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Quiet Storms amidst Brad Pitt's Sack of Troy #atozchallenge #atoz #music #movies #games

"...can kill me but they comin' wit me. How about that, send the Queen bee to attack, only a fly b**ch like that can leave em and laugh. Rock 'em to sleep, make 'em think the drama is dead. Yo, I smile up in your face, though I'm plottin' instead."

“Quiet Storm (Remix)” by Mobb Deep featuring Lil’ Kim is a hip-hop song that gets fewer plays on my playlist than many other tunes mentioned in previous A to Z Challenge posts. Still, I find it to be an entertaining track that you kinda have to be in the mood to listen to -- You can rock out to it in a nightclub, at a house party or even bump it in your car.

Since I’m not gangsta, I don’t really read much into the lyrics but I had no idea that this song is from the soundtrack for the crime drama “In Too Deep” starring Omar Epps, Nia Long and LL Cool J. The movie is about an undercover cop who develops a close relationship with a local drug lord whom he is supposed to bust.

I never watched “In Too Deep” but am almost certain that it’s somewhere on my Netflix list. The only quiet storm that comes to mind where movies are concerned is the scene in “Troy” starring Brad Pitt, where the Spartans invaded Troy during the Trojan War. The Spartans were mighty clever with their sneaky little approach to overtaking their enemy, by dressing something up as a gift or friendly gesture of peace. Now, that’s what I call a quiet storm!

Sack of Troy:

So the next time you’re at a birthday party or having guests over for a casual dinner, host an activity based on “Troy” that will bring people together instead of tearing them apart.

Create a matching game where guests in your household have to match the Greeks, Myrmidons and Trojans with the corresponding photos that depict scenes from this movie (*example: Photo of Brad Pitt is accompanied by multiple choice Greeks/Myrmidons/Trojans and each player must circle only one of the three for each actor or character's name on their game sheet), similar to my movie themed baby shower game but maybe more challenging because players in the “Troy” game would have had to pay attention to this movie whenever they watched it.

*If any of you reading this want a visual example of the “Troy” game, let me know and I’ll add one to this post, over the weekend.

Until next time, in the words of the great Achilles.....

"Is there no one else?"

Do YOU think the sack of Troy cruel of the Spartans or simply a case of one side doing whatever it takes to make sure that they are not defeated?

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I guess sacking and slaughter was business as usual back in those times. And actually it seems more logical and practical than bombing the heck out of a country and then paying billions to rebuild like we tend to do in the wars we've been having. Why am I the taxpayer having to pay for that?

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April 20, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterArlee Bird

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