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Free Cards for the Holidays

If blogging was not already fun enough, now you can get 100 Free blogger cards to help promote your blog around the world. This is good news for me to be able to show off this blog, videos and movies at the same time with one business card. The newest "Web 2.0" business cards allow you to place your blog in the forefront and gain a much wider audience.

You do not even have to be a filmmaker to use these cards. You could have a blog about your life, favorite celebrity or other topics of interest to you and your friends. These cards are offered by and can be custimized to your liking.
This could be a great way for me to promote this blog and my movies separately as well. To top it all off, they are free so there is not much more than anyone could ask for. It is one of the best gifts that bloggers can get themselves for the Holidays.


Keyshia Cole naked on Vibe cover…what’s next?

R&B singer Keyshia Cole is on the cover of Vibe magazine. This should be no surprise because she is currently one of the most popular music artists with a new album titled Just Like You and a reality TV show on BET. What has been surprising is what she is wearing, or better yet…NOT wearing.

The December 2007 issue of Vibe magazine has Keyshia Cole on the cover, naked. There have been provocative covers of Vibe in previous issues, but this one does not represent the magazine or Keyshia Cole too well. When I first located this issue, I thought that it was some type of men’s magazine until I paid closer attention to the title. Keyshia Cole is talented and pretty. She does not have to be naked to attract fans, magazine readers or anyone else.

Therefore, my only question about this issue is what were they thinking? Why did she pose like that for this type of magazine? What was Vibe trying to pull off with this cover? When I think of Vibe, I think of rap music and other genres of music. I do not think of naked women.

If being provocative will bring more readers, magazine sales and album sales, maybe this cover is worthwhile for both parties. However, the Vibe magazine cover photo appears as if they are going for a more elegant look as opposed to raunchy. That is great too, but that was not really accomplished. Maybe it was the concept that ruined it. Maybe it was the photographer, or it could have been other factors that made this Keyshia Cole Vibe magazine cover look outrageous.

Naked photos of actresses and music artists have been published on magazines covers and in feature articles for years. What makes this different is that many of those other nude photographs were creative and does not make readers question the subject or the publisher. Vanity Fair is one magazine that publishes naked images of celebrities yet still maintains a sense of class. The Keyshia Cole Vibe magazine cover has not produced the same results. The only great aspect of this magazine cover is Keyshia Cole (from the neck-up, of course). She looks pretty and her hair is great. I am not anxious to find the next issues of Vibe unless it will be totally different than this one. Keyshia Cole does not need to be seen naked on a Vibe cover. That is what those music video “models” are for.

Do you like the Vibe magazine cover?
Leave your comments below?

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The ecommerce aspect of Entertainment made simple

Ugly websites do not make people want to shop. I know that I would not shop online at any website that was not designed neatly, user friendly and had faulty content. Imagine trying to buy some DVDs, Movie T-Shirts or music CDs from a website with broken links? Selling movies and other gifts from unorganized websites is careless. However, there is a solution for this mess. It includes great ecommerce software that provides usability, less confusion and less doubt among entertainment fans.

I visited the website of one movie theater chain that had working pages and some other pages that appeared to be a work in progress. While the theaters may be alright to visit, the website is not. Who would want to buy advance online movie tickets that way?

Website design is one thing. The ordering process should be simple. You can place a simple, generic looking order button on your website and leave it that way. However, unless the layout is flawless, many people cannot get away with that or even Paypal buttons. I found a great company that provides shopping cart software that makes the selling and shopping process much easier. It is a relief that can save people a lot of time and is provided by Ashop Commerce.

This company's website is even designed well, indicating that they are by no means, substandard. One of the great things I like about this software is that there are tons of payment options, which means that the sale of a DVD or other product won’t be lost because of payment restrictions. I would be mad if I couldn’t sell my products because my accepted payment methods were limited. This ecommerce software is also easy to add to a website without any installation. That is a plus for people who may not be very tech-savvy. It makes things easier when it comes to designing webpages and online stores. It should be easier for people to purchase movies, artwork and other fun items online. Ashop Commerce makes that happen.

The Ashop ecommerce software also includes tons of features with the software. It seems like much more than I have seen from other ecommerce software applications. These features are worth the money. There is also a free trial, which may top everything else appealing about Ashop Commerce software because free trials are great.

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