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When Your Way Ain’t Working…

Photo by Chetan MenariaIt’s time to figure out a new game plan. During a TV comedy special, Corey Holcomb tells women “if you’re 35 and still don’t have anybody special…I want you to know you’re way ain’t working!” -- or something along these lines. No matter what anyone thinks about him or his jokes, the same sentiment can be applied to goals or any area of life that leaves you unsatisfied.

Since we are all responsible for our own matters, it only makes sense to look at these areas and identify how we’re contributing to the discontent in one place or another. That’s not to say third-parties or outside forces don’t have an impact on whatever the issue is at hand, but the fact of the matter is that nobody else is responsible for our happiness or unhappiness – especially when it comes to what we want out of life.

If you we don’t like something about your current circumstances, we must ask ourselves whether we’re doing anything to change it or make improvements that are in our best interest. If the answer is no, now is the time to figure out whether our habits, beliefs and behaviors are either helping or hurting a particular situation or outcome. For example, I wanted to be a director but this film thing doesn’t seem to be working. So these days, television has become a more appealing pursuit because it still affords me the opportunity to obtain my original objective, just in a different way. Writing screenplays for film may continue to be a constant part of the picture but I doubt that I’ll be itching to produce or direct them anytime soon unless something really strikes a chord with me.

However, this play on Holcomb’s “Your way ain’t working” isn’t just about big goals or dreams. It’s as simple as deciding what state your everyday health and well-being (mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically) will be in. If you’re tired all of the time, perhaps it would help you to start being more active, stop watching TV at night or modifying your diet to include energy boosting nutrients. If you have an attitude or anger issues, the maybe some changes to your environment and/or the people within them might bring some pleasant results. If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, then do something….anything….that gets you out of the same ol’ rut.

W is for WorkingWe all have one life to live and the same 24 hours in a day. Make the limited time you have count for something. Live boldly. Live out loud. Live the life of your dreams by taking control of the wheel and steering it in the direction that you want to go. Don’t just float by and take whatever is handed to you, because there are many people who would kill to be in your shoes because they recognize huge advantages in even the simplest of things that you take for granted.

If you’re not where you thought you would be today or where you wanted to be today, only you have the power to change that. Just don’t repeat the same patterns that got you in this predicament. As the saying goes, old habits die hard. I know this all too well. Being stuck in your ways has the illusion of a safe haven and it’s wrought with fear and excuses. Yes, it’s familiar. Yes, it’s comfortable. Yes, it’s easier. But you’ve been there and done that already. How has that worked out for you so far?!

Are YOU a creature of habit or do YOU like to try new things?


Viktor the Vampire: What Bill Nighy said about Filming Underworld

Starring in a movie as the toughest Vampire elder around sounds like lots of fun. That’s if you can bear the strenuous process of getting into character. Actor Bill Nighy, who plays Viktor in the Underworld series, told BBC that the makeup department spent six hours doing “medieval, terrible things” to make him look like he’s been sleeping for centuries. After contact lenses were added and fangs fitted, nobody on the set would eat lunch with Nighy. Later at Comic-Con, this genre film lover doubted whether he would’ve ever taken the Viktor role if he knew about the prosthetics involved.

V is for Viktor


Given the physical demands of some movie roles, do YOU consider acting to be a sport?

*If you are visiting from the A-to-Z Challenge, my blog post for Letter W will be posted later today.


Unorthodox Parental Advice from the Father in Underworld

Viktor, the father in Underworld played by actor Bill NighyViktor, a Vampire Elder in the action fantasy film series Underworld, isn’t exactly the ideal image of parental excellence. He values legacy, domination and the preservation of age old traditions over all else – including family ties. However, there are a few practices he follows that you may want to consider when raising your own children.

Replace the Child You Regret with a the Kid of Your Dreams

Viktor took Selene in as a surrogate daughter, after her entire family was murdered. While this may seem noble of him, it was basically an attempt at a do-over since he treated his own daughter Sonja like she was a major disappointment. Sonja was rebellious while Selene looked up to Viktor for guidance, so it’s no surprise that he gave care and attention to the one who hung around enough to play by his rules. In some sad twisted way, a lot of parents already behave just like Viktor – it’s just called favoritism and their in denial about it.

So if you have children, why not just go all the way and literally devote all of your time to the one that shows more promise in becoming the person you’d be proud to call your own?! Even if you are a parent to just one child, that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from Viktor’s ways. Just modify it to fit into your situation by adopting another kid and doting on him or her. Don’t want to adopt? That’s fine. Show more interest in the neighbor’s child or someone at your son or daughter’s school who appears to be lacking in quality, or even basic, parental care.

Viktor, the father in Underworld with his biological daughter Sonja, played by actress Rhona Mitra.I once had a conversation with a man who told me he has eight children (hats off to the mother! Wowza!). When my response was something like “that must be overwhelming,” he said something along the lines of “Not all of them will be winners; somebody’s gotta make it.”

Now, I’m not telling you this as a suggestion that you go off on some kind of baby-making spree, building your lineage so large people start mistaking you as the Duggar family. The bottom line is to spend your parenting efforts on kids that are a joy to have under your wing.

Don’t Believe Anything Your Kid Tells You

Selene showed Viktor images of a conspiracy between the Lycans and Vampire leader while also explaining her case. However, Viktor still wasn’t buying any of her claims – especially when he realizes that she has the hots for a member of an opposing species. Make them show you proof. That will teach them researching skills while also improving their ability to back up their words with action. It will also show you how much something means to them, given that their willingness to put in the work necessary, or not, indicates whether a topic of interest really matters.

Reprimand Your Child for Waking You up Earlier than Expected

Viktor informs Selene that she’s in deep trouble for awakening him an entire century ahead of schedule. In an angry rage due to Selene’s disrespect of the coven’s hierarchy, Viktor assures her that these reckless acts will be judged by the vampire council. Although Kraven, a vampire regent, warns Selene that her life is at stake, you need not go this far. Just make sure that whatever the consequences are for waking you up are harsh enough that your son or daughter thinks twice before doing it again (regarding non-emergencies, of course!).

U is for UnorthodoxOf course any sane person knows to take these practices by the father in Underworld with a grain of salt. I mean let’s be real; we’re talking about a guy who is in favor of honor killings. Plus anyone who seeks their parenting advice from vampires has bigger issues to address than how to control his or her children. Ha!

Which of the movie characters in Underworld would YOU hire to babysit YOUR kid(s) for a weekend?

Do YOU know of any unorthodox parenting practices that are effective in the real world?