I still didn’t finish eating.

These items are either old, past their expiration date or stale and questionable to consume after being stored for too long. Yet, I woke up this morning hungry and disappointed that all I had to eat for breakfast was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because toast did not seem very filling. It is an absolutely wasteful habit that does not help the environment and seems quite ungrateful considering the shortage of nutritious food that people are facing here and abroad.

Blog Action Day,World Food Day

You know that movie scene in “Alive” where a group of rugby team players who survived a plane crash eat the flesh of dead passengers while stranded on cold mountains? If not, don’t worry. I didn’t watch it yet either but will, along with the Martin Sheen narrated documentary “Alive: 20 Years Later” as soon as Netflix or Blockbuster ships them my way.

It is not easy to imagine eating human flesh in any capacity. It is also probably not easy for the average person to imagine eating old, smelly, expired or stale food either because we don’t have to do so. We can just get new food but an even better alternative is to buy only the amount of food that is needed and no more.

No matter how bad the food I listed earlier in this post seems to me, chances are that the people munching on their friends in “Alive” (which is based on a trued story) would prefer my stale Cheerios or old cheese over human flesh any day of the week if they had a choice. Today, more than 50 million household have insufficient food supply according to a NY Times article. The piece also mentions a study by the Department of Agriculture reporting that just one fifth of the food waste could feed 10 million people each year.

A singer named Michael Jackson once said that he’s going to chance the world by starting with the man in the mirror. I’m taking note from Jackson and starting with the woman in the mirror on a quest to reduce food waste. Who dares to join me?

by the way....

How much food have YOU wasted this year?

I am proud to take part in Blog Action Day Oct 16, 2011

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Movie Goer Files Lawsuit over “Drive” Starring Ryan Gosling #movies #michigan #theaters #film

King Dong,Actors,Movie Theaters,Hollywood

What good are movie trailers and movie reviews for if people don't watch and read them? Ryan Gosling’s thriller “Drive” allegedly lacks so much action that it caused a woman who saw this movie at the Emagine theater in Michigan to sue. The distributor of this film and the movie theater are both the targets of a disgruntled movie goer’s lawsuit because “Drive” had little to no driving scenes, did not resemble that of a chase or racing film such as “Fast and the Furious” and instead contained lots of anti-Semitic messages, according to the NY Times.

The woman also has plans to try and turn this into a class action suit so other movie goers unhappy with “Drive” can join her in these complaints. I can’t help but wonder if this lawsuit is more about her claims that the film depicts racism toward people of Jewish faith than it is about Ryan Gosling’s scenes not comparing to Vin Diesel’s speed.....especially since Emagine theater offered to refund the cost of her movie ticket.

King Dong,Actors,Movie Theaters,Hollywood

If every movie goer who felt mislead or offended by a movie that they watched took distributors and theaters to court, our judicial system would have more problems than it already does and be more backed up due to silly things like this “Drive” situation that takes up time and resources of law officials that could be better spent dealing with cases involving thieves, murderers, assailants, corporate corruption and other crimes.

I know people who were upset and unfulfilled after watching “Shutter Island” in movie theaters because the movie is confusing. Now while some would gladly welcome a $12 refund from Leonardo DiCaprio, these movie goers are certainly not suing Paramount Pictures. You know what they did instead? They didn’t buy the DVD when it came out and they probably won’t recommend “Shutter Island” to their friends. Fair enough?

Was "Drive" that bad, or is this woman and her lawsuit out of line?

King Dong,Actors,Movie Theaters,Hollywood
As silly as this “Drive” lawsuit is, it has almost perfect timing because Ryan Gosling is the King Dong of October!

Join me in saying “so long” to Leonardo DiCaprio, who dominated my blog over the last few months and “hello” to Ryan Gosling who will be the new least for the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for more Gosling-centered posts during the rest of the month.

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Filming in the Nude #atthemovies #movierentals #amblogging

Monday Movie Meme

Happy Columbus day everyone! As a result of my tardiness last week, Dale at Smurfin the Web was kind enough to get a Monday Movie Meme rolling with some great sports movies. Today, I present to you this week’s brand spankin’ (no pun intended, you just wait and see) new meme topic.....In the Buff. Share on your blog or in the comments section, movies about nudity and/or movies featuring naked characters. Make sure to visit the blogs of fellow participants. You may learn about a new weekend film to watch. Here are my selections for In the Buff.

I Am a Sex Addict

Monday Movie Meme,Movies
Having not watched this movie in some time, I don’t remember if there is full-on nudity in this movie but there is at least partial nudity and scenes that suggest that the characters are naked. It has funny moments but the story can be kind of sad sometimes...I mean, what is funny about addiction? Nothing. This movie may disturb some viewers, depending on what you can take watching or not but those that want a little primer are welcome to read my previous “I Am a Sex Addict” review. The description of this film is self-explanatory but those who still need more details can check out Netflix, Blockbuster, Amazon, etc. or whatever tickles your fancy, ha!

Hannah Takes the Stairs

Monday Movie Meme,Movies

I still cannot figure out what is the significance of two main characters sitting in a bathtub naked, playing musical instruments. Maybe the scene is intended to show how they finally realized that they have a lot in common, but, I can’t help but wonder if some of the scenes in this movie were unnecessary in relation to the overall plot. “Hannah Takes the Stars” is about a woman trying to find herself in a new career while also dealing with workplace politics and relationships.

Kissing on the Mouth

Monday Movie Meme,Movies

The “Hannah Takes the Stairs” director made this movie as well. I liked that one better because “Kissing on the Mouth” didn’t seem to have an interesting plot. Well, that and the fact that this has to be the only movie I’ve ever watched that made me wonder “Is there a reason that I have to watch this chick shave her pubes?” and “What does this have to do with the story?” but I will give it props for being able to find an audience, develop fans and launch the careers of many who worked on the film.

What films would YOU add to an In the Buff category?