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Nations at War.......on Movie Piracy

A semi-recent Washington Post article has opened more eyes regarding pirated media. This isn't a national problem. It is an international problem and here at home, i have found that one of our nation's wealthiest men.......Bill Gates himself has admitted to downloading and watching pirated movies on the internet. An excerpt from Computerworld depicts Mr. Microsoft commenting on his activities. If someone admitted to copying illegal software such as Powerpoint, FrontPage or Excel (for argument's sake), Mr. Gates would be up in arms, speaking out against such acts. Yet, he's watching illegal copyrighted content. That doesn't say much for his respect for copyrighted content. If a tech mogul such as Gates won't abide by the copyright laws.....why should the rest of us? When is copyright infringement going to stop? It looks like it will continue as long as people think that they have the privileges to bypass copyright laws at their own leisure.


Yes!....the sweet smell of prosecution for Movie Piracy

In New Zealand, a man named John Houston has been sentenced to 2 years in prison for selling pirated movies in Auckland. According to an NZCity news story, the movie pirate had 486 films on his hard drive.


Bare Bones Script 2 Screen Film Festival Photos

Madlab Entertainment has released the following images from the U.S. Premiere of Lapse of Fascia. These images were taken during the 2005 Bare Bones Script 2 Screen Film Festival.

(l-r) Director, Nicole Ayers & Matchbook Morning Director, Brandon Tweed at the premiere of Lapse of Fascia.

(l-r) Nicole Ayers, Adam Ropp & Matchbook Morning actress, Lauren Diana Steele at the awards ceremony.

(l-r) The Diner writer-director, Marc Hall & Nicole Ayers at the awards ceremony.

Lapse of Fascia wins Best Urban Film and Matchbook Morning wins Best Student Film at the 2005 Bare Bones Script 2 Screen Film Festival. (l-r) Matchbook Morning actor, Robert M. Odell Jr., Nicole Ayers, Lauren Diana Steele and Brandon Tweed.