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Monday Movie Meme - Plan B

As I work to complete a final version of my “Abyss” movie -- one that is suitable for film festival submissions -- the deadlines for (festival) review continue to fly by. Coming up against setbacks such as exporting files that don’t play properly, crossing off potential festivals to submit to and being in a frenzy over the steep learning curves of features within post-production software programs, I find myself having to constantly readjust my end goal for this project. That brings us to the theme of this week’s Monday Movie Meme: Plan B.

Share on your blog or in the comments section, movies where the main characters have to make one or more backup plans. They are in a situation where their first plan is either no longer available or it has become a liability that will put them at risk for undesirable results.

Here are my selections for this week’s Plan B theme.

World War Z

When one man and his wounded guard are abandoned by their private aircraft, they board a commercial flight to remain safe from zombies in this action horror starring Brad Pitt and Matthew Fox. It’s one of those situations where you have no time to compare and contrast alternative options – you have to be quick on your feet or else…it won’t be pretty!


A bank robber makes last minute changes to his itinerary, after believing that his initial getaway plan might be compromised. I recently watched this crime thriller, starring Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Ashley Judd, Val Kilmer and Amy Brenneman, in its entirety and know of few other movies where the characters are so thorough that they can put together a Plan B, C -- and D if necessary -- at a moment’s notice.

Bad Boys II

A detective instructs other members of his squad to “Go to Plan B,” after realizing that he and two other law enforcement agents won’t making it back to an escape tunnel in enough time to ensure everyone’s safety. His decision seems like a good strategy, except for one important factor -- the squad is not aware of any existing Plan B. In fact, one of them asks “Plan B? What the hell is Plan B?”

What movies, featuring characters who need a backup plan, would YOU add to this list?


Monday Movie Meme - Somebody's there but Nobody's Home

Last week was a dud, where my updating of the Monday Movie Meme is concerned. I apologize for the delay; let’s get this thing back in business, shall we?! The theme for this week’s meme is fairly a pretty straightforward -- but challenging (for me, at least) one: Nobody’s Home.

Share on your blog or in the comments section, movies featuring somebody who is brain dead or in a vegetative state.

The person who fits this bill would have to be clinically diagnosed as having little to no brain function. This would likely mean that he or she is also hospitalized, but that does not necessarily have to be the case -- especially in scenes or situations where people are receiving home visits from their doctors, or being assessed out in the field on their state of health, or something like that.

Here is my one selection (Yes, that’s right...I am even having difficulty thinking of more than one movie that fits this topic) for this week’s Nobody’s Home theme.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I am not sure how accurate my selection is, since I didn’t read the book that this movie is based on. There is a scene in the 2011 version starring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara, however, where the Lisabeth character (played by Mara) visits her former Guardian after he had a stroke. She talks to him but he doesn’t respond to her in any way, so if I’m not mistaken, I believe that he was in some sort of vegetative state following his stroke. I’m going out on a limb here with my movie pick this week, so correct me if I’m wrong...

What movies featuring brain dead people, or those in a vegetative state, would YOU add to the list?


Monday Movie Meme - Walking the Walk!

Thanks to all who joined in on last week’s “Sisterhood of the World” celebration! The theme for this week’s Monday Movie Meme is inspired by The Swede, father of Tina Downey at Life is Good. The Swede exceeded his expected time in walking the longest loop in a “Walking the Walk” event for Parkinson’s Disease at one of their local parks.

To many, it might sound like an extraordinary accomplishment but the experience is nothing unusual for a man who spends his time doing what he does best -- living!

Having Parkinson’s does not keep him from participating in activities that he enjoys. The Swede remains an avid hiking and cycling man that you would likely also find skiing cross-country. He is the man behind the theme for this week’s Monday Movie Meme: Walking the Walk!

Share on your blog or in the comments section, movies featuring retirees or seniors who do not let aging and/or illness slow them down. The characters I’m referring to live vibrant lives and stand their ground in ways they believe are justified given their circumstances or position among people around them.

Here are my selections for this week’s Walking the Walk! theme.

The Aquadettes

An elderly woman named Margo takes back her freedom to enjoy life while managing the pain of Multiple Sclerosis in this 10 minute documentary, directed by Drea Cooper.

The use of medicinal marijuana allows Margo to participate in water stunts as a member of her retirement community’s synchronized swimming team.

Stay tuned for an interview with Cooper, to be posted as a part of my upcoming Couch Fest chats series. In the meantime, you can watch "The Aquadettes" movie on YouTube!

The Hangover: Part II

A vow of silence didn’t stop the elderly monk from partying with a group of drunken strangers in Bangkok, in this comedy directed by Todd Phillips. Maybe viewers can use this as a lesson that you don’t have to say much to have a good time.

The a benefit of silence lies in being able to refrain from saying something you might regret. Instead, you just sit back and watch other people make a fool of themselves with their silly -- sometimes unintelligible -- comments.

Throw Mama from the Train

The woman in this comedy movie, helmed by Stu Silver, may be a mean old lady but she holds her own. Momma’s take-no-prisoners approach toward her son Owen and his friend Larry is enabled by the fact that she is always the boss. That is...until she is shaken to her core!

What movies have YOU watched that include retired or elderly people who are still going strong and living life to their fullest?