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Wordless Wednesday #4: Genderblind directed by Lanita Joseph #nablopomo #blogher #indiefilm #screenings #lgbt #philly


I just have one question.

What Movie are YOU going to check out this week and/or weekend?

I was going to go check this movie out but my schedule does not permit me to do so, therefore, I plan to watch "Shortbus" or "1408" or "Hostel" but if I'm lucky....maybe I'll get in all three by this time next week!

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Oscar Nominated Cocktails: The Blind Side #nablopomo #blogher #atthemovies

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Here are some Oscar inspired cocktail recipes that I’ve compiled for your drinking and movie-watching pleasure. The cocktails in this post are based on “The Blind Side” starring Sandra Bullock. It was nominated for Best Picture in 2010 while Bullock received a Best Actress nomination for her performance in this film.

"The Blind Side" lost the Oscar to U.S. Army war drama, "The Hurt Locker." You don’t have to be a fan of Bullock, “The Blind Side” -- or the Oscars, for that matter, to make these cocktail drinks but it surely makes for a fun evening of Netflix rentals or Blu-ray DVD enjoyment whether you’ve already seen this movie or not.

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Bombay Blind Side
(from The Nibble)

To make this “Blind Side” cocktail, mix 1½ ounces of gin, ½ ounce of dry vermouth and one splash each of tonic and lemon juice in a martini shaker with some ice. Shake the ingredients up and then pour it into a glass using a strainer.

The Blind Side
(by Jason Adams at Entertainment Weekly)

Combine 2¼ ounces of half-and-half, 1 ounce of Sambuca and ½ ounce of either Baileys or another brand of Irish cream liqueur in a martini shaker filled with ice and then shake this stuff up well. Fill a glass with ice and then pour The Blind Side mixture through a strainer, into the glass. Top this cocktail off with whole coffee beans. Adams says that this is a girl drink, particularly a dessert cocktail for moms to celebrate a good day. I say whatever the case is, it appears to be a winner – even for those who may not like coffee.

So, which one of these Oscar nominated cocktails for “The Blind Side” do YOU plan on drinking at your next movie night?

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Vacation Movies You Wouldn’t Want to Star In #nablopomo #blogher #

Monday Movie Meme

Happy Monday and a week-long holiday off of work for Dale at Smurfin’ the Web! Today is all about vacations, as Dale puts the spotlight on movies that feature one. Here are my selections, based on the fact that vacations don’t always turn out as planned -- something that the woman who was trapped in an Airport for eight days may know all too well.

Funny Games
(the original, 1997 version)

Monday Movie Meme,NaBloPoMo

Two crazy dudes ruin the vacation of a wealthy businessman and his family by invading their cabin and torturing them, as entertainment. If this is what people have to go through to spend sometime away at the lake, then maybe a staycation closer to home is on order!

What About Bob?
Monday Movie Meme,NaBloPoMo

Although he meant well, Bill Murray’s character surely doesn’t understand the meaning of boundaries. Stalking a doctor while he’s out of town, vacationing with his family got Bob some free room and board, dinner, a diving buddy and a television appearance. The same antics he pulled in this movie would get us regular folk booked on harassment charges, and a restraining order, at best.

Couples Retreat

Monday Movie Meme,NaBloPoMo
Basking in the luxuries of a resort on a tropical island seems like bliss for the average person, right? Well, it isn’t so fun if the available activities at this resort are mandatory for guests to participate in. Thismay be the host’s way to bring people together but it can cause some unexpected conflicts between couples who didn’t seem to have any problems whatsoever, until they stepped foot on this island for vacation.

What are YOUR vacation horror stories?

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