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Filmmakers can make extra money too with Bloggerwave

I found out about a new company called bloggerwave from a writer that I have been familiar with for some time. She has recommended the company a few times and I am glad that I decided to check it out. Bloggerwave offers the opportunity for regular people to make extra money by writing on fun companies and their services.

Of course, those of us who are making independent films can use this money. Aren't we always fundraising for more cash? There seems to never be enough to rent out theaters and get movie posters printed. Those of you who do not make movies but enjoy them could also benefit from this service. If you have a fansite and blog about your favorite topics, there is chance to make extra money with Bloggerwave. It is an advertising media company that caters to blogs. You may even find out about services or gadgets that you enjoy through Bloggerwave. I am not always satisfied with video. I want film and film stock is not cheap, so hurrah! to this company for providing the chance to get some good film stock! Bloggerwave is one nice place to check out and work with when you want to make extra money.


Craigslist is for Idiots

Photo: idiotboy of Flickr

Craigslist has gone downhill since it started a while ago. An example of the dangers and aggravation that covers this website can be found in recent and older news reports. Just not too long ago, a 24 year-old woman was found dead after answering an ad for a nanny job on Craigslist. Therefore, out of the many idiots on Craigslist, that is not the only group of people swarming this website. Craigslist is also for Psychos, Lazy people and Hookers. Starting today, I am not longer casting for actors or crew members using this public online messageboard. In its earlier days, Craigslist was a very useful resource for those hiring employees, selling merchandise, looking for help and people on the opposite side who were seeking out these services and products. Now, Craigslist is loaded with spammers and garbage.

This is not to say that the website is completely useless.

There are lots of events, training classes and other opportunities that can be found on Craigslist. However, it is more difficult to find them and even more annoying after having to sort through ads with false information and other inappropriate postings. Craigslist does monitor spam and other unnecessary postings to remove them and keep these listings to a minimum. Therefore, the administrators should receive their due credit for that. However, it is not always possible for them to get rid of every single inappropriate posting on a website that lists dozens of items for almost every state in the country. That is where it gets messy for the users who are actually being productive and using Craigslist for normal activity or transactions.

For every normal user, it seems that Craigslist attracts about 20 more users whose only objective is to scam people or even worse, assault them. There is no telling, how many pedophiles, identity thieves and other criminals surf and post on Craigslist….appearing as upstanding citizens who are supposedly conducting business of some sort. That takes me back to the whole casting and hiring issue. There is not enough time worth wasting on Craigslist when it comes to movie productions, events or any other entertainment related projects. First and foremost, a call for actors, crew members or any other assistance on a website that reeks of criminal behavior is not best for the actors or staff that is needed. I would not want an actor that I plan to hire to have to go through posts that look similar to mine, in hopes of them clicking on my listing.

During that time, an actor could easily select to audition for a role in some fake film or apply for a non-existent event that was posted by a person who is interested in stealing money from someone or having sexual relations with whoever responds to the add. I am not in the business of luring aspiring actors with fake information and empty promises. Secondly, I have realized that Craigslist is not the best place to find great actors. Granted, quality talent and assistants can be found through Craigslist. That still does not always apply for every listing.

Since the public uses this website, it is not unlikely for a random citizen to send his or her high school photo in hopes of landing a role on the next film or TV show pilot. This is not only aggravating, it is a waste of time for those looking for professional actors who at least have some idea of what needs to be done. Therefore, I plan on staying with the tried and true media outlets and networks where quality talent can be found. Furthermore, I’ll save the spam and other crap for the Craigslist fiends. It may appear that this is all about actors and talent. If that is so and you are reading this, let’s step out of that area for a moment.

Forget about making movies or hosting a party now. It does not matter if you need help to move from one house to another or if you are purchasing or selling a Flat Screen TV. Craigslist does not bring in quality leads, prospects or friends as much as it sends criminals and lowlifes your way.

Do you agree that Craigslist is for idiots (and other lowlife people)?
Leave your comments below.
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STOP posting "The Secrets of Making Money in the Stock Market" in online Film Groups

The time has come to put spammers and certain film groups on blast. I have joined a few film groups with the anticipation of getting news on screenings, film festivals and other fun information related to my field. However, some of these online film groups are being filled with spam. This is exactly why filmmakers and actors can be skeptical of joining online groups like Yahoo Groups, Google Groups, Myspace Groups or any other collective online community. This is beyond annoying as members endure a combined posting list of stock market tips, Sexual enhancement pills and other irrelevant services, products and information.

Stock market information has no place on a filmmaking message board. I am not interested in naming names, but this does not make filmmakers want to join online groups or even participate in forums, message boards or anything that is supposed to be focused on filmmaking news. When actors and filmmakers go to the current listings on a messageboard or group website, they are susually looking for information that can assist them with furthering their career OR supporting fellow members and other talent. It all comes down to the act of proper moderation, which seems to be lacking for some online film groups. I have a recommendation....GET IT TOGETHER! Or else, just close the friggin' group because no serious filmmaker or actor is going to be interested in The Secrets of Making Money in the Stock Market or anything of that nature.

If they were, they would have joined a Stock Market or Financial Group instead of your filmmaking group. If you need more assistance, try and implement the helpful tips in FREE Advice for Yahoo Group Moderators. It can be useful for ALL online groups and group moderators, not just Yahoo Group moderators.

Are you a member of an online group on Google, Myspace, Facebook, Blackplanet, Yahoo or another online community?
If so, tell us some stories about your experiences with Spam in the group by leaving your comments below.

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