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Snapshot Saturdays - My $18 Hunger Games IMAX Movie Ticket #atozchallenge #atoz #saturday #photos  

“I’m everyone, I feel used. I’m everyone, I need you. I’m everyone, hang your label on me. I’m everyone, paint it black and white and easy”

“Spin Spin Sugar” by Sneaker Pimps is a fun song to listen to. I don't know what in the world this song is about, or if it does have a meaning at all but I do enjoy each time Pandora plays it on one of its internet radio stations, nonetheless. The music video doesn’t help to explain things either, since it takes place in a bathroom. Yes, I know what you’re thinking -- odd!

The weekend is here, so today’s A to Z Challenge post is going to be short and sweet. I went to see the “The Hunger Games” a few weeks ago and it wasn’t until after realizing I paid $18 to watch it in IMAX that I started to understand why many parents don’t take their families to the movies very often. 

These days, a night out at the movie theater seems to be a luxury for teenagers with excess cash, single people who are employed, unemployed people who have nothing else to do and childless couples. If a family of four went to see the Hunger Games in IMAX at the same theater I went to, that’s a total of $72 in movie tickets -- before they even think about getting something to snack on or drink. Looking at entertainment options from a parents’ or family's’ perspective -- especially those who are on a budget, movie theaters don’t seem to be very family-friendly.

What was the last movie YOU saw in IMAX at a theater?

How much did YOU pay for that IMAX movie ticket?

Should movie theaters offer discounts to families, like they do with Students and Seniors or are large families better off waiting to rent movies on DVD?

Thanks for reading. If you have extra time, check out yesterday’s Russian Roulette post.

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*This is the first installment of 'Snapshot Saturdays' here at the Madlab Post. It is not to be confused with Snapshot Trivia that takes place on Wordless Wednesdays. Let me know if you like it, if you want to see more or if you’re going to just leave it all up to me.