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Monday Movie Meme – Zero Explanation… #wtf

At the typing of today’s post, its Monday, 9:45pm and I am super pissed.

For some reason that I cannot determine at this time (nor have I heard any word back from the service, yet), my profile count of followers and people who I’m following on Twitter is at zero. Since I’m not tweeting on a daily basis, I didn’t know this occurred until this evening while updating my blog. After doing some investigation, it looks like the most recent updates that I received from the people I’m following were from last week – on Thursday! WTF happened over the weekend?!!! Anyway, I would like to issue a public apology to everyone who started following me on Twitter, as well as to those who I’ve followed on that social media platform.

I’m hoping that the Twitter Support team can get to the bottom of this and send me some answers as to why this occurred and the next steps going forward. Now that I’m aggravated, the theme for this week’s Monday Movie Meme will be pushed back to next week, to make room for a more pressing one: Unexplained Events.


Share on your blog or in the comments section, movies featuring strange occurrences that affect people in an either inconvenient or problematic way. Here are my selections for this week’s Unexplained Events theme.

The Forgotten

 Two strangers race to find answers about a crash involving their children, in this psychological thriller starring Julianne Moore and Dominic West. The main characters are met with resistance by people and forces that claim these kids never existed.

The Adjustment Bureau

A politician fights for his freedom in shaping his life after learning that certain aspects of his existence and future is being controlled by a group of strange men in suits. If that wasn’t already an issue in and of itself, these men also claim to answer to some elusive head honcho they refer to as “the Chairman” in this romantic Sci-Fi thriller starring Matt Damon and Anthony Mackie.

The Sixth Sense

Nothing says strange like a little boy who communicates with the spirits of dead people – but that’s what goes down in this mystery thriller starring Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment.

What movies featuring unexplained events have YOU watched?


Monday Movie Meme - Road Trips on Screen #atozchallenge

The theme for this week’s Monday Movie Meme is inspired by the Post A to Z Road Trip that will kick off on Wednesday, May 8th. For the first time ever, I am Co-hosting this year-long activity with veteran A-to-Z hosts, Tina at Life is Good and Shannon at Warrior Muse, as bloggers join us in visiting the entire list of 2013 A to Z Challenge participants.

So, in honor of our continuing blogathon mania, let’s hit the road with a Monday Movie Meme theme that – like our road trip -- has a pretty flexible speed limit: Are We There Yet?

Share on your blog or in the comments section, movies featuring people who are involved in some type of road trip. The plot of the film itself doesn’t necessarily have to be about a road trip, but there has to be a point in the story where somebody hits the road. Here are my selections for this week’s “Are We There Yet?” theme.

The Puffy Chair

All hell breaks loose when two brothers embark on a road trip to finalize the birthday gift -- that they bought off of eBay – for their dad.

The Open Road

A son takes a road trip with his estranged father, to appease his ill and hospitalized mother. During their sqabbles, a girlfriend gets caught in the middle of some stubborn family dynamics. Justin Timberlake stars in this movie, opposite Ted Danson; and although it makes the list for this week’s meme, I would not want to watch the film again. It's just plain wack. 

Get on the Bus

Cultural and political views clash during a bus trip to Washington for the Million Man March in this historical drama starring Charles Dutton, Ossie Davis and Andre Braugher.

What movies have YOU watched that involve someone going on a road trip?


'You have to Save You!' #atozchallenge #monday #movie #meme

Detective Strode tells Frankie “all you got is you, and you have to save you” during a crucial scene in the action crime drama, “Set It Off” starring Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett, Vivica A. Fox and Kimberly Elise.

It is a defining moment where Frankie’s next decision will cost her dearly no matter which path she takes. What stands out in Strode’s (played by John C. McGinley of “Platoon” and “Alex Cross” films) line is the fact that the responsibility of what happens in their intense situation lies solely on her. Suddenly, this is a tough deck of cards presented to someone used to depending on friends for a way out of dire circumstances.

Frankie’s friends were the most loyal and frank of any she could ever have – the kind who backed her up during bank robberies, got her a janitorial job, provided door-to-door transportation around the city and even supplied enough weed for her to get high on the rooftop after a long days’ work.

They were friends to whom she would teach proper etiquette for formal social settings and be a liaison for conflict resolution if some of her BFFs had a falling out.

Frankie had their back and they had hers – but now – the time has come for this former bank teller to realize that she is the only one with the power to calm the chaos involving her, Strode and the LAPD.  

As much as I hate Detective Strode, for reasons related to other scenes in this movie, he was absolutely right in what he said to Frankie during their last exchange. In fact, I believe it would help if more of us used it as a sorta mantra for getting through tough times or at the very least – be mindful of it when we want to rely on someone else to make things better. I’ve realized Strode’s words to be true on several occasions including one (which is rather unfortunate, but that’s beside the point) when a health issue made it difficult for me to function properly due to severe pain and I lost like ten pounds; It was a battle to try to get a ride to the emergency room or grocery store to get medical assistance and items I needed.

On another, less serious occasion, I tried to get help with a technical issue I was having and the person I was relying on didn’t come through in a timely manner. As a result, I was waiting and waiting until the moment when I realized that I refuse to wait one more minute – and I buckled down, focused on one specific yet very important task at hand – and I eventually fixed that setback myself. Careful observation of other people, their habits and patterns of behavior let me to realize that a lot of men and women need a rude awakening from someone like Detective Strode – especially in the inner city communities.

A lot of adults (and children too…so it’s no wonder how we got like this) wait and rely on other people to supply that vital piece to their puzzle and it’s damaging to one’s growth. Yes, I know it’s hard to take everything on at once and try to fix all of the areas that have gone wrong or are weighing down on your shoulders – but trust me when I tell you that you’ll likely be better for it in the end.

If I would have continued to wait for people at certain times in my life, I would have probably experienced more hours and days lying in bed, hoping and wishing for medicine or soup or tea. If I waited to get help during my technical setbacks, I would have never been able to participate in and Co-Host the A to Z Challenge in the capacity that I am doing so today; But I didn’t wait – I walked more than some people probably would, researched things that some people would pass up for more enjoyable activities, worked in a manner that some probably wouldn’t, paid for things that some people would rather obtain freely and gave up on things that some people don’t believe they could live without.

Some of these things were not fun to do but I learned more in the process, got by with what I could and then when the time and other resources were in line, I made it pass one of my setbacks. It took longer than I desired but it still came through in less time that it would if I had been waiting on someone else. I did it on my own; You can too. We all have the power to steer chaos, setbacks, drama or other troubles in a direction that is most beneficial to us and whatever it is we want from the situation.

I hope you remember that when life gets out of hand and you’re frustrated or lost or sad or angry or hopeless and waiting for family, friends, neighbors, co-workers or strangers to come through but they either can’t or won’t for whatever reason – all you have is YOU…and YOU have to save YOU!

So, the theme for this week’s Monday Movie Meme is plain and simple: The Power of YOU.

Share on your blog or in the comments section, movies featuring people who were able to get themselves out of a sticky situation. It is a broad enough description to encompass any type of circumstance where the main character could use all the help that he or she can get but for some reason it isn’t available. The movie can be fictional or real – short or long – live action, documentary or animation. You get my drift. Let’s go! What say YOU?

The few movies that come to mind right now that truly exhibit the very essence of Detective Strode’s movie line are: “Rabbit Proof Fence,” “Antwone Fisher,” “Men of Honor” and – “Courage Under Fire.”

What movies can YOU think of that feature people saving themselves?