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A Wale inspired Movie Dialogue Game #atozchallenge

“I need something to hold, fuck that passive aggression and when I’m back from off the road, don’t ask me no questions please...girl, let me get them ooh, ahhs, then I gotta catch my plane. Say you miss me and you wishing for some private time, girl how can we get that way”

“That Way” by Wale (also featuring Jeremih and Rick Ross) is one of the most entertaining rap songs that I’ve been listening to for a few months now. I don't know what this song is about or if it is even supposed to have a meaning or inspiration behind it at all. Based on the lyrics and music video, my take on the tune is that it chronicles traveling, sex and cheating.

There aren't many movies that come to mind at the moment that encompasses all three of these subjects, except for maybe "Why Do Fools Fall in Love" starring Larenz Tate and Halle Berry. I can, however, think of another movie that Larenz Tate also headlines -- "Love Jones" that has that whole "Whenever Wherever Whatever" by Maxwell feel to it and just so happens to sorta touch on traveling, sex and cheating within its storyline but still suggests a happy ending.

Nina: How do we do this?

Darius: I don't know.

Nina: I live in New York!

Darius: I don't care.

Nina: As usual, your timing couldn't be worse. You always want what you want when you want it. Why does everything have to be so damn urgent with you?

Darius: Let me tell you something, this right here, at this very moment, is all that matters to me. I love you. That's urgent like a motherfucker.

What does this "Love Jones" dialogue have to do with anything, you ask? Well at the time of this writing, I wrote most of it from memory and despite owning a VHS copy of "Love Jones" (currently collecting dust in my apartment), I haven't watched this movie in at least one year. So, while I may not be entirely accurate with what Nina and Darius said to each other in this particular movie scene, I'm pretty sure that I've come damn close to it. Could YOU do the same? Better yet, challenge guests at your next dinner party to try this quick and easy party game that can be setup with little to no fuss, for fun.

Are you familiar with that Fox TV show called “Don't Forget the Lyrics?” Well, let's play a game of Don't Forget the Movie Lines. Finish the dialogue from the following movies that contain some form of sex, traveling or cheating:

Sex: Bruce Willis in "Perfect Strangers" - Show me a beautiful woman and I'll show you....
Answer:  ______________________________

Traveling: Tom Cruise in “Top Gun” - I feel the need....
Answer: ______________________________

Cheating: Kate Winslet in “Titanic” - I’d rather be his....
Answer: ______________________________

Also, I favor Maxwell's "Whenever Wherever Whatever" song moreso than Wale's track but Maxwell didn't make the cut for today’s post because he was already highlighted in an earlier A to Z Challenge post of mine -- for Letter M: Matrimony & Wedding Movie Party Games.

Can YOU finish any of the Sex/Traveling/Cheating movie lines featured in today's post?


Quiet Storms amidst Brad Pitt's Sack of Troy #atozchallenge #atoz #music #movies #games

"...can kill me but they comin' wit me. How about that, send the Queen bee to attack, only a fly b**ch like that can leave em and laugh. Rock 'em to sleep, make 'em think the drama is dead. Yo, I smile up in your face, though I'm plottin' instead."

“Quiet Storm (Remix)” by Mobb Deep featuring Lil’ Kim is a hip-hop song that gets fewer plays on my playlist than many other tunes mentioned in previous A to Z Challenge posts. Still, I find it to be an entertaining track that you kinda have to be in the mood to listen to -- You can rock out to it in a nightclub, at a house party or even bump it in your car.

Since I’m not gangsta, I don’t really read much into the lyrics but I had no idea that this song is from the soundtrack for the crime drama “In Too Deep” starring Omar Epps, Nia Long and LL Cool J. The movie is about an undercover cop who develops a close relationship with a local drug lord whom he is supposed to bust.

I never watched “In Too Deep” but am almost certain that it’s somewhere on my Netflix list. The only quiet storm that comes to mind where movies are concerned is the scene in “Troy” starring Brad Pitt, where the Spartans invaded Troy during the Trojan War. The Spartans were mighty clever with their sneaky little approach to overtaking their enemy, by dressing something up as a gift or friendly gesture of peace. Now, that’s what I call a quiet storm!

Sack of Troy:

So the next time you’re at a birthday party or having guests over for a casual dinner, host an activity based on “Troy” that will bring people together instead of tearing them apart.

Create a matching game where guests in your household have to match the Greeks, Myrmidons and Trojans with the corresponding photos that depict scenes from this movie (*example: Photo of Brad Pitt is accompanied by multiple choice Greeks/Myrmidons/Trojans and each player must circle only one of the three for each actor or character's name on their game sheet), similar to my movie themed baby shower game but maybe more challenging because players in the “Troy” game would have had to pay attention to this movie whenever they watched it.

*If any of you reading this want a visual example of the “Troy” game, let me know and I’ll add one to this post, over the weekend.

Until next time, in the words of the great Achilles.....

"Is there no one else?"

Do YOU think the sack of Troy cruel of the Spartans or simply a case of one side doing whatever it takes to make sure that they are not defeated?


3 DIY Wedding Movie Party Games #saturday #atozchallenge #atoz #trivia #karaoke


“Maybe you might be more than just a one night lady. Maybe you might be matrimony trying to save me.”

“Matrimony: Maybe You” by Maxwell often delivers the necessarily relaxation that I’m seeking when I listen to this tune. Although it’s not among my top favorite Maxwell songs, I found the track to be appropriate for today’s post as the A to Z Challenge hits Letter M. I like this song for it’s smooth melody but the lyrics could use a little more variety because they tend to get repetitive after about one minute or so. Once the tune starts to play, it’s not unusual to start thinking about weddings, which got me wondering “what’s my favorite wedding movie?”

I don’t think I have one yet but for today, I’ll select “The Best Man” starring Taye Diggs and Nia Long, directed by Malcolm D. Lee. This movie is filled with lots of drama after an advance copy of one of the main characters’ autobiographical book titled Unfinished Business ends up in the wrongs hands.

Controversy and secrets brewing in a wedding party made up of childhood friends began to jeopardize relationships in the hours leading up to the big day. Inspired by the happenings in this romantic comedy-drama film, here are three wedding movie party games that I put together for you to play in celebration of your big day -- or someone else’s if you are in the wedding party or if you are among the happy in-laws.

The Battle of the Wedding Party: Groomsmen vs. Bridesmaids Games: 

1. Host a karaoke game of Groomsmen vs. Bridesmaids teams where each team sings songs from wedding movie soundtracks and the Bride and Groom serve as judges, scoring these performances. The team with the highest score by the judges, wins this game. You could also assemble an alternative judging panel made up of guests in attendance if this wedding movie party game is being played during an engagement party or wedding reception.

2. Host a trivia game where Bridesmaids and Groomsmen have to compete against each other by naming as many movies that contain any variation of "wedding," "marriage," "bride" or "groom" in the title as they can -- within 60 seconds. You can provide each team with notebook paper, posterboard or a large chalkboard to list their answers.

Give the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen one point for each correctly identified movie title that they list on their sheet. The group with the most points wins this movie trivia game. So, to keep in line with these rules, movies about weddings or marriages that do not contain any of the aforementioned words in the title, such as "27 Dresses" and "Fools Rush In" -- even my favorite flick “The Best Man,” perhaps, do not qualify as a point for any of the playing teams.

Just for spontaneous kicks, I’m putting a spin on the 2nd game for the sake of this post and challenge YOU to also name the wedding movie in the following photo -- right here, right now, in the comments section!


Movie Title: ______________________________

3. Host a reverse movie guessing game where both the Bridesmaid and Groomsmen teams perform short scenes from movies about marriage, weddings or relationships and the bride and groom have to guess the name of the movie. The key element here is the guests of honor are playing on behalf of their entire wedding party. So, if the bride guesses correctly, the bridesmaids team wins a point. If the groom guesses correctly, then the groomsmen team wins a point.

You can also mix this 3rd game up by placing the bride with the groomsmen and the groom with the bridesmaids -- but someone has to keep score, so designate a parent, friend or wedding planner to do so. This wedding movie guessing game is suitable to be played during an engagement party, since there are more choices for someone to keep score -- unless the wedding party is large. In cases of large wedding parties or circumstances where outside guests are not available, choose either the Maid of Honor or the Best Man to keep score.

Can YOU name the wedding movie depicted in the photo in this M blog post?

How many movies containing any variation of “wedding,” “bride” or “marriage” can YOU name within 60 seconds? Ready, set, go!

Also, which one of the three games mentioned here would YOU be likely to play if you were getting married or chosen as a member of someone's wedding party?