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Wordless Wednesday: VISIONFEST 11 Snapshot Trivia! #NaBloPoMo

Name the actor in this photo who attended VISIONFEST 11 and name his most recent film and I'll write a post on a film related topic of your choice.

NaBloPoMo,Wordless Wednesday

Leave your answer in the comments section!

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The Most Absurd “X-Men: First Class” Pre-Show at Regal Plymouth Meeting 10 #NaBloPoMo

My most recent visit to Regal’s movie theater in Plymouth Meeting, PA was a disgrace due to their 47 minute long pre-show. Yes, you read that correctly......47 (friggin) minutes!

On Tuesday, June 21st, a friend and I bought X-Men: First Class tickets at the Regal Plymouth Meeting movie theater in Pennsylvania. These tickets totaled $22 and were for the 10:00pm show. We were seated a little before 10:00pm that evening as the pre-show began, starting with this movie theater’s First Look Program that lasted for approximately 25 minutes.

Next up on the pre-show schedule was commercials that included an advertisement for a mega church. I looked at the time on my cell phone and noticed that it was well after 10:00pm and there was still no sign of a movie until the theater gets darker and title credits start rolling on the big screen. It looks like The Green Lantern is coming on and I get relieved until my friend tells me that the previews are starting now.....which made me realize that I forgot that we came to see X-Men: First Class, not The Green Lantern. Now, you know you’re sitting in a movie theater too darn long when you forget why you came there in the first place.

A second glance at the time showed 10:38pm as movie previews continue at Regal Plymouth Meeting 10. Several movie previews were shown that evening, making the wait for X-Men: First Class even longer. I could've stayed at home or went to a friend’s house and watched two half-hour sitcoms or a one-hour crime drama during the time that I and fellow audience members spent sitting in this movie theater, watching commercials and advertisements for what seems like an eternity when all we are doing is sitting in a room while companies try to sell their wares to us. I did not spend money on this movie ticket to watch commercials for 40+ minutes straight!

X-Men: First Class finally started at about 10:47pm

The movie theater pre-show at Regal Plymouth Meeting 10 was so long, I wrote the majority of this blog post on my iPod while sitting in the theater waiting to be entertained. This experience almost makes me want to reduce my visits to movie theaters and rent more. Another solution to prevent a similar experience in the future may be to only visit movie theaters who screen short pre-show programming and just rent whatever movies I want to watch that they don’t have playing there.

The average movie theater probably shows 15-20 minutes of pre-show content before playing a movie; probably less than 15 minutes if it’s an independent movie theater or small arthouse cinema. Granted, this particular screening was not sold-out but Regal Plymouth Meeting 10 had several people including myself waiting for twice as long as movie theater audiences should have to wait when they show up for a specific showtime.

“Are you not entertained?” - Maximus Decimus Meridius (Russell Crowe) in “Gladiator”

NO, I was not and am most certainly NOT least when it comes to movie theater pre-shows at Regal Plymouth Meeting 10.

What was the longest movie theater pre-show that YOU ever experienced?

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The Battle Continues with Fight Scenes #NaBloPoMo

Happy 4th of July to all who read this!

NaBloPoMo,Monday Movie Meme

It appears that a theme for this week’s Monday Movie Meme has not been chosen. Maybe there is a holiday break for participants to take this week off or maybe one will be chosen tomorrow. Either way, here are some battle scenes that.....while not epic in nature, still have the ability to keep their audience’s attention.

They feature one-on-one combat that is intense because either someone was offended and wants to put his opponent in his place and because another feels betrayed and seeks some form of gratitude or reciprocity for helping a friend/brother in the past.


NaBloPoMo,Monday Movie Meme

The scene where Bruce Willis’ character Frank Moses gives William Cooper (played by Karl Urban) a butt kicking reminds younger generations to never underestimate the strength, power and skills of older people.....especially if they are retired CIA agents.

The Town

Monday Movie Meme,NaBloPoMo

First, let’s get something out of the way.....mad kudos to Ben Affleck for his work in (starring) and on (directing and co-writing) this movie! After watching “The Town,” I like Affleck even more as an actor. The scene where his Doug MacRay character has it out on the sidewalk near the projects with Jeremy Renner’s James Coughlin character is memorable because it goes beyond the physical element of the battle. Their fight is personal, filled with emotion that affects the relationship between these two characters as well as their positions throughout the rest of the film.

The main character is at a crossroads in his life and this battle could be interpreted to reflect more than a disagreement with his longtime partner in crime. The battle may represent an exterior display of MacRay’s internal conflict as he tries to change his life for the better while also figuring out how to remain loyal to his family and crew.....all while ducking the police.

How would YOU rate the one-on-one battle scenes in "The Town" and "Red"?

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