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Monday Movie Meme - Retail Therapy

I hate shopping for clothes and shoes because it’s difficult to find items that peak my interest and are in my budget. So when I do finally find clothing or footwear that are worth trying on, the store doesn’t have it in my size or worse -- they do but the item still does not fit me.

Sometimes I go home angry, sulking over many failed attempts to complete a good wardrobe, soothing my frustrations with cakes or other pastries but more often than not, I hastily visit other stores that were not on my itinerary and then buy stuff that I may or may not need (shirts, hair products, perfume, etc.) just to feel like I completed something during my trip through retail land.

The theme for this week’s Monday Movie Meme is based on the fact that it takes me longer than many people to find the necessary items to complete a nice outfit: Retail Therapy.

Share on your blog or in the comments section, movies featuring scenes where one of the main characters has an unpleasant shopping experience.

The situation at hand doesn’t have to be limited to interactions between the character and customer service associates.


Just about any and all frustrating shopping circumstances depicted in film are pretty much fair game to mention among your list of selections.

Speaking of selections, here are mine for this week’s Retail Therapy meme.

Maid in Manhattan

Marisa’s quest for stockings to accommodate one of the hotel guests is put on hold as the rude cashier at the checkout counter continues a personal telephone conversation in this romantic comedy starring Jennifer Lopez.



I’m no expert in parenting nor consumer behavior but I’d be willing to bet that, never in a million years, would any father want to be in Bryan Mills’ shoes. The ex-CIA operative-turned-security guard forces a stranger to buy his daughter at an auction organized by human traffickers in this action crime thriller, starring Liam Neeson.

Yes, this particular movie selection is a bit off the beaten path in terms of the merchandise and a willing shopper; it’s still relevant to the subject at hand, nonetheless. The shopping experience depicted in “Taken” is about the most unpleasant of all movies listed here, particularly because no one on either side of the coin wants to participate in such a heinous transaction.

Pretty Woman

The sales associate at a swanky shop in Beverly Hills turns Vivian away while she attempts to find an ensemble that complements Edward’s sophistication, in this romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.

Sex and the City: The Movie

Miranda has a difficult time shopping for a Halloween costume that she can wear to festivities at her son’s school (or whatever...I forget) in this romantic comedy starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon.

Of all the costumes Miranda finds in the store, none are to her liking. Witch or Sexy kitten….those are the only two options we women have these days?!

*Speaking of “Sex and the City: The Movie,” there is another scene in this film that features an unpleasant shopping experience -- Samantha gets pissed off when stiff competition at a jewelry auction forces her to wager much more than she planned to spend on an extravagant accessory item.

What movies where people have unpleasant shopping experiences would YOU add to this list?


Monday Movie Meme - Restroom Antics!

The theme for this week’s Monday Movie Meme is loosely based on my inability to recall many scenes from “Why Did I Get Married,” except for the one in the bathroom where Sheila confronts her (supposedly) friend Tammy. This particular movie was Angela Brown’s (Pursuit of Publishness) selection for the Most Memorable Outbursts theme from two weeks ago, so all props goes to her because it helped me come up with an easy theme for this week: Bathroom Conversations.

Share on your blog or in the comments section, movies featuring scenes where two or more people are in a bathroom, discussing or engaging in matters that have to do with everything else but showering, urinating, bathing, washing of hands or other typical uses of this space. Instead, maybe they’re sharing secret plans to swindle an opponent, maybe they’re trying to get a girlfriend/boyfriend back, or maybe they’re debating with friends about where to stash some stolen goods -- who knows? Whatever it is, it ain’t got nothin’ to do with normal bathroom behavior! Here are my selections for this week’s Bathroom Conversations theme.

Liar Liar

A lawyer named Fletcher (played by Jim Carrey) has a wild bathroom episode to try and get out of his court case after being hit with an honesty “curse,” in this comedy film. “I’m whooping my ass, do you mind?!!!” is one of my most famous lines from the bathroom scene in this movie.

Lean on Me

When Mr. Clark catches a group of delinquents cutting class and trying to smoke in the boys’ bathroom, these students are challenged to perform the Eastside High school song.

Their on-the-spot bathroom performance, however, introduces the principal to a surprising rendition of the school’s alma mater.

Hustle & Flow

DJ enters into a bathroom brawl with a famous rapper after finding out that his dreams of having songs on the radio may not get past the toilet.

What movies have YOU watched that features scenes where the most memorable Bathroom Conversations or interactions are taking place?


Sunday Synopsis – Abyss gets a Home and Customers Want More Netflix

The ABYSS movie website and Festival Limbo

Although it’s still a work in progress at this juncture, I managed to get a website up for my short film, “ABYSS.” It ( contains the synopsis, a list of cast and crew as well as other information related to the movie. Updates to the website will be posted there as they come in and as time permits. I’ve spent the last few weeks submitting the movie to festivals and am now playing the waiting game as I look to find out where and when (and if) “ABYSS” will be premiering as well as when and where it will have additional screenings.

In an attempt to save time, space and maintain whatever good juju may be in the workings for me and/or the movie, I won’t be mentioning any of the specific festivals until I hear from them with regards to the project’s status. I will say, however, that upwards of $309 in submission fees alone was spent on trying to secure a premiere for this movie – and it still needs a poster, exhibition prints and related materials – most of which I am currently working on getting done now, as the submissions efforts have slowed to a halt for the time being.

New Monday Movie Meme Participants…

I’d like to send a special shout out to Michael Hennessy at A Few Minutes with the Hennessys for joining in on our Monday Movie Madness. He has been participating in the Monday Movie Meme (MMM) for a few weeks now and I especially like how he remains active by not only posting his selections on his own blog while linking back to the MMM post for the week but also introducing the meme to his readers and followers in social media. Michael also blogs about books in the Mystery, Sci-Fi and Suspense/Thriller genres, for all of you book worms. Check him out, say hello and welcome him to our regularly scheduled walks down memory lane on the big screen.

Netflix Has DVDs?

A few days ago, a woman who currently subscribes to the Netflix streaming service asked me if they offered DVDs for rental when she noticed a red envelope that I was holding with their logo on it. That seemed a little odd, given that the streaming service wasn’t in play until the last few years or so and the actual physical DVD discs are what made it possible for Netflix to grow their business in the video rental market.

It’s no secret that Netflix has been trying to push customers in the direction of their online streaming service and move them away from the DVDs altogether – but the conversation that I had with the woman who was asking me questions about their DVD offerings seem to indicate that they are leaving money on the table by leaving their customers in the dark (whether this is being done intentionally or unintentionally by the company's marketing/advertising and promotions offerings obviously varies from customer to customer).

When I told her that she could rent DVDs from Netflix and to do so, she would have to add a DVD package to her streaming package, which would increase her monthly subscription fees, she still seemed interested in trying out their DVD service.

One of her only concerns were something that we can all relate to and understand as consumers – is it expensive? My concern, however, is the fact that there are people who really have no idea that DVD rentals are available from Netflix. On top of that, I am concerned about the fact that people like the woman I spoke with – people who are already paying a subscription fee for one service – have to add a separate package if they want DVDs.

I understand the company’s decision to split their streaming and the DVD services into to separate packages, to cater to the needs and interests of customers who only want one or the other – but what about those who want both? Why leave them out hanging to dry; confused, uninformed and/or having to piece together a rental package that fits their viewing interests by working various parts of the whole movie rental puzzle around until they find something that fits?

I am aware that this works in the grand scheme of things since we have a variety of VOD services that could rival most standard cable TV packages – but I’m talking about the services being offered by one company, under one roof. What is the deal with Netflix? Wouldn’t it be helpful if they offered a third service that combined DVDs and streaming, even if that service was limited to, say, one standard package such as 1-2 discs per month plus unlimited streaming?

What are YOU all up to these days?