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Weighing in on "Pizza" from IFC Films

With Springtime fast approaching, I'm reminded of being completely behind on my moviemaking goals for this year. In an attempt to keep up the momentum at some extent, I am going to "weigh in" with The Bumbles for this week's Monday Movie Meme. The topic is movie characters who are battling weight issues. At first glance, I couldn't think of anything...or at least, anything that The Bumbles didn't already mention.

Actually, movies that highlight someone being too fat or too skinny still isn't really ringing the bell right now. The IFC Films release, "Pizza" (circa 2005) directed by Mark Christopher and produced by InDigEnt (which appears to have went out of business) is the only movie that comes to mind right now. Probably because while it was an entertaining 80 minutes, watching Cara-Ethyl stuff her face with food was a very uncomfortable experience given the fact that she was a teenager who looked like she could clearly pass for like 250 pounds or more. Granted, it was her birthday in this movie's storyline so I expect her to have the whole ice cream and cake deal.

The very cute Kylie Sparks did an awesome job of showing Cara-Ethyl's insecurities, which almost crushed the developing friendship with between the birthday girl and Matt, her hot pizza delivery guy.

While Matt seemed comfortable with her weight, his friends and even strangers weren't so forgiving (doesn't it usually happen that way?...mean people suck sometimes). In one scene, a very attractive

Funny "Pizza" Quote from Cara-Ethyl and her alter ego:

My legs are kind of...stuck together.

Cara-Ethyl's other self
Well, don't tell people that. You'll never get a date

Well, I think Cara-Ethyl did pretty well in this movie despite her pessimist outlook during the beginning of the movie. I mean, She DID get a date...sort of...a non-date or something, didn't she?

Some of the dialogue in this movie was a little over the top though. Still, it's very fitting for this week's "weigh in".

Check out The Bumbles Blog: ON MOVIES ~ Trimming The Fat... if you're interested in reading which movies more people came up with.

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An Unforgettable Best Supporting Actress Moment at the Oscars

As February 2011 comes to a close, The Bumbles asks those participating in its Monday Movie Meme to share memorable Oscar moments that stood out among all others during this Hollywood extravaganza.

Last night's Oscar broadcast had a few memorable moments including one that prompts a "WTF?" reaction as I wondered how this ended up getting props on Yahoo's Red Carpet Report this morning. For me, it wasn't Natalie Portman's gracious acceptance speech that almost had me in tears while adoring her beautiful dress, Sandra Bullock's humorous presentation of the Best Actor nominees or even that F-Bomb that Melissa Leo dropped during her acceptance speech after winning the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in "The Fighter."

Monday Movie Meme,Oscars

The unforgettable moment was noticing that awful dress that Best Supporting Actress nominee Helena Bonham Carter graced the stage (and the Red Carpet, but I missed that pre-Oscar show because my company was busy watching "Amazing Race" on CBS) and our television sets with during the Oscars. The black bustier nightmare was made by the costume designer from "Alice in Wonderland" so if Carter wore it in the movie, then it may have been fitting for that atmosphere.

Her effort to "celebrate film instead of fashion" makes the ensemble, complete with big curly hair, dark sunglasses and black clutch shaped like a fan very commendable (and pretty cool, since many of us are used to focusing on the clothes and designers and this move by Carter might be a neat reminder that it's the Oscars....not NY Fashion Week) while helping me to understand this choice for the red carpet.

Monday Movie Meme,Oscars
Still, when I noticed her sitting in the audience and then again later on when "The King's Speech" won for best picture....I couldn't help but say to a relative "She looks like something out of a Harry Potter movie (specifically Bellatrix Lestrange)." It turns out, Helena Bonham Carter is the woman from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. So maybe her red carpet ensemble doesn't look that terrible after all.

She did get me to think about a film while I was watching the Oscars and focused on her (and everyone else's....did you see Mila Kunis rock that lavender lace dress?!!! She was gorgeous!) fashion sense. It appears that Carter achieved this goal. After learning more about this actress, her work and previous red carpet appearances, the Harry Potter-looking dress no longer seems as bad as it looked at first glance. She appears to be a creative woman who likes to make bold statements, so horaay for her!

Monday Movie Meme,Oscars
Would I wear, or recommend that another woman wear something like this to any formal event such as the Oscars? Probably not. But Helena Bonham Carter obviously would and is not only ok with doing so, maybe she likes it's all good!

A runner-up moment is the general sense that last night's Oscars was all about the parents, specifically mothers....from one Live Action Short film winner's statement that his mother did the craft services to another winning speech that revealed a mother's responsibility for bringing "The King's Speech" to the big screen.

The biggest disappointment of all, which occurred way before last night, is still the fact that Ryan Gosling got snubbed for a lead role nomination for his role in "Blue Valentine." Sure, Michelle Williams lost to Natalie Portman but at least Williams got a nomination.....her "Blue Valentine" co-star (Ryan Gosling) didn't even get that, which totally sucks!

Who else watched the Oscars this year? What are your thoughts on last nights Oscars?

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Why Four Eyed Monsters Should be Continued...

In this Week's Monday Movie Meme, The Bumbles ask "What movie doesn't have a sequel that you wish did?" and I totally understand how they could want a sequel to "Bourne Ultimatum" and also agree with the frustrations over the production limbo, plot games and casting strangeness that this Bourne Movie Franchise has been going through for too long.

Movie Monday Meme,FEM,Four Eyed Monsters

There are also lots of independent films that I believe could do well in a sequel. One in particular is "Four Eyed Monsters" because after building a large fan following that supported their relationship, Arin and Susan's story doesn't have to stop there despite its emotional ending.

DISCLAIMER - The rest of this post might contain movie spoilers, so if you have not watched "Four Eyed Monsters" and plan to in the near future, then I suggest you check it out before reading any further. After watching the movie, you are welcome to return and add your two cents if desired. Side Note: If you need to read this disclaimer than I need to ask...Why haven't you watched "Four Eyed Monsters" already? It's a great movie! I highly recommend it.

Now, anyone who checks out their stuff would know that they work on projects together in real life so let's get that out of the way. From a consumer or rather that of a moviegoer/watcher/YouTube streamer perspective, it would be nice to learn how the two talented individuals related to one another following the breakup and also how their lives changed following the breakup.

Did they find a new boyfriend or girlfriend who could inspire them as much as their previous significant other?

Were their professional lives and ability to achieve artistic goals better or worse now that they are no longer one unit?

Is there any chance that Arin and Susan will get back together?

Since "Four Eyed Monsters" was very personal and lots of people became attached to Arin and Susan's relationship, closure for fans would be an even greater (and probably a somewhat therapeutic) reason to release a sequel. The second film could help fans learn how to deal with change and teach people that life does go on after a serious relationship. This factor could probably help everyday folk, even if they don't follow independent films or art or social media.

People who are having problems in their relationship or find it hard to move on after being with someone that they love for a long time could probably benefit from a sequel, by learning how the two main subjects in "Four Eyed Monsters" deal with it.

With that said, here are two reasons why there probably won't be a sequel to "Four Eyed Monsters," at least in my opinion.

1. Sequels suck! Sure, it's nice to fantasize about the next edition of favorite films but have we learned nothing from "Sex and the City 2," "Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2" or "_______________" (YOU fill in the blank in the comments section!)? Most movies should not have a sequel because often times, it's never as good as the first one so the sequel ends up not only disappointing fans who had high expectations but now it also causes a great film to be lumped in with what ha become a lackluster series.

It's kind of like buying an album and then learning that you only enjoy two or three songs. Two songs won't make me want to listen to an album if I have to sort through 14 tracks that I can't stand.

2. From a filmmaking perspective, another reason why I believe that there probably won't be a "Four Eyed Monsters" sequel is because that in it's early stages, that whole video series was an experiment that turned into something great. The collaboration of two people who brought their different talents and skills together built a large following and created a platform where people could share ideas and discuss topics that were of interest to everyone involved, in some way or another. Expecting them to reproduce another "Four Eyed Monsters" is silly because they've both grown as artists and individuals so why try to aggravate their creative process by trying to get them to remain in the same spot....or on the same project?

The bottom line.......

Sometimes, film sequels should be non-existent because they are just either not appropriate (like making a 'Bourne' movie without Matt Damon....they must be crazy) or necessary (like making a "Sex and the City 3" movie...please tell me that Sarah Jessica Parker is kidding).

Still, if Arin and Susan decide to make an aftermath of their breakup or some type of glimpse into the time periods that followed their separation, you better believe that I'll be in line at the movie theater or right up on YouTube or wherever they decide to screen it.

Hey, a girl can dream!

"Four Eyed Monsters" is available on DVD and in a variety of other platforms.

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