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Nate’s Storytime: Rosie Runs into Rugrats at the Multiplex

Vinyl hijackers calling themselves the Popcorn Snobs are catching up on their theme, ‘The Taking of April A-Z,’ while they run this blog for the next 9 (or so) days.

Hello, its Nate here…returning to tell you a story about one of the most absurd movie theater experiences ever shared on this blog.

Once upon a time, around the late 90s, there was a teenage girl named Rosie who went to the movies with her boyfriend. Let’s call him D.

After picking up snacks at the concessions counter, Rosie and D quickly made themselves comfortable in a row where an unidentified woman and her small tribe of children were also seated.

Sometime during the feature presentation, one of these kids asked Rosie for some popcorn. She obliged, sharing a portion of her popcorn with the child. Moments later, this kid’s mother told Rosie that the rest of the children should have popcorn too; it’s only fair. Despite the woman’s seemingly ridiculous request and D’s protest on the matter, Rosie gave each child some of her popcorn. Everyone ended up enjoying the movie -- at D and Rosie’s expense.

How different would this scenario turn out if YOU were in Rosie’s shoes?


Brandon Questions whether Quinn Microwave Popcorn is any Good

Vinyl hijackers known as the Popcorn Snobs are catching up on their theme, ‘The Taking of April A-Z,’ as they run this blog for the next 10 (or so) days.

Hey Everyone, it’s Brandon and I’m back to find out if any of you lovelies have ever eaten Quinn popcorn. Me and the gang remember Nicole checking out the company’s microwaveable selection a few years ago when she was doing that American Red Cross thing but this snack brand never made its way onto her grocery list.

The Quinn brand prides itself on being a healthier alternative to the microwave popcorn options we’re used to seeing on the store shelves. It’s said to be organic, made with real butter, no GMOs and blah, blah, blah. That’s all well and good but at $5 per box of two…yes, TWO measly bags of this snack, it better be some delicious freakin’ popcorn if I’m going to make it a part of my next Netflix movie night!

Then there’s the issue of choosing which of their popcorn flavors may be worth the splurge:

  • Butter & Sea Salt
  • Vermont Maple & Sea Salt
  • Parmesan & Rosemary
  • White Cheddar

Have YOU ever eaten Quinn popcorn? Which flavors would YOU recommend for a taste test?


Zoe Praises the Purple Rain Soundtrack

Vinyl hijackers known as the Popcorn Snobs are catching up on their theme, ‘The Taking of April A-Z,’ as they run this blog for the next 11 (or so) days.

Hi all its Zoe, returning to pinpoint what a picture-perfect movie soundtrack looks like. Or better yet, what it sounds like...

Purple Rain 

It's an album made for the romantic drama film of the same name and performed by Prince and The Revolution.

You know a movie has a perfect soundtrack when you listen to the entire thing without ever feeling the urge to press the skip button. Purple Rain is that kind of soundtrack, where every single song rocks your socks off!

It also helps that Prince made his acting debut in the movie, about a young musician grappling with an abusive home life, irresistible love interest, rivalry and unsatisfied bandmates on the road to stardom. As the lead character of this film and producer of the soundtrack, Prince was able to make the music blend seamlessly throughout the narrative and become an integral part of the viewing experience. The songs became just as important as the movie plot. 

You’d be hard pressed to find an album comparable to Purple Rain, winner of an Academy Award for Best Music in an Original Song Score and recipient of two Grammy Awards – one each for Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal and Best Album Of Original Score Written For A Motion Picture Or A Television Special. Prince also received a Golden Globe nomination in the category of Best Original Song – Motion Picture for “When Doves Cry,” one of his biggest hits from Purple Rain


THANK YOU for a great performance on-screen as The Kid and off-screen as the genius behind a movie soundtrack that stands the test of time!

~ Hugs and Kisses from Zoe, Nicole and the Popcorn Snobs