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My Favorite Chase Scenes in Film #MondayMovieMeme #atthemovies

Monday Movie Meme

Or shall I favorite chase scenes that I remember at the moment. This week, Smurfdok at Smurfin’ the Web is hosting the Monday Movie Meme while it is on tour between his blog and mine as The Bumbles has some alone time with little Samuel. The topic is “Ooo Chase Me!” – What are your favourite chase scenes from the movies? so, here are my picks for this week’s theme.

Monday Movie Meme

Bad Boys II

There are a few chase scenes in this Michael Bay film but my favorite one started it all off as Will Smith and Martin Lawrence play Miami detectives who intercept a drug deal gone bad. The chase scene lasts for a long time and causes major car wrecks on the highway, ending with a shootout between the DEA, Miami Police Department, Cuban drug smugglers and street thugs.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Edword Furlong have their work cut out for them while trying to escape from being targets of the T-1000 (played by Robert Patrick), an upgraded version of Schwarzenegger’s character with a relatively invincible structure and fearless attitude that stretches from indoors out onto the road.

The chase scenes from “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” could not be embedded, so the one where John Connor is being chased during the daytime is here and the scene where he, along with his mother and The Terminator (played by Schwarzenegger) are being chased at night is here.

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Movie Theater Audiences Gone Wild #GBE2 #atthemovies #nowplaying

Group Blogging Experience,GBE2,Movie Theaters

In filmmaker Steve Balderson’s Wamego series, it is revealed that audiences at one of his screenings for “Watch Out” started walking out, yelling expletives and throwing things. It wasn’t until Beth over at Word Nerd Speaks posted this week’s GBE2 topic that I started thinking more about how the action at movie theaters seem to extend from the screen all the way into the seating area and out in the lobby these days. Are movie theater audiences getting out of control or have they always been this way depending on what is playing on the big screen?

The audience reaction that Balderson received during a “Watch Out” screening may be wild but it seems like small potatoes compared to other situations that occurred at movie theaters that put people in danger. In 2010, a Drexel University student was shot during a robbery attempt at The Rave (formerly known as The Bridge Cinema) movie theater in Philadelphia, PA. What the victim thought sounded like firecrackers became the very thing that injured him....all while he was in the lobby of a place that is celebrated as the go-to spot for escape from reality for a brief two hours or so of fun at the movies.

Earlier this year in April, police were searching for a 30-something man who exposed himself to children at a movie theater in Miami. Reports about this incident claim that the man also spoke to at least one of the children, identifying himself as a police if these kids weren’t horrified enough, now someone is impersonating someone that many children view as heroes?!

As wild as the University City shooting and Miami kiddie flasher incidents are, there is not shortage of jerks who take it up a notch by intentionally harming others. In June 2010, a man who is pushing 40 years of age was convicted of several felony charges after attacking an 81 year-old man in the bathroom of an AMC Movie Theater in Colorado.

These days, there is just as much action in movie theater seats, lobbies and restrooms as there is playing up on the big screen. In a time when people have to pay around $15 to see something like “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 2” or any other film at a theater while risking the chance that they may end up paying $1,500 in emergency hospital bills, credit card charges or identity restoration if a stranger decides to start wilding out in some form during their visit, maybe waiting for the DVD rental is a better (and safer) way to watch new movies.

The other alternative would be to join the crowd of people who have built their own home movie theaters that, while small, provide the cinematic experience without all the hassle of having to encounter rude cell phone users, perverts and criminals because after all, there is no reason to even go to the movies if people leave the theater with more problems than they came in with. Is THIS what movie goers pay $5, $10 and $20 bucks for (plus fees, for those who buy tickets online)? I think not.

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Cue the Data! #MondayMovieMeme

Monday Movie Meme

Happy Monday, everybody!

I am happy to announce that Smurfin’ the Web and I will be co-hosting the Monday Movie Meme, which is currently on tour as The Bumbles gets settled with their new wonder....7 pounds 6 ounces and 21 Inches of Samuel Morgan G. who will often be referred to as Baby Bumbles in the future. This week’s topic is...... The Digital Wave - Movies featuring a plot that is centered on technology. Share your movie picks on your blog and visit your fellow Monday Movie Meme participants to read what they are offering up. To start things off, here are my Digital Wave selections.

Four Eyed Monsters

Monday Movie Meme

Arin Crumley and Susan Buice’s independent film is the epitome of this week’s digital wave topic, in so many ways. What started as an experiment became a humorous, inspiring, enlightening and sometimes depressing piece of art that has probably changed that way many people view not only movies but independently produced titles. “Four Eyed Monsters” is about finding new ways to communicate without talking to one another.

The main characters in this movie use video cameras, photos, artwork, handwritten notes and other forms of media to share their experiences and feelings. This movie was also made on digital video, combining video footage, drawings, music, text and other visual graphics to take audiences on an unforgettable journey through finding one’s purpose in life, dating, interacting with strangers through the social networking atmosphere and paying more attention to one’s surroundings.


Monday Movie Meme

Angelina Jolie is one crazy woman, or so I thought when watching “Hackers,” a film that young teens who have a competitive nature along with that “us against the world” attitude will likely find entertaining. Next to her highly publicized marriage to Billy Bob Thorton, this movie was probably the first time that I learned about Angelina Jolie...the actress, not the superstar celebrity slash sex symbol.

I like her short hairstyle for the character that she played in “Hackers” and yes, this has nothing to do with the film but, so what. Fortunately, the computer whiz kids in this film use their skills for good or at least to try and track down the mastermind behind a computer virus and keep the cops off of their tail.

Live Free or Die Hard

Monday Movie Meme

Speaking of “Hackers,” Bruce Willis gets introduced to the world of technology in an inconvenient and explosive way as Justin Long’s “Live Free or Die Hard” character becomes the target of a n insane criminal who thinks that the world has to operate around his interests. It’s scary to imagine how a whole city can be shut down with various forms of technology and also interesting to watch the way Willis and Long navigate the whole computerized landscape using cell phones, laptops and crazy algorithms to save the country.


Monday Movie Meme

John Travolta, Don Cheadle, Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry star in this crime thriller about an anti-terrorist group who gets a hacker to steal billions of dollars from the government. Of all the movies listed here, “Swordfish” is the only title that I have yet to watch. I wanted to go see it when it was out in theaters years ago but then didn’t get around to it. As time passed, I lost interest in watching this movie out of concern that it might be corny, after reading other people’s reviews about it. Still, “Swordfish” has been sitting in my Netflix queue....far down in the queue, but in there nonetheless and maybe I will either remove it or just get it and play the darn thing in the background while performing other tasks.

When I think about this movie, I also get annoyed at the fact that it seems like audiences take notice of Halle Berry when she’s undressed or in vulnerable roles that arouse but lack much depth within the character. She gets a big payday for being topless in “Swordfish” and later earns an Oscar for having sex with a racist who executed her husband. Hmm...I guess these two performances stand out as a reflection of quality work in an industry where Berry has completed more than two dozen films...what a shame, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Which of these four movies do YOU think fits the Digital Wave the best?

What technology based movies would YOU add to this list?

Attention Monday Movie Meme participants: If you are on Twitter, use the hashtag #mondaymoviememe for comments, retweets and further conversation!

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