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Developments at the Lab

I spent so much time blabbing about my own video drama that I forgot to do my job and report the latest news from Madlab. During this month, Madlab Entertainment has been developing new projects to be released through October and November 2006. The first of our productions slated for the fall includes a sketch comedy depicting the most obsurd realities of society. I am very excited about the upcoming comedy short. It speaks to all who work for someone that treats them badly. Right now (aside from the wedding), I am trying to complete this documentary-like video on movie piracy. If I can get that done within the next 5 days, it would be great. Do those of you who are reading this think that it will be done? Probably not. Do I think that I can pull it off? Of course. It will be done with hard work, no shame, lies, threats, starvation, an empty wallet and no sleep and I will cross my finger and hope that I will be able to make my monthly student loan payment and pay my rent by Friday. It's independent filmmaking at it's best. Or shall I say, it's just independent filmmaking. It will be at it's best if the Doc video gets completed within the desired time frame, which will enable be to send it to Current TV's seeds of Tolerance competition. It will be at it's worst if I apply some, most or all of those scenario's and then, I still don't have a video.


At a loss for words

This has been a busy month with many developments for Madlab Entertainment. I have been working on a wedding that was shot labor day weekend. During this time, I have been reminded of my total hatred for weddings. I don't know why I do them. Why would anyone? Many people do them for money, but get real! We all know the saying "Do what you love....". That should always be applied when considering a job in video production. It doesn't matter if it's a wedding, sporting event, graduation, depositions or an actor's audition tape. The only video professionals who should do weddings are people who actually enjoy weddings. I do not enjoy these events, therefore I have put myself in a rut by agreeing to produce yet another wedding video.

If it isn't a short or feature, I enjoy things that can go fast, like a prom or sports. Symposiums and conferences are good if you have access to the proper equipment that will enable you to capture audio on a crisp line. Also, the fact that these jobs usually pay well (being held by private schools, corporations and government officials) doesn't hurt either. Weddings do not go fast. They are slow and draining. Also, depending on the clients, it is hard to please people. People (the general public/consumers/non-corporate) are never satisfied and they don't deliver on all of the things that you request, such as certain information or a designated area for you to place your equipment and/or yourself.

I have been reflecting on the weddings that I have done within the last 4 years and I am so done, it isn't even funny. I love video and film. Those of us who truly love what we do enjoy every bit of it.
While not trying to sound hypercritical, doing weddings is painful to me. It is frustrating and in the end, no amount of money under 1 million dollars is going to make it worthwhile for me. It just doesn't work for me. Therefore, I will NOT do another wedding again. My last statement is so disappointing since I said the same thing before, around November of last year as a matter of fact.
I didn't stick to it, but I must this time. I have to before I drive myself crazy.


Nations at War.......on Movie Piracy

A semi-recent Washington Post article has opened more eyes regarding pirated media. This isn't a national problem. It is an international problem and here at home, i have found that one of our nation's wealthiest men.......Bill Gates himself has admitted to downloading and watching pirated movies on the internet. An excerpt from Computerworld depicts Mr. Microsoft commenting on his activities. If someone admitted to copying illegal software such as Powerpoint, FrontPage or Excel (for argument's sake), Mr. Gates would be up in arms, speaking out against such acts. Yet, he's watching illegal copyrighted content. That doesn't say much for his respect for copyrighted content. If a tech mogul such as Gates won't abide by the copyright laws.....why should the rest of us? When is copyright infringement going to stop? It looks like it will continue as long as people think that they have the privileges to bypass copyright laws at their own leisure.