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Pay It Forward with Style, Grace and a Movie

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Awards,A to Z Challenge

The Stylish Blogger Award starring The Madlab Post, given by Blue Velvet Vincent (on Friday, April 15, 2011) with a special guest appearance by The Stylish Dozen of April's A to Z Challenge.

From Blue Velvet Vincent - To accept the award, you have to do the following:
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 10-15 blogs who you think deserve this award.
4. Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award.

I would like to thank the *ahem* Academy *ahem* a.k.a Blue Velvet Vincent for giving the Stylish Blogger Award to the Madlab Post. I am truly honored to receive this award and would also like to accept it on behalf of all of my readers and fellow Vincent D'Onofrio fans who keep this blog active as he continues to reign as King Dong of April 2011.

All About Me:

1. I used to draw a lot as a kid, was pretty good at it and studied art in high school. While I enjoyed art, I decided to major in film and video production after graduation because I didn't believe that there was a future in fine art. I thought to myself "Artists only make money when they're dead....I want my money now, not later...hmm, Steven Speilberg has money....I know...I'll be a movie director!" I later realized that filmmaking is not the best route for people who want to make money either, so here I am between art and film....trying to figure it all out as I go.

2. When I didn't draw as a kid, I wrote short stories and poetry. I wasn't much of an outdoors type of kid so the typical skateboarding or bicycle riding activities did not interest me. By the age of 15, I had written a full-length screenplay for a feature film.

3. The very first short movie that I made after graduation won an award at one of the domestic film festivals and also got a nice review, which was exciting because it was my first time being in a newspaper....and an out-of-town one at that.

4. I was a high school cheerleader and wish I could go back and repeat it because it was pretty fun. I used to be interested in professional cheerleading until I learned that the NFL, NBA, etc. cheerleaders barely make squat.

5. I'm not a huge sports fan but do watch the Super Bowl and NBA Finals. I figure, there's no reason to waste time watching dozens of games during the season because the teams that matter will be the ones that make it to the championships, so I watch whoever shows up and support one of the teams, depending on whether I like them or not.

6. I designed my own senior prom dress and had it custom made. Today, I wish that I had just picked a dress off of a department store rack to wear.

7. I am currently in development on a television series that will likely air on local public broadcasting station in the northeastern part of the country this summer but it will also be available on YouTube.

The Madlab Post would also like to Pay It Forward by passing this award on to the following A to Z Challenge bloggers who all make up what I call "The Stylish Dozen," in my opinion:

Writercizing is taking the time several times a week to practice the craft of writing through simple exercises.

Random Thoughts
Random writings on the random thoughts of a mother, wife, former elementary teacher and writer.

I've dabbled in poetry and short stories ever since. Now I'm ready to take the next step and see my babies published.

The Non-Review
Satirical critiques of everything from movies to marshmallows.

Reading is Fashionable
Our daily lives revolve around READING in some FASHION or another.

Food and Fond Memories
Hurricane Wilma forced the family into early retirement. I now spend my time making 18K gold jewelry, blogging and writing a cookbook and memoirs.

Inspired by Lisa
I am an aspiring photographer and writer. Striving to improve my skills and have an outlet to share some of my work.

Life, Love and the Pursuit of Publication
Reflections of a creative chica who's hoping to become published.

Little Red Henry
About her: I draw because I can.

Reach for the Sky
A Scorpio who loves life and believe the best is yet to come.

The Write Soil
A blog to practice writing, learn more about the craft and have fun in the process.

The Writer's Cocoon
An author, mom and wife trying to balance it all

I will also publish a future post with a quick blurb on why I selected these particular blogs for the Stylish Blogger Award, to give each blogger some more detailed recognition.

***Pay It Forward in Style: The Stylish Blogger Award video will be released this week, no later than Friday, April 22, 2011 sometime soon. I'm getting swamped with tasks and it's going to take a little longer than expected.

Stay tuned for your regularly scheduled program at the Madlab Post!

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Olympic-Eligible Movie Characters who Run the Show

Monday Movie Meme,A to Z Challenge
‘O’ is for “Olympics” today, specifically in the running category selected by The Bumbles for this week’s Monday Movie Meme. Here are movies that, according to the Bumbles, make my “feet tired just watching them.” It’s not necessarily the films that cause a tired feeling. These movies have characters whose running scenes reach Olympic proportions, putting them in a position to give medalists like Carl Lewis or Joanna Hayes a run for their money. Pun intended.

Runaway Bride
A to Z Challenge,Monday Movie Meme
Julia Roberts’ character becomes famous for leaving men at the altar, but it’s the way she does it that makes these exists memorable and the talk of the town. After running with no concern about who or what she knocked down in the process, this bride eventually obtains a more effective means of a four-legged variety!

The Bourne Supremacy

A to Z Challenge,Monday Movie Meme
Matt Damon plays Jason Bourne, a character who does a lot of running in this movie. Sometimes, its for recreation or exercise such as the earlier scenes where he is running on the beach in a peaceful state, with what seems like no worries in the world. Most of the time however, Bourne is running for mere survival. He runs from the cops, he runs from contract killers, he runs from the is the type of experience where a phrase like “running out of breath” may not even begin describe what this man is feeling. Bourne is running out of more than that. He is running out of breath, time, friends, resources, passports, blood (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, then watch the movie) and energy.

The Graduate

A to Z Challenge,Monday Movie Meme
His car may have run out of gas but Dustin Hoffman’s character has not run out of love...or at least, the pursuit of love. The last scenes of this movie contain so much running, it makes me exhausted but also sympathetic to his mission based on the circumstances and events that went down prior to his running journey.

Can YOU name some characters who could compete in the running or Track & Field category of the Olympics?
Monday Movie Meme,A to Z Challenge
This post also is part of my participation in the A to Z challenge during the month of April.

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What NASCAR Taught Me about Making Movies

A to Z Challenge,Hollywood,Filmmaking,Product Placement
Here, I visited the Penske Garage a few years ago.

NASCAR is pretty cool to watch if you like adventure and/or fast cars. The sport that made Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart and Dale Earnhardt Jr. household names also has something in common with the film industry that I believe independent filmmakers and Hollywood movie producers are not taking advantage of properly. This common denominator is Product Placement and one of these two industries in entertainment and/or recreation uses it more effectively than the other.

The film industry does not hold a candle to NASCAR when it comes to the way that corporate sponsorships are handled. NASCAR heavily promotes their sponsors and corporate partners without sacrificing the main point of their business but studios and producers of Hollywood movies do not. Gone are the days where E.T. ate Reeses pieces without the audience being subjected to a less than stellar film.

Now, movie producers seem more interested in generating as much revenue as possible before their film even hits the theaters than making sure that their motion picture has all of the elements for box office success and critical acclaim. Many times, I wonder whether movies are nothing more than 2-hour long commercials dressed up to fit in the cinema category they lack the substance necessary to create a compelling storyline and characters with depth.

A to Z Challenge,Hollywood,Product Placement
As a movie lover and consumer, I do not mind the product placement of Apple computers in the “Sex and the City 2” movie. It could pass as an appropriate placement since Sara Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie Bradshaw is a writer and best-selling book author. Placement of that HP TouchSmart PC in scenes with Kim Cattralls’ Samantha Jones could even convince me as an appropriate feature since Samantha’s job is getting her clients more publicity.

What I find absurd is the development of an entire storyline around Absolute Vodka. That is a ridiculous placement, even in a film like “Sex and the City 2” where the main character loves to shop. When was the last time you saw the Daytona International Speedway reconstructed to look like the VISA logo? The answer is Never! NASCAR still gets money from this credit card company without adjusting the foundation of their sport to suit the needs of a corporate brand, so it baffles me that movie producers are willing to rewrite or add pages to their screenplays for dialogue or scenes that have nothing to do with the story.

A to Z Challenge,Hollywood,Product Placement
Product placement is not necessarily a bad deal, especially for the business side of movie making. As a filmmaker, I costs a lot to get A-list actors like Tom Cruise, Will Smith and Sandra Bullock in a film and then you have to feed them and the crew as well! Who wouldn’t want to make sure that they get a good ROI on their production budget? Independent filmmakers may even be able to finance their entire production using product placement because it is a lucrative fundraising resource. However, the boundaries on how far these deals go to the point where they have negative impacts on the creative elements of a movie seem to be nonexistent these days.

What I learned from the manner in which NASCAR promotes their sponsors is that product placement works when it fits within the action that is happening and the elements that are already set in place. Drivers are already using cars and wearing uniforms, so adding an M&Ms logo on the hood of a Toyota Camry is not going to distract the purpose of the race or affect Kyle Busch’s strategy to get to the finish line and obtain that checkered flag. Movies should be made like actors driving a specific car if the screenplay and scene already calls for it such as Daniel Craig's use of the Aston Martin in those James Bond movies.

Do not put a character in a car just because you want to promote Aston Martin, or even Toyota Camry.....especially if that character is supposed to be walking or flying in the scene. Just imagine what “Catch Me If You Can” would look like if Leonardo DiCaprio was in a Rose Royce instead of a plane. The movie would probably not only have a different ending but would also be historically inaccurate. Kyle Busch is still going to drive, whether he is in a Toyota Camry, Ford Mustang or some motorized concoction that he built in his garage. His product placements make sense. Unfortunately, some movie producers cannot say the same about their work.

A to Z Challenge,Hollywood,Product Placement,Filmmaking
Using the “Kill the Irishman” starring Vincent D’Onofrio as an example, here are a few types of product placement that I would use based on the blatant disclosure of funding sources that is practiced at NASCAR games and their use of available resources.

1. Vincent DiGiorno: Special movie posters would be made to feature a modified title credit for Vincent D’Onofrio, which the DiGiorno company could use to advertise their new Pizza & Cookies campaign. I would provide free movie posters to Grocery stores so they could give it to customers who buy a box of DiGiorno pizza. This would not only help to encourage people to do see “Kill the Irishman,” but it also boosts sales for DiGiorno pizza, since you have to make a purchase in order to get the free movie poster.

2. Add Brand or Product Logos to the “Kill the Irishman” Movie Poster. Many film festivals are not too good to display sponsor logos on their advertising materials, so my press materials for “Kill the Irishman” should not be any different that those of film festivals if I’m getting money from product placement deals in this movie.

For those who may want to whine that this would ruin the artistic direction of the movie poster design, blah, blah, blah....well, there is a solution for this problem if I want the design to remain in tact. I would incorporate the product placements into the movie poster design. Afterward, I’d laugh if someone tried to tell me how the “Kill the Irishman” movie poster loses it’s visual appeal just because I added a Ralph Lauren logo to that scarf hanging around Christopher Walken's neck.

3. There are balloons in one of the “Kill the Irishman” movie trailer scenes. I see no reason why these balloons cannot have display advertisements on them featuring labels from wine companies, logos of the cigars the characters are smoking in this movie or promotional graphics for the booze that they are drinking in some of the scenes.

A to Z Challenge,Hollywood,Product Placement,Filmmaking
It costs like $20 million to sponsor a NASCAR team for the season and like $500,000 per race but the drivers still deliver on the action that they promote to fans of this sport, so if you’re a Hollywood or independent producer who is getting similar payments from companies to promote certain brands, your film festival screening or theatrical release or DVD better be about the movie and not about some damn car when consumers pay their hard-earned money to see it.

There are similar problems with product placement that I also plan on addressing in a future post.
A to Z Challenge,Hollywood,Product Placement,Filmmaking
“Super Size Me” director Morgan Spurlock’s new film titled "POM Wonderful Presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold" premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and is an attempt at spoofing product placement in movies.
A to Z Challenge,Hollywood,Product Placement,Filmmaking
Some critics think that his own product placement deals and advertisement of brands throughout the film overshadows the points he is trying to make or attempting to tell the audience, but hey, I don’t understand what the problem is with Spurlock’s method of moviemaking and marketing. At least someone knows how to use the NASCAR approach of product placement in a way that matches the subject matter of his film.

Much like what is supposed to be a family centered TV show being produced by beer company, product placement in movies are inappropriate when they seem out of place compared to main elements in the production.

What are YOUR views on Product Placement in movies?

Here are some disclaimers for this particular blog post on it’s subject matter and content choices, if you want to know about them and are interested in further reading material:

-I chose “Kill the Irishman” as my example because Vincent D’Onofrio, who currently sits on the Madlab Post’s King Dong throne for April 2011, is one of the actors in this movie. Therefore, this A to Z Challenge post had to kill two birds with one stone because the weekends this month are dedicated to him.

-I chose DiGiorno pizza because it sort-of rhymes with Vincent D’Onofrio’s last name so it was a fitting product for one of my product placement efforts.

-I chose DiGiorno’s “Pizza & Cookies” product line because I saw a TV commercial promoting their new and Nestle Toll House cookies, all in one box, while I was watching the Season Premiere for the Fifth and Final Season of “Friday Night Lights” on NBC.

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