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A First Favorite Short Film and Related Loves #amblogging #blogfest

I now interrupt our regularly scheduled Monday Movie Meme* (see the bottom of this post for details) program for the following event...


Today, Captain Ninja Alex is hosting the First Loves Blogfest. Participants post their first loves - first movie, first/song/band, first book and first person. Here are mine..

My First Movie: “The Red Balloon” is my first favorite short film. I think I saw it when I was in school, maybe. I don’t quite remember. I do know that it is one of many short films that I would watch again.



My First Rock Song: “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana. Although my mother introduced me to The Beatles and Bon Jovi when I was a kid, I didn’t take a liking to their music because I was preoccupied with Michael Jackson as well as R&B and rap tunes that they played on the radio -- specifically the Power 99FM radio station.



My First Rock Band: No Doubt is my first favorite rock band. Although I’ve probably heard their songs on the radio prior to attending college, I didn’t pay much attention to this group until the “Hey Baby” song was released. A few fellow classmates played the tune during one of our assignments for a summer program, and I was hooked on it ever since. The track piqued my interest in No Doubt and I’ve been a fan of their music ever since. “Hey Baby,” however, is not my favorite No Doubt song, at least not anymore.

My First Book: After searching around for the author, product listings and the name of one of my first favorite childhood books, I came up empty. All I know is it’s red with black letters on the cover that spell out the main character’s name, which is Darlene or Danielle or something of the sort. Therefore, I’ll move on to my first favorite novel, which is “Jack” by A.M. Holmes. I read “Jack” when I was in high school and it’s the only book that I enjoyed reading, as far as fiction is concerned.

My First Person: Johnathan Taylor Thomas is the first actor that I remember (at the time of this writing) having a crush on. I used to enjoy watching episodes of the ABC comedy “Home Improvement” starring Tim Allen, because it was a funny show. Thomas’ presence, however, made me look forward to those prime-time airings of Home Improvement even more.

Crushing on Johnathan Taylor Thomas is also the main reason I watched the action/adventure film “Wild America,” about three brothers who travel across the country to get rare footage of a bear cave. “Wild America” is based on the true life story of Martin “Marty” Stouffer and his brothers Mark and Marshall Stouffer.

Marty Stouffer produced and directed the PBS animal documentary TV show called “Wild America” that aired in the early 90s. He and his brothers have produced many award-winning documentaries about endangered species. Today, I find it ironic that when this movie came out, I was a high school student with expectations of my future being centered on fine arts, yet, I eventually took a different route after graduation -- filmmaking -- go figure!

*Tune in next week for a new installment of the Monday Movie Meme, as it takes a break this week.



Ben Affleck’s ‘The Town’ Collector’s Edition Blu-ray and DVD Release, Complete with Tattoos #charlestown #boston #movies

Ben Afflecks The Town Collectors Release2

An Ultimate Collector’s Edition of the crime drama, “The Town” starring Ben Affleck is set to be released this Tuesday, March 6th. In February, Warner Bros. and the city of Boston were so excited for the new release of “The Town” on Blu-ray and DVD that they came together and renamed the corner of an intersection after this movie. Avery street became “The Town Take 2 Place,” right where it crosses Tremont street, for a few days.

Ben Afflecks The Town Collectors Release3

A Charlestown district chief city councilwoman said that it was the first time a Boston street has been renamed temporarily. While the signage probably annoyed some travelers or locals who believe it is unnecessary, Ben Affleck fans and the general movie going public probably didn’t mind the change at all, especially since it’s right outside the AMC Loews Boston Common movie theater.

What’s so special about “The Town” Ultimate Collector’s Edition Blu-ray or DVD, you ask?

Ben Afflecks The Town Collectors Release

Well, this edition includes a 153-minute extended version and a more gritty alternate ending. The extended version delves more into the life of Ben Affleck’s character, Doug MacRay, including a “beefier” romance between him and Claire. Thanks to USA Today, here are some of the accompanying extras that “The Town” Box set contains.

- 4 Featurettes
- Commentary on 3 different versions of “The Town.”
- 48-page filmmaking photo book
- rub-on tattoos
- Mug shot cards
- 15-page FBI Report that was used in the film.
- A map of Charlestown, with details on crime scenes from the movie.
- A 30-minute documentary, called “The Town: A Director's Journey.”

Oh, and it also has a 3rd disc containing the original 125-minute theatrical version of “The Town,” but it would be silly for a box set to not include the one that audiences have come to know, right? Or else, the whole ‘Ultimate’ claim is just a ploy to give the Blu-ray and DVD more attention. I’m just sayin’.

Now, is it just me, or are those rub-on tattoos in this box set a little inappropriate or at the very least, strange given that “The Town” is an R-rated movie? Unless someone is hosting or attending a themed party, why is anyone over the age of 17 walking around with rub-on tattoos? Just a curiosity. Maybe I’m out of the loop.

The release of an Ultimate Collector’s Edition for “The Town” comes at a great time, since Ben Affleck, who also co-wrote and directed this movie, is our new King Dong for the month of March 2012. Hats off to him!

What are some of the best special features that YOU’ve seen on DVDs in your movie collection? Are there any special features that YOU wish were never included on any DVD, whether it is collector’s edition, or not?

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Millionaire Dollar Movie Week Preps ABC for Oscar Sunday #trivia #games #gameshow #academyawards

Millonaire Dollar Movie Week

It's Movie Week on the Disney/ABC show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," hosted by Meredith Viera. Those of you who want to test your movie knowledge as we head into Oscar weekend can watch as contestants try their luck at winning $1 million by answering 14 movie-themed questions on this show." Don't miss the last day of Movie Week, tomorrow February 24th, just in time for the 84th annual Academy Awards, which airs on Sunday, February 26 on ABC.

The time and channel on when this show airs in your area can be found on local listings or the Millionaire TV website.

Now, let me ask...

If someone offered YOU one million dollars for answering 14 trivia questions, all based on one specific film, correctly, what movie would give you the best shot at winning the money?

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