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How to Sell your Used Movies for Cash

Used DVDs usually bring in more money than old VHS tapes but you can still get money from previously viewed videotapes. Here are some tips on how to sell your used movies for cash, whether they are DVD discs or VHS tapes.

Sell used Movies in Bulk
Would you rather get $3 for one used DVD movie or get paid $15 for six DVD movies? Bundling several DVDs or VHS tapes into one offer is a lucrative way to sell your used movies for cash. Bulk movies can be sold in multiples of five or ten depending on a variety of factors including how much money you need and how many movies you are willing to sell.

The size and variety of your movie collection may also determine how well you can sell your used movies in bulk for cash. If you only have 14 DVDs in your collection and 80% of them are all one genre such as horror, then you would be hard pressed to try and sell these used movies to a married Sunday School teacher who has newborn twins at home.

Bundling similar movies together can still give you a better chance at selling your used movies for cash. They can be of the same genre but you would have to find a buyer who is looking for those specific type of movies.

You can also bundle your movies by type, actor, year or any other characteristic that the bulk offering has in common. A used "Sex in the City: The Movie" DVD could be bundled with romantic comedies, even if they are older releases from like the 90s or something.

Used Movies Sell for Cheap
Unless you have an obscure DVD or VHS tape that is some kind of cult classic, be realistic about the amount of money that will come from selling used movies. Just because you may have paid $15 or more for DVDs or VHS tapes does not mean that the used versions will bring in the same amount of money. You'll be lucky to get even half of what you originally paid for used movies. If you consider the re-seller's position, these offers make sense.

Used movies are generally cheap for customers, so buyers have to purchase them at an even cheaper rate in order to get profit and keep their business up and running. This scenario takes into account used movie sales to stores and/or media companies. Private sales of used movies (flea markets, selling movies to your friends, etc.) may bring in a little more because the negotiating possibilities are more in your favor.

There still is no guarantee that your potential customer will buy those old movies. In circumstances where you really need come quick cash or you're trying to liquidate a large movie collection, stores and Buy-Sell media companies may be the best way to go.

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A 'Camp Casserole' Movie Review and Trailer

“Camp Casserole” is a behind-the-scenes documentary by Anthony Pedone that chronicles the making of “The Casserole Club,” which is a movie that one of the VISIONFEST directors calls Steve Balderson’s “best work to date.”

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Forget about what you saw on those featurettes that filmmakers add to the special features section of their DVDs. “Camp Casserole” is nothing like that stuff and based on this alone, movie lovers and filmmakers alike should be thankful.

The opening credit sequence is so attention grabbing, viewers may start to wonder if they are either high on some type of drug or in a really tripped out dream. Nothing is off limits in this movie, which includes spontaneous marriage proposals, random sketch comedy skits on the set, breastfeeding, commentary on how Steve Balderson is a force to be reckoned with and thoughts on the state of the film industry by veteran Caltech professor, Eric Sherman and a glimpse into what independent filmmaking at it's best looks like.

The cast and crew become roommates while making "The Casserole Club" in Palm Springs, creating that summer camp experience combined with a little film production workshop....maybe, but without all of the drama, poison ivy, egos and mosquito bites. Leave your entourage, VIP cards and Hollywood baggage at the door because it's all about a group effort in this movie. Imagine attending a summer camp sprinkled with drinks, comedy, lots of love and a wild family reunion....this is what you get in “Camp Casserole.”

The filmmaking scenes appear to be casual with a laid back feeling on set and good rapport between Balderson and his cast and crew. One moment they are playing golf and the next, Balderson is getting some exterior shots of Kevin Richardson (yes, the former Backstreet Boys member) for the movie. Later, actress Starina Johnson is screaming in the mountains and the documentary reveals what the deal is behind this moment. Here is a hint: If that's not guerrilla filmmaking, then somebody tell me what is.

Balderson may be the only young filmmaker in the country right now who can actually get work done in such a relaxed atmosphere. Maybe Joe Swanberg (Hanna Takes the Stairs) would be the only other director to match this in terms of a casual production set, but Balderson is someone with a clear plan of action. His vision, talent and discipline is reflected in the amount of respect that “The Casserole Club” cast has for him, so much that they deliver on the performances necessary to make the story come to life. The quality results are not accident because Balderson chooses actors carefully during the casting process.


Some of the scenes in “Camp Casserole” remind me of old black and white home movies from the 50s or 60s that capture family vacations but not like any tapes from “Capturing the Friedmans”’s more like the “The Wonder Years” TV show or something of the sort.....happy and fun!

The soundtrack in this documentary is also groovy as scenes change from candid interviews about the movie characters or inspiration for the story to still photographs and then to production set coverage that show how fun movie making can be without the need for makeup/hair trailers and several hundred people on site. Developing and maintaining a high level of comradery is among the biggest lessons that independent filmmakers can learn from watching “Camp Casserole.”

The documentary is a valuable companion to “The Casserole Club” and could be more entertaining than many making-of movies that were previously released for other Hollywood and independent films.

“Camp Casserole” is scheduled to be released June 1, 2011. You Can Request a Download or Streaming Copy of this movie HERE.

Watch the Trailer:

The premiere screening of “Casserole Club” is set to take place between June 22 and June 26, 2011 in New York during VISIONFEST 11: The Other Festival (VF11).

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A Hollywood Awarded Mother's Day Greeting Card

If you plan on giving Mother, Mother-In-Law or Godmother one of those Mother's Day cards that are blank inside but you are still trying to find a sentiment, look no further. Here is a Mother's Day greeting card that I wrote for today's Writercize that you can use.....if your mother is a movie fan. Heck, you can still use it even if she isn't a movie fan.

Dear Mom,

You deserve an Oscar for "Best Cook" in a leading role,
a Golden Globe for "Best Appearance" at my games,
An Emmy for your "Outstanding made for Television" level of home decorating style and social etiquette


A Razzie for "Worst Attempt at Matchmaking"!

Please stop trying to arrange blind dates for me with every person of the opposite sex that you meet at the grocery store, church and your office parties.

There you have it. Maybe it will get you a good laugh from your mother!

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