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Malika Likes Movies with a Message

Vinyl hijackers called the Popcorn Snobs are catching up on their theme, ‘The Taking of April A-Z,’ as they run this blog for the next 14 (or so) days.

Hello my name is Malika and I’m currently on a mission to define what meaningful movies look like. To me, they are the kinds of films that make you think about subjects that most people would rather ignore or avoid like a plague.

Meaningful movies stick with you long after you leave the theater or turn off your television.

They are the types of films that help you identify what matters most in life. Meaningful movies get you to consider different perspectives on a topic.

How do YOU define meaningful when it comes to the movies YOU watch?

Malika is a popcorn snob that knows movies can change the world. She likes documentaries, unforgettable dialogue and positive messages in the media.


Reese and Kesha’s Movie Linkup 

Vinyl hijackers called the Popcorn Snobs catching up on their theme, ‘The Taking of April A-Z,’ as they run this blog for the next 15 (or so) days.

Happy Humpday everyone, it’s Reese and Kesha! We’re here together to show some linky love for a few blog posts from our crew that need support in the form of comments and/or sharing on social media. If you do one good deed today, we ask that it be sharing any or all of these posts with someone who you think might be interested in reading them.

Kesha’s view from the director’s chair of Kenneth Branagh who helmed Thor, for Letter K.

Brandon’s Letter I blog post about Inheriting Digital Movie Collections.

Kesha’s Letter H bit on surviving horror movies.

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Kesha’s Wishes You Knew about ‘Thor’ Director Kenneth Branagh’s Killer Scenery

Vinyl hijackers called the Popcorn Snobs are playing catch-up on their theme, ‘The Taking of April A-Z,’ as they run this blog for the next 16 (or so) days.

Hi everyone, it’s Kesha and I’m returning today to share what happens when you put yourself in the director’s chair of Kenneth Branagh. You first find out that you don’t have to be a comic book fan or even a superhero movie lover to appreciate how badass Asgard -- the home of the the Nordic Gods in his fantasy adventure flick Thor -- looks on screen. It is futuristic but also has a classic vibe to it, as if it’s been there for many, many years.

You also learn that this modern-meets-classical style look is what Branagh intended early on while he was pitching Marvel executives to get the job on this film; an opportunity for which he used photos of work by architects Frank Lloyd Wright and Santiago Calatrava, as visual references.

You begin to see how Asgard was influenced by a combination of ancient civilizations, geometric shapes and modern architecture, as is the Bifrost bridge. Scandinavian wall art and the Beijing Olympic Stadium were among the sources that Kenneth Branagh pulled inspiration from to design this fantasy world.

You also understand why the visual effects team worked on Thor for 15 months to create Asgardian buildings, dynamic camera angles and related parts of the film’s establishing shots, which were 3D matte paintings. 

Did YOU know Kenneth Branagh was the main reason that many of the actors who star in Thor, including Natalie Portman and Idris Elba, chose to be involved with this film?

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