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The Madlab Post Turns 5: Out with the Old and In with the New! #AmWriting #Blogoversary #Blogathon #NaBloPoMo

WordCount Blogathon

Do you know what today is? It’s the 5th year Anniversary of this blog, The Madlab Post.

It feels like I started blogging a long time ago but five years isn’t really a long time. It is in filmmaking years, in my opinion but not in blogging years. The Internet isn’t even that old. In honor of The Madlab Post’s 5th year anniversary, here is a list of five of popular posts on this blog and another list of five plans and goals that I will set out to implement from this day forward. Also, enjoy a tune from Tony Toni Tone to end the day on a smooth note as we start a 7-day celebration filled with plans, parties and pretty pictures.

Popular Posts by The Madlab Post
Based on traffic, comments or a combination of the two.

1. Custom Movie Themed Cake Designs to Love - According to my blog statistics, this is one of the most visited posts of all time.

2. Successfully Cinematic and the Bigger Picture - My interpretation of the topic of “success” in Week 2 of the Group Blogging Experience placed this post in the top three posts that received the most comments from readers, excluding my own response comments.

3. 5 Ways Bootleg DVDs Make You Poor - While being among the top five to ten most visited posts on this blog ever, it is also among the posts that have received the most comments. It appears, everyone has their two-cents regarding bootlegs and movie piracy. Unfortunately, those two-cents seem to usually weigh in favor of the criminals, stealing, illegal downloads, etc.

4. My Blogging from A to Z Challenge Reflections Mega Post - At a whopping 27 comments which include some of my own, this leads the pack of posts with the highest amount of reader responses.

5. I Am a Sex Addict - Getting Dirty with Caveh Zahedi - Not only is this post one of several that has received the most visits within the last five years, it also has one of the longest comments ever received on a post on this blog.


Current and Future Plans

1. A Blog Renovation - This has already begun, starting with the new blog header that I requested readers to vote on or leave feedback on. The renovation will continue over the course of the next six months to include a new design, layout, home and branding.

2. TV Show Component - I’ve had a local, independently produced television program in development and then in the works for about 3 years now and it’s about time to get this thing rolling. The first few episodes are likely to air before late fall, depending on how my fundraising efforts turn out. Since it is local, only residents in the northern part of the east coast will be able to view it on television but each episode will also be available online on the station’s website and on my YouTube channel, which I plan to update as well because it’s been neglected for too long.

3. Blog Supporters Fundraiser - A simple dollar fundraiser is set to be conducted locally between this month and next month to raise funds for the blog renovation, TV show and local events that I would like to host for movie fanatics in town. Any remaining funds will be allocated toward two short film projects that I want to complete before year’s end as well as production funds for the feature film that I’ve postponed, yet again, until next year. I plan on partnering with a few local eateries to get the fundraiser rolling or at the very least, introduce the blog to more local readers.

4. Prizes, Interviews and Multimedia - Contests and sweepstakes on this blog will be increased to build momentum for new readers and veteran readers while I also conduct more interviews with fellow filmmakers and figures of interest in other fields such as publishing, music and law. I would also like for multimedia elements to play a role in some of the future posts on this blog such as videos, photos or photo journals and audio podcasts.

5. Helping Charities - After learning about Leonardo DiCaprio’s work with the World Wildlife Fund on a campaign to save tigers, I will use this blog to support more of the charitable contributions and activism interests of male celebrities chosen as King Dong on this blog.

What was your favorite post from this blog so far?

Do you agree or disagree with the current and future plans for this blog?

How should anniversaries for The Madlab Post be celebrated in the future?

and now, our feature presentation......

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"Instinct" in a Nutshell #GBE2 #VOD #Blockbuster #Netflix #Oldmovies #MovieRentals

GBE2,Movies,Movie Reviews

In March, “Instinct” was listed at one of those insane movies for a monday movie meme highlighting films that have madness in them. Here is a quick review on “Instinct,” which is the first attempt at shortening my “In a Nutshell” movie reviews to 140 words or less.

GBE2,Movies,Movie Reviews
This movie poster reads: "Nothing is more strange than civilization"....something to think about, huh?

Anthony Hopkins and Cuba Gooding Jr. slowly build a story around unanswered questions investigated by a psychiatrist seeking to learn the inner-workings of the mind of a prisoner serving time for murdering several people. Hopkins plays the psychotic (or is he traumatized or just plain vicious?) inmate who won’t talk until warming up to the psychiatrist but it isn’t long before his new-found confidant’s life is in jeopardy as well. While “Instinct” was not a popular movie critically nor at the box office, it is worth watching at least once. The film shows how man can become one with nature....not just by living in the woods but also by adapting to survival methods of animals in the wild as well as interacting with them in ways that make them more than creatures to observe, fear, attack and/or exploit.

Despite the negative reviews and audience reactions of this film, my instincts got me to buy "Instinct" many years ago based on the movie trailer and the all-star cast. I wasn't disappointed in my purchase. Still, if anyone is willing to buy a this used VHS movie that is in Like-New condition, these same instincts will help me realize that it's time to let it go and move on.

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Summer Party Movie References #NaBloPoMo #MovieMeme #Blogging #amwriting

Today marks the official start of party week here at the Madlab Post. In an attempt to extend The Bumbles’ most recent monday movie meme “Summertime” topic, the first subject up for discussion is summer parties. When thinking of summertime, three parties come to mind.......cookouts (also referred to as barbecues), block parties and family reunions. Here is a list of movies that reference at least one of these various types of summer parties.

Cookouts & Barbecues
In John Singleton’s “Boyz ‘n the Hood,” Tre (played by Cuba Gooding Jr.) attends a backyard cookout hosted by the mother of his friend Doughboy (played by Ice Cube) to celebrate the son’s release from prison.

During the barbecue, there are moments of jealous bickering between girls who are attracted to Tre and become pissed to find out that he has a girlfriend who is in attendance. The guys sit around, play card games and discuss sex and STDs in between Doughboy’s recollection of his activities in the penitentiary.

Block Parties
The documentary, “The World’s Best Prom” is about all that comes to mind when thinking about block parties in the summer. It may not very well fit because the celebration highlighted in the movie is a parade but these things take place on the street, right? So, it works for me and for the purposes of this post. This documentary showcases the city of Racine, Wisconsin and it’s prom mania that is like no other in the country.

The parade kicks of the city’s celebration of their annual mega-prom that includes high school seniors from several schools and locals take to the streets before the planning of dresses, suits, red carpet entrances (yes, they go all Hollywood in this movie), transportation and post-high school goals get underway.

Family Reunions
In “Poetic Justice” (another John Singleton movie), Tupac Shakur and Janet Jackson play Lucky and Justice....two characters from slightly opposite sides of the tracks who crash a stranger’s family barbecue with their friends with plans on getting free food. Lucky even goes so far as to impersonate a fake cousin when approached by one of the family members at this reunion.

While they were able to get the free food and drinks, the friends are also given some unrequested scoldings on marriage and relationships by Maya Angelou. who basically calls the younger generations clueless. Their party crashing ends abruptly when members of the group get into a physical confrontation with one of the relatives.

What other movies fit into either of these three summer party categories?

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