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Signed, Sealed and Delivered to the Monday Movie Meme!

If you wrote it, then you should’ve put a stamp on it! 

Jenni, host of the Blog Everyday in May Challenge, wants participants to publish a letter to those who read their blogs. Well – I’ve basically been there and done that with my “Letter T” post (circa April 2012), so let’s not rehash something that’s already available at the click of a button, ok?

The theme for this week’s Monday Movie Meme, however, remains set on one of the oldest forms of correspondence: In the Mail.

Share on your blog or in the comments section, movies featuring letters. These films include people sending letters, receiving letters and/or writing letters. They can either be in an envelope (stamped or not…doesn’t matter), folded, flat or still sitting in the typewriter. The letters are mailed, slipped under a door, placed on a piece of furniture, hid in a desk or box, etc. -- meaning email does not count.

Here are my selections for this week’s In the Mail theme.

After assembling the list, I realized that my picks have something else in common – being hidden due to people interfering with letters that belong to other folks or people with secrets. Ah well, here we go!

The Bridges of Madison County

While getting their deceased mother’s affairs in order (no pun intended), two siblings find a series of love letters written to her by a National Geographic photographer.

The Color Purple

Celie finds a ton of letters sent from her sister Nettie in Africa. They were secretly kept by Celie’s abusive husband, who declared that she would never hear from Nettie. Thanks to Shug, Sofia and a newfound sense of confidence, Celie realized that she still has a family who loves her.

The Notebook

Noah wrote Allie 365 letters – every day for a year, but, she didn’t even know because her mother confiscated them. Fortunately, Allie’s mother eventually gave her all of these letters. Unfortunately, they came to light during Allie’s wedding preparations with another guy. Talk about awkward timing!

What movies have YOU seen that feature people sending or receiving letters?


Monday Movie Meme: Struggling to Reconcile

Today’s prompt for the Blog Everyday in May Challenge couldn’t be any more perfect in terms of where I’m at, at this point – getting real. More specifically, Jenni asks to share something that you’re struggling with right now. That’s easy to do, given the fact that I’ve skipped nearly one week’s worth of daily blogging this month.

What’s a gal to do about it? Make it up!

So, the theme for this week’s Monday Movie Meme is based on my plan to play catch-up over the next several days by possibly doubling up on some of Jenni’s prompts: Reconciliation.

Share on your blog or in the comments section, movies featuring people who make attempts to reconcile something that once went well before going awry. This could involve platonic relationships, crime investigations, public and/or personal reputations, etc. so long as there is an attempt to mend that thing. Here are my selections for this week’s Reconciliation theme.*

On the Waterfront

Expect to be harassed, lose loved ones to violence, receive threats and get beat up if you choose to help dismantle the corruption plaguing your entire town, while standing up for your freedom of equal opportunities, in addition to better working conditions. Honesty and courage might get you in trouble and cause you to lose some friends but will eventually work out in your favor, earning you much respect.

The Town

Nothing else says “let me make it up to you” like planting a surprise in the garden tended to by the very person your friends are trying to kill.

What’s Love Got to Do with It?

Want to know what the proper etiquette is for damage control after beating up your wife during a pool party? Just offer her some bedside flowers in hopes that she awakes in pure joy – despite having a bloody nose and swollen facial bruises. Yeah, one dozen roses (or were they carnations? I forget) will surely help smooth things over!

What movies can YOU think of that feature some form of reconciliation – or at least an attempt to reconcile?

*The descriptions of my last two selections are obviously sarcastic.


Monday Movie Meme – Zero Explanation… #wtf

At the typing of today’s post, its Monday, 9:45pm and I am super pissed.

For some reason that I cannot determine at this time (nor have I heard any word back from the service, yet), my profile count of followers and people who I’m following on Twitter is at zero. Since I’m not tweeting on a daily basis, I didn’t know this occurred until this evening while updating my blog. After doing some investigation, it looks like the most recent updates that I received from the people I’m following were from last week – on Thursday! WTF happened over the weekend?!!! Anyway, I would like to issue a public apology to everyone who started following me on Twitter, as well as to those who I’ve followed on that social media platform.

I’m hoping that the Twitter Support team can get to the bottom of this and send me some answers as to why this occurred and the next steps going forward. Now that I’m aggravated, the theme for this week’s Monday Movie Meme will be pushed back to next week, to make room for a more pressing one: Unexplained Events.


Share on your blog or in the comments section, movies featuring strange occurrences that affect people in an either inconvenient or problematic way. Here are my selections for this week’s Unexplained Events theme.

The Forgotten

 Two strangers race to find answers about a crash involving their children, in this psychological thriller starring Julianne Moore and Dominic West. The main characters are met with resistance by people and forces that claim these kids never existed.

The Adjustment Bureau

A politician fights for his freedom in shaping his life after learning that certain aspects of his existence and future is being controlled by a group of strange men in suits. If that wasn’t already an issue in and of itself, these men also claim to answer to some elusive head honcho they refer to as “the Chairman” in this romantic Sci-Fi thriller starring Matt Damon and Anthony Mackie.

The Sixth Sense

Nothing says strange like a little boy who communicates with the spirits of dead people – but that’s what goes down in this mystery thriller starring Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment.

What movies featuring unexplained events have YOU watched?