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5 Badass Bloggers on the Web


There are better alternatives than Twitter and StumbleUpon when trying to find kick-ass blogs online with great content. Since 2007, I have found some of the most funny, genuine and resourceful blogs that entertainment fans could read (or watch). It is my honor to award the authors who publish content on these blogs the title of “Badass Blogger”! They have been compiled into one list of Badass Bloggers for you all to check out.

Before we get into the awards list, take a minute to get an overview of how this all came about.

In March, my friend Brandon over at Myspace managed an awesome tournament featuring 64 of the baddest movie characters. There was only one catch….(unlike that lame and ironic AMC one )….those with superpowers, supernatural powers or magical powers did not qualify!!! Titled March BADness, the tournament placed these movie characters against each other to find out who is the “biggest baddass in the history of cinema!” in a battle that lasted for weeks. Much like those movie characters (comprised of William Wallace, Maximus, Lara Croft, Hannibal, Indiana Jones and more), there are some Badass bloggers that can battle with the greatest on the web....and win.

Sujewa Ekanayake on DIY Filmmaker
Authored by Sujewa Ekanayake (Date Number One, Indie Film Blogger Road Trip), DIY Filmmaker is one of my Must-Read blogs because of the filmmaking aspect of course. Art and Independent Film fans can also benefit from his blog because of its coverage on niche films. Ekanayake conducts extensive interviews with movie directors and other professionals in the film community that are worth a read on any day. DIY Filmmaker is worth visiting to find out where independent films are playing online, on DVD or at a movie theater near you.

While coverage includes some fairly known projects, visitors are likely to find out about movies that they would have never known otherwise. The author of DIY Filmmaker supports work by other filmmakers while also making and promoting his own films, which is what makes him so Badass. Many filmmaking blogs are focused on one subject or one project, but DIY Filmmaker includes reviews, product releases, events, news and even some legal stuff worth knowing every now and then.

Glozell on Glozell Loves Jay Leno
(turned Live Green...Google GloZell1 on You Tube)

Formerly known as Jay Leno's Ultimate Fan (No Kidding, she'd beat anyone who claims the #1 fan spot..hands down!), Glozell has stirred some controversial comments toward her videos, comments and blogs online. She still managed to become a Youtube celebrity while maintaining her status as a comedian and actress in the outside world. Being a fan of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, it was good to know that I could visit her blog and get a recap on any episodes that I missed. She had a sort-of backstage pass that took place outside, during the time that audience members waited for entry into the show.

Glozell boldly chronicles nearly every bit of her life in California, whether adventurous (Sex for 100 Days; Rappers without Legs; There are Black Russians?) or tedious (Lost in Compton; Buying Condoms in the ‘Hood) as it is on the blog that started as a complete guide to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Over the years, Glozell has enjoyed the company of many celebrities and talks about subjects that men and women may be thinking but are either too afraid or too reserved to say (Does Michelle go down on Barack Obama?) while featuring photos or videos of people that she meets in the land where Hollywood thrives. Comedic edge and widespread generosity make Glozell one of few Badass Bloggers in 2009. Take a dip into her archives if you want to get acquainted or learn about that “joke” by Obama that didn’t go too well.

Herman Turnip on Terrible Analogies
The internet is loaded with personal blogs that really don’t provide any benefit to readers and consist only as a soapbox for the author. With that in mind, I rarely check out personal blogs unless they are written by someone I know or have something important to say. Terrible Analogies is one of those blogs that will cause you to go “hmm” and either taking a closer look at yourself or a closer look at companies, products, services or situations that just seem odd. Herman Trip, the author of Terrible Analogies was the inspiration for a previous post about inappropriate TV show producers and one source of my new resolution to cook more at home, thus preventing situations of insects found in frozen dinners. You can learn a lot by reading Terrible Analogies if for nothing else, to examine different sides to a story. It puts a different meaning behind personal blogging and the author does things his way and on his own terms whether you like Terrible Analogies or not, making Herman Trip a real Badass Blogger.

Frank Warren on Post Secret
I wish I didn’t have to cheat on her to get head”, as mentioned in Sunday Secrets. Yeah! Post Secret is not for the squeamish, which just may be my category because every time I visit this blog, I end up leaving. The interesting factor is that Post Secret doesn’t have violent or nude photos, videos or animation (think So, why bother visiting this blog, right? Well, there has been some unbelievable content published on Post Secret. The blog is like an aggregator of people from around the world…..secrets included. It features secrets that readers feel more comfortable telling strangers than those whom they know. Reading the blog will either make you happy, worried or angry.

The concept is simple: Mail your secrets to the author on a postcard. Post Secret was a nice idea that turned into a realization of the fact that there are some freaky, crazy, depressed, lonely, funny and rude people in our society. That is a real shame and it makes me wonder who is really walking down the street or shopping in the store, you know! Frank, the author of PostSecret has also put the blog to good use by partnering with a suicide hotline to assist those in need of help. The blog has become so popular that it Frank turned it into a book, several actually.

The fifth edition of Post Secret in print is scheduled to be released later this year. The blog has also been mentioned in the media and one CSI: NY episode was loosely based on its concept and function. Frank says that he adds one of his own secrets to each Post Secret book. He’s taken public exhibition to another level and was able to monetize and publicize it as well, displaying true Badass behavior.


Brandon on Myspace
This list would not have been possible without him. It’s only fair that we tag him appropriately as the Ultimate Badass Blogger! Brandon blogs about life and entertainment topics including music reviews. Past favorite entries include How NOT to raise your Kids, the 3 Great Things Series and Electronic Lynching.

While finding these bloggers online, I was glad to notice many of them achieving success and a nice sized fan base despite using blogging platforms that are on shared/free hosting. Many Wordpress and Self-Hosted bloggers frown upon Blogger (and other shared/free hosting) blogs and refer to them as if they are inferior. While the argument of worthlessness may be the case for thousands, if not millions of Blogger, Myspace, or Livejournal blogs who have nothing important to talk about or want to spam people, it does not speak for all who use these platforms. Many blogs hosted on free services, including The Sartorialist are those hidden gems that prove it’s about the content on a blog that makes it great, NOT the hosting. Someone told me once, “It’s not where you live, it’s how you live” and I think that philosophy rings true for many blogs that may not be self-hosted!!!

Set Up Your Blog Now!

Which of these blogs do you like the most?

Do you have any Badass Bloggers to nominate and add to this list?
Leave your comments below!

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Myspace Profile Contest Winner

So, for the 1st annual Myspace Profile Contest that ended in October, a winner has been chosen.

The winner of this Myspace Profile Contest is Gregory Michael, an actor who has worked in TV and Film. Since the contest, he has changed his profile design a bit. Both the new and old Mysoace profile designs are stylish. Congratulations to Gregory, a superb Myspace user!

What are some of the coolest Myspace profiles that YOU have found online? Did they belong to your friends? Was it your profile? Let me know by leaving your comments below!

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It's a Myspace Profile Contest!

How cool is your Myspace profile?

If the answer to that question is AWESOME or something like it, this is your time to shine and get rewards! I am introducing a fun way to celebrate Labor Day on the Madlab Post. This celebration will last for the entire month. I am running a Myspace Profile contest, starting today. This competition is open to all U.S. residents who have a Myspace profile. All who are interested in winning can enter immediately followig these tidbits on this Myspace Profile Contest:

Winners will be announced here on the Madlab Post. Prizes and an official Myspace badge will be issued to the winner of this contest. Runner up badges will also be issued in each category.

Winners will receive a 1-year subscription to Rolling Stone magazine.

How to Enter
Step 1: So, you have the best Myspace profile. That is great but how am I supposed to know about it? You know that blogging feature on Myspace?, Well, now is the time to utilize it and win prizses. Entries must be completed by posting a blog entry on your Myspace profile explaining why your profile is the best.

Step 2: The blog post must be titled "MP Myspace Profile Contest" or "Madlab Post Myspace Profile Contest" in order to be eligible for selection as the Best Myspace Profile. It must remain on your Myspace profile for 30 days or the closing of this contest, whichever is shorter. Once you have posted your Myspace blog post, leave a comment here on the Madlab Post blog with the URL address of your blog entry.

That's It!

You must be over 15 years of age to enter. If you are under 18 years of age, it is recommended to ask your Parent OR Guardian for permission before participating in this contest. Only one entry per Myspace member. You cannot enter more than one Myspace profile. Profiles that contain derogatory graphics or messages are ineligible to participate in this Myspace Profile Contest.

Judging criteria will include the following categories:
1. Design of the Myspace profile
2. About Me Section
3. Interests & Hobbies
4. Myspace profile photo
5. Myspace profile layout
*Extra points may be given for entertainment (Music tracks, Graphics, videos, etc.) ONLY at the judges discretion.

Points Scale: 1=Fair 3=Attractive 5=Best

You must have a Myspace profile that was created before August 1, 2008. Some Myspace members have a private profile. If your Myspace profile is private, you must either make it public until September 30, 2008 OR add ME as a friend so that the contest panel of judges will be able to review your Myspace profile in consideration for prizes.

Entry Deadlines- Deadline Extended to September 30th!
The Madlab Post Myspace Profile Contest begins on Labor Day which is Monday, September 1, 2008 (Today) and will close on Tuesday, September 30, 2008.


Want the latest updates on this Myspace Profile Contest? Get them in an instant when you Subscribe to Madlab Post by Email!

Madlab Post Myspace Profile Contest Disclaimer: The Madlab Post and it's
author(s) do not assume any responsibility for entries sent in for this contest or any responsibility for the level of participation from entrants into this contest. Participation in the Madlab Post Myspace profile contest is made at the discretion of each individual entrant. Participants who are under 18 years of age are strongly encouraged to involve their Parents or Guardians in their entry process and acceptance of rewards/prizes.

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