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31 Day July Challenge at the Movies...Continued! #NaBloPoMo #HeckYeah #atthemovies

As I try to make it through this little heat wave in my city (today, the heat index was like 101 degrees!), I wonder....does watching movies where the weather is the total opposite of what we’re experiencing help to provide an escape to comfort, if for only a few hours?

Since it’s hot where I am, a movie like “Hanna” would probably be more enjoyable to help cope with the current atmosphere than say.... “Summer of Sam.” What movies make YOU feel more comfortable in your environment? In the meantime, join me in continuing Heck Yeah’s 31 Day July Challenge.

8. How often do you go swimming?
Not very often. In fact, I never go swimming....unless you count that one time when I was at a cousin’s house for a party during my childhood....and I wouldn’t exactly call that swimming....more like, floating around in the water like Gabrielle Union and that drug smuggling guy in “Bad Boys 2.” They didn’t do any swimming at all while conducting business in the waters at the beach.

9. What is your ideal summer destination?
Well, I feel like I need to travel more to make a more informed and better choice when determining my ideal summer destination but for now, I’ll go with Six Flags Great Adventures theme park and The Boardwalk in Atlantic City. If this question is referring to ideal places to visit for a summer vacation or something, I’d choose Florida because I would like to go there one day.

Then again, Dustin Hoffman seemed to enjoy a summer full of relaxation and forbidden recreation.....all without leaving town in “The Graduate.” Maybe he’s on to something that we should pay more attention to. After all, summers at home are much cheaper and you get more bang for your pun intended regarding “The Graduate.”

10. Describe your perfect summer day.
My perfect summer day includes air conditioning, lemonade, a DVD player, something sexy like “Unfaithful” starring Diane Laine, something action-packed like “Live Free or Die Hard” starring Bruce Willis and something dramatic like “Little Children” starring Kate Winslet.

11. What 10 songs do you have to have on your summer playlist?
The ten songs on my summer playlist are, in no particular order:

Motivation - Kelly Rowland
Let Me Go - Marsha Ambrosius
Impossible (from the “Mission Impossible 3” soundtrack) - Kanye West
Another Way to Die (from the “Quantum of Solace” soundtrack) - Jack White featuring Alicia Keys
Marathon - Raheem DeVaughn
Does She Know - Trey Songz
All the Boys - Keri Hilson
Firework - Katy Perry
She Ain’t You - Chris Brown
The Nearness of You - Norah Jones

12. Describe your perfect summer evening.
My perfect summer evening would include a visit to a movie theater to watch something that was just released so that I could still watch new films or streaming and old movie that I haven’t watched yet, on Netflix.....oh, and some water! No popcorn, thank you!

Now its YOUR turn! Answer these questions OR pick one to answer from the 31 Day July challenge, in the comments section!

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The Heat is On: Movie Scenes that Make You Sweat #NaBloPoMo #atthemovies

Monday Movie Meme,NaBloPoMo

This week’s monday movie meme is all about the Heat Wave. Those of you who live in colder climates or haven’t experienced one are truly lucky because the summer heat is a force to be reckoned with. First, thanks to The Bumbles for using my topic suggestion for this week’s meme.

“Do the Right Thing”
Monday Movie Meme,NaBloPoMo

That scene where Spike Lee rubs ice all over Rosie Perez probably set the tone for foreplay among couples across the country during the early 90s. In an attempt to cook down from the summer heat, a-blazing outside, Mooke and Tina are stirring up their own little heat wave indoors. Anyway, this movie is about a pizza delivery guy on the hottest day of the year in Brooklyn. The heat brings out the worse in locals, as they spew hate and violence toward each other.

Monday Movie Meme,NaBloPoMo

One silly prank by a group of young boys playing around in the hot city streets of Hell’s Kitchen in New York sets the tone for the rest of this sad film. The summer scenes at the beginning of “Sleepers” are among the most important scenes in the movie.....partly because it provides important information for viewers to learn before the plot progresses and also partly because it depicts these young kids at their most innocent and vulnerable stage.

While the heat took a toll on these kids during that one summer, it is nothing compared to what they endure later in “Sleepers.” In fact, one could argue that they would trade their saddest moments for a trek out in the summer heat any day of the week. The hot scenes are one of the happiest of times in this movie, although their lives are never the same again. Brad Pitt, Robert DeNiro and Kevin Bacon are among the starring cast members in “Sleepers.”

What Movies Have YOU Watched that were too Hot for Comfort?

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How to Save Tigers like Leonardo DiCaprio #WWF #NaBloPoMo #SaveTigersNow

Wild Tigers are near extinction according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Today, there are only a little over 3,000 tigers in the wild accounted for and this is a significant reduction from the 100,000 big cats that are said to have been around hundreds of years ago.

King Dong,NaBloPoMo,Helpful Reading and Research

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio has joined forces with WWF in a campaign called Save Tigers Now to stop poaching, consumer demand for tiger parts, protect parklands where tigers can roam and mate in their natural habitat, support long-term research and monitoring for better conservation methods for these big cats and reduce conflict between humans and tigers.

During an investigation, Tim Santel at the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife uncovered that “...dead cats are worth more than live cats” on the black market, where Tigers are killed and sold for, skull, meat, gull bladders, bone, etc. making a lucrative investment for the dealers who participate in the horrid activity of poaching and black market sales of animal parts.

Watch the following video clip from WWF called “Captive Tigers: Easy Targets for Black Market Sales” to learn more about Tigers held in captivity. This is one of the major problems facing wild tigers that result in them being an endangered species. The video clip features footage from the documentary “The Tiger Next Door,” a movie by Camilla Calamandrei. The filmmaker urges audiences to support efforts in banning private ownership and breeding of tigers.

One of the easiest ways to help save tigers from extinction is by not purchasing any products that are made from tiger parts. This may seem like it is easier said than done but as a Leonardo DiCaprio fan and a person who loves tigers, I believe that making buying decisions that may improve the life of these big cats is the least that we can do in a society that is continuously developing condos, highways, commercial real estate and other properties that benefit man and man only over green lands.

It does not cost us anything to join the World Wildlife Fun and Leonardo DiCaprio in the quest to save the wild tigers.

If the request of being more mindful of your purchases is not enough to support the efforts of a large organization that works to protect nature, an A-list actor who chooses his work and affiliations wisely and a documentarian whose brought worldwide awareness to an important cause, consider this.....

All of the special effects, CGI for computer animation or 3D imaging and such in the world won’t recreate wild tigers if they become extinct one day, due to the negligence and cruelty of mankind.

This ain’t the movies. This is real life. Save Tigers Now. If not for me, do it for the World Wildlife Fund.

If not for the WWF, do it for Leonardo DiCaprio.....I mean shoot, he gave us “Titanic,” “Blood Diamond” and “Inception”! Are you really going to deny a guy who gave you “Inception”?

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