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4 Types of Handmade Soap in the Movie Themed Gift Baskets I’m Raffling for the Red Cross

Proceeds from my raffle featuring the "Girl’s Night Movie Gift Bag" benefit the disaster relief efforts of the American Red Cross.The cast and crew members who worked on the short military homecoming drama “Abyss: The Greatest Proposal Ever” used a lot of soap while filming this movie.

At various points during the production, you could’ve found any one of us lathering up to remove makeup, germs and blood from our skin before shooting the next scene or wrapping for the shoot.

Given that this was just another day at the office per se, we didn’t think twice about using a regular ol’ drugstore brand. Or at the very least, I didn’t. My approach to choosing soap, however, took a different route when the time for making DVD gift baskets for my dinner-and-a-movie style Red Cross fundraiser came around.

I wanted to create a movie night experience that allows the winning recipients to entertain and pamper themselves this holiday season. Nearly all of these DVD gift sets include one bar of handmade soap that is produced in the USA. The bars are available at Soap Hope, a Dallas, Texas-based company that carries natural, wholesome and eco-friendly body care and household products. I buy from this store because I like their practice of doing business in a way that gives back to communities near and far.

According to Soap Hope, 100% of profits they make from every purchase are invested into microloans that empower women around the world to uplift communities from poverty. The recipients of these microloans return the funds interest-free within one year after obtaining the skills and resources they need to become self-sufficient. It is a business built on the idea that when you shop at Soap Hope, you change the world.

A family of four is in the care of the Red Cross following a devastating fire. / via @telesaraKnowing that my purchase helps a business make it possible for women to end poverty, in communities where sustainable solutions for capital and other basic resources are needed most, makes it all the more worthwhile.

It’s like putting the icing on the cake because this very purchase also helps me give back to the Red Cross so they can continue meeting the immediate needs of men, women and children who are rebuilding their lives after losing their shelter and belongings to home fires. In the end, those who win the gift baskets get to reap the benefits of bathing with organic bath and body products containing ingredients such as shea butter, olive oil, goat’s milk and coconut oil. It’s a win-win for everyone involved, all for the goal of trying to make the world a better, safer and more resilient place.

The LEAP Organics Lemongrass, Orange and Lime soap bar is available at www.soaphope.comCreated around themes involving the special limited edition DVD of my short film about a U.S. Army Sergeant whose homecoming plans are, the Movie Lover’s Emergency Go Bag includes one bar of French Green clay soap; The U.S. Army “Night at the Movies” Care Package comes with a Lavender, Clove and Orange soap  bar while The Girl’s Night Movie Gift Bag has one Confetti Zum Bar goat’s milk soap.

Last but not least, the Guy’s Movie Night Gift Bag sports a bar soap infused with Lemongrass, Orange and Lime – made by LEAP Organics in Boston, Massachusetts.

I’m convinced it would be hard to find a movie goer who doesn’t recognize the value that soap has in our daily lives.

Whether it comes in liquid, bar, foam, power or some other form, soap washes the remnants of butter popcorn off your fingers. This cleansing item helps us get ready for a night out (or in) at the movies. While we can all agree that soap is a necessity, all soaps are not created equal. There is a time to use standard soap when performing everyday tasks, and then there’s a time to break out the good stuff on special occasions. I wish all who are supporting my film and Red Cross fundraiser the very best of luck in the movie gift set raffle because this is, indeed, one of those occasions.

What do YOU do with your soap scraps? Do you use them until there's nothing left or Do you designate them for other purposes (room freshener, etc.) or Do you just discard them?


Monday Movie Meme – Wash, Rinse and Repeat

Enjoying massage chairs at The Laundry Cafe while passing out flyers to customers for the Couch Fest 2014 Film FestivalAs an official Ambassador of the Couch Fest Films 2014 Festival, I am pleased to announce that the theme for this week’s Monday Movie Meme is inspired by The Laundry Café at One & Olney Square Plaza, where over one dozen short movies from around the globe are showing in Philadelphia on Saturday, December 6th in the afternoon: Spin Cycles.

Share on your blog or in the comments section, movies featuring scenes where people are washing clothes. The characters or films you reference can be anywhere…in a Laundromat, at sea, in a laundry room, dormitory, etc. you get the picture. Only two movies that fit this bill come to mind for me, including “DIRTY LAUNDRY (AIR IT OUT),” a comedy about colorful characters who find themselves asking questions about life, morality and normality while washing clothes in an all-night Laundromat at 2:13am. They become clean of their life problems by nights end. Directed by Temple University graduate Shannon Newby, this movie was made in Philadelphia.

There is also a laundromat scene in "THE TOWN” where a guy gets chummy with the manager of a bank he just robbed, while she tries to wash a co-workers blood off her shirt in this heist movie directed by Ben Affleck.

What movies have YOU watched that feature scenes where people are washing clothes?

Join us on Saturday, December 6, for what MovieMaker Magazine calls one of the "top 5 coolest short film festival in the world."


Couch Fest is a cozy shorts film fest that brings world-class short movies out of the cinema and into non-traditional venues like living rooms, boats, community centers, and more. Meet your neighbors and see the best short films of the year.

Couch Fest Philadelphia is showing at The Laundry Café at One & Olney Plaza Shopping Center (Front and Olney sts).

Showtimes for The "BEST OF COUCH FEST FILMS" 2014:


*Free to the public—limited seating—no ticket required*

Don’t live in Philadelphia? Find showtimes for Couch Fest movie screenings in your area!



Final Casting: The 2015 A-to-Z Challenge Team Revealed!

Today, members of the 2015 Blogging from A-to-Z Challenge Team were announced. The team consists of bloggers who, together, are hosting this international blog hop in April.

As I am one of these Co-Hosts, it is my pleasure to welcome the return of Matthew MacNish at The Quintessentially Questionable Query Experiment as well as my fellow veterans and staff along with the addition of seven brave new members that make up such a diverse group of men and women united for the love of community, blogging and ABCs.

Signups for the challenge are scheduled to open in January 2015, providing enough time for early birds to join us as we party through the letters of the alphabet. Although we’re about four months (and some change) away from the A-to-Z Challenge, I encourage everyone to visit the blogs of our Co-Hosts to say  hi or offer a word of congratulations for being part of largest (that we know of) blogathon on the internet.

You Can View the 2015 A-to-Z Team Announcement on the A-to-Z Challenge Website. Additional information about our 26-day blog hop will be shared as it becomes available between now and April.