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Movie Piracy Seminar at Bare Bones Script 2 Screen Film Festival

Instead of repeating the same thing again, here is a snippet from a recent press release that was sent out:

(Philadelphia, PA, USA, SEPTEMBER 27, 2006) - Independent film director, Nicole Ayers will be speaking about movie piracy at this year's Bare Bone's Script 2 Screen Film Festival. The one hour seminar will cover copyright infringement and tips on protecting films from unauthorized use by production staff and talent. Nicole Ayers will also discuss the various effects that movie piracy has on independent filmmakers.

The seminar is being held on Saturday, October 7th at The 5th Annual Bare Bones Script 2 Screen Film Festival & Movie Biz Conference. It is the second installment of an Anti-Piracy campaign being held by independent production company, Madlab Entertainment. The campaign is headed by Nicole Ayers. Its objective is to create and spread awareness throughout the filmmaking community and the movie going audience that movie piracy is illegal. "By speaking out against piracy, others will be more inclined to take action against it. It can then be eliminated", says Ayers.


Bare Bones Script 2 Screen Film Festival Photos

Madlab Entertainment has released the following images from the U.S. Premiere of Lapse of Fascia. These images were taken during the 2005 Bare Bones Script 2 Screen Film Festival.

(l-r) Director, Nicole Ayers & Matchbook Morning Director, Brandon Tweed at the premiere of Lapse of Fascia.

(l-r) Nicole Ayers, Adam Ropp & Matchbook Morning actress, Lauren Diana Steele at the awards ceremony.

(l-r) The Diner writer-director, Marc Hall & Nicole Ayers at the awards ceremony.

Lapse of Fascia wins Best Urban Film and Matchbook Morning wins Best Student Film at the 2005 Bare Bones Script 2 Screen Film Festival. (l-r) Matchbook Morning actor, Robert M. Odell Jr., Nicole Ayers, Lauren Diana Steele and Brandon Tweed.

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