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Kesha’s Wishes You Knew about ‘Thor’ Director Kenneth Branagh’s Killer Scenery

Vinyl hijackers called the Popcorn Snobs are playing catch-up on their theme, ‘The Taking of April A-Z,’ as they run this blog for the next 16 (or so) days.

Hi everyone, it’s Kesha and I’m returning today to share what happens when you put yourself in the director’s chair of Kenneth Branagh. You first find out that you don’t have to be a comic book fan or even a superhero movie lover to appreciate how badass Asgard -- the home of the the Nordic Gods in his fantasy adventure flick Thor -- looks on screen. It is futuristic but also has a classic vibe to it, as if it’s been there for many, many years.

You also learn that this modern-meets-classical style look is what Branagh intended early on while he was pitching Marvel executives to get the job on this film; an opportunity for which he used photos of work by architects Frank Lloyd Wright and Santiago Calatrava, as visual references.

You begin to see how Asgard was influenced by a combination of ancient civilizations, geometric shapes and modern architecture, as is the Bifrost bridge. Scandinavian wall art and the Beijing Olympic Stadium were among the sources that Kenneth Branagh pulled inspiration from to design this fantasy world.

You also understand why the visual effects team worked on Thor for 15 months to create Asgardian buildings, dynamic camera angles and related parts of the film’s establishing shots, which were 3D matte paintings. 

Did YOU know Kenneth Branagh was the main reason that many of the actors who star in Thor, including Natalie Portman and Idris Elba, chose to be involved with this film?


Reese Hits the Jackpot with ‘James Bond’ and ‘Jurassic Park’ 

Vinyl hijackers known as the Popcorn Snobs are running this blog for the next 17 (or so) days with ‘The Taking of April A-Z’ as their theme.

Hello, it’s Reese again and I’m convinced that the world is obsessed with secret service agents and dinosaurs. It’s the only logical thing that explains how James Bond, a series of British spy films, can have something in common with Jurassic Park, a Sci-Fi adventure franchise. You take your significant other to see the former and bring the kids to the latter, so there’s no mingling of these two audiences.

James Bond and Jurassic Park are separate in every way…..except for the fact that they are among the highest grossing films in the world.

Having 25 titles currently under its belt, the James Bond series is also said to be the longest running film franchise in history. Yet, Jurassic Park’s record-breaking release in 1993 helped it become the highest grossing film of all time -- until Titanic (1997) surpassed it in revenue, years later. Then, there’s the matter of Skyfall (2012) becoming the first James Bond flick to earn $1 billion at the box office. The feat makes Skyfall the highest grossing title in this franchise while Jurassic World currently sits pretty as the second top earner among all four films in the Jurassic Park series.

Now I understand the correlation between the two franchises: They hit the Jackpot.

I still think the fat wallets these two films took in are all the more telling of the world’s obsession with dinosaurs and secret service agents!

How many James Bond flicks have YOU watched?

Also, be sure to read yesterday’s post where Brandon offers some insight on whether loved ones can inherit your digital movie collection!


Brandon’s Inconvenient Truth about Your Digital Movie Collection 

A group of vinyl Popcorn Snobs hijacked this blog for the next 18 (or so) days with ‘The Taking of April A-Z’ as their theme.

Hey all, it’s Brandon and if you’ve ever purchased a movie on iTunes or another platform that facilitates the streaming and downloading of visual media, there is a detail regarding these digital “assets” that I bet you didn’t know...

No one, including spouses and family members, can inherit items in your digital movie collection when you die.

If you’ve already invested a lot of money in VOD released, there are ways to backup these items digitally and/or make them available in physical form  before your eventual demise. Sure, buying movies to play on computers, tablets and mobile devices offer a lot of convenience for the end-user. Being able to watch, say, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, for the eighth time -- while you’re waiting to be seen at the doctor’s office – has its appeal but if you think you’re gonna pass that movie down to your kids or brother-in-law, think again.

The truth about buying movies to stream on demand is that you don’t really own them. Given the terms and conditions of many websites that sell digital versions of movies such as Amazon and iTunes, what you have with your purchase is a license to view the media for personal use. That license is nontransferable, so you’re paying for what can basically be considered a lifetime movie rental that expires when you bite the dust.

How important is the ability to inherit (or pass on) a digital movie collection, to YOU?

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