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Pimp my Flash Drive all day!

Talk about the ultimate customization for storing media files and documents. Not only can you have storage on-the-go, but I found out that now you can even get Personalized Flash Drives to use or give as cool holiday gifts. This is sweet!

A friend and working associate hipped me to the whole flash drive deal in recent years while I was trying to complete a short movie. If you do not know about flash drives, they are small portable storage devices that allow you to save photos, documents, music files, videos and more while being able to use them on any computer with a USB port. These little gadgets come in handy, especially for saving music, photos and small video files. The ones that I have seen up until now were either black, silver or a combination of the two. Now, you can get flash drives/thumb drives in more colors like red, blue, pink, you name it.

That is not the only fun part about these new storage gadgets. The same items can be personalized with an engraving of your choice. If I liked more people, I would given tons of these out as holiday gifts with the phrase "Happy Holidays: Watch my Movies!", but I just may get one for myself and a relative. I like the fact that you can get these flash drives/thumb drives engraved to say anything you want or even get fun graphics or logos on them. Pexagon Tech has these cool babies with no setup fees and quick processing time in 3 days or less. That is something that I can really get behind, especially since the ones at this place are way more affordable than other shops and the flash drives/thumb drives that they carry have lots of storage space.


Sex and the City Movie Madness

I'm tired and cranky, but needed to blog something anyway. Sex and The City: The Movie is the chosen topic for the day. There has been lots of talk about the storyline and what will happen....

Some of the more popular stories include Charlotte(played by Kristin Davis)finally getting pregnant and having a baby. There is also lots of buzz around Jennifer Hudson, who will be playing Carrie's(Sarah Jessica Parker) fashionable assistant. Also, Hollywood actress Kristin Davis has reportedly voiced concerns about the paparazzi leaking too much information vis-à-vis this Sex and the City Movie and it's plot. Numerous photos have been captured and posted by the media, giving fans of the hit HBO series a glimpse into Sex and The City: The Movie. This sneak peak may be too much.

I'm all in support of this Sex and the City frenzy that people have been in. There are so many unanswered questions that could be concluded in the Sex and The City Movie. However, my only concern is what goes on with Mr. Big(Chris Noth) and Carrie. He came in again at the right time, when her fairytale relationship imploded in Paris. Now what? That is what I would like to know, which may be the reason to pay $9for a movie ticket when Sex and the City: The Movie is released next year.

The photo in this blog post reflects a favorite of many fans of Sex in the City, myself included. A New York gal and her New York man, together and happy at last. I had to post it, maybe because Carrie's dress is nice or maybe it was because of her fun looking handbag. No matter what influenced the impulse to post this photo from Sex and the City: The Movie, it is a great picture. The shoes do not seem to be that fabulous, but maybe they look better up close.

Great couples photos are not always easy to come by. There is always one of the two looking awkward. Yet, this one picture from Sex and the City: The Movie works on so many levels, but maybe you will have to had seen at least some of the TV episodes to understand. As much as I tend to be a hater on many photos that include a man and a woman, this image is a classic representation of one particular storyline from Sex and the City and could even pass as an awsome couples photo if these two were together in real life.

Sex and the City: The Movie is scheduled to be released in May 2008.

Will you go to see this movie?
Why or why not?
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David Beckham Pictures show King Dong of November 2007

He married a Spice Girl and moved to the USA.
David Beckham is one hot guy, chosen as King today.
Known mostly for playing professional soccer and
hanging out with A-list Hollywood stars….
this athlete is fit, handsome and will go very far.

His debut acting career has begun
with a movie to be released in 2008.
The title may not be easy to pronounce.
Still, that is ok.
So long as “Becks” is front and center on screen,
the movie theater admission price will be worth it
on that day.
David Beckham……
the Althlete, the actor, the King.
He is “The” star to pay attention to
with a body that makes you just want to sing!

Do you like David Beckham?
Leave your comments below.

*King Dong compiled by Chellbee and Nicole A.

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