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A Q&A on Fear from Ricki Lake #nablopomo #blogher

NaBloPoMo,Helpful Reading and Research

Join me in answering today’s NaBloPoMo Prompt:

I was terrified to go on DWTS (that’s “Dancing with the Stars,” for those who don’t watch reality TV), but facing my fear and overcoming it has been an incredible experience. Have you faced fears and overcome them?
(Guest Post by Ricki Lake)

Yes, I have faced several fears and overcame most of them while still working on the others. I was afraid of continuing my art education after abandoning the practice for so many years and after overcoming that particular fear, I’ve been reminded of how truly liberating visual arts can be for the mind and spirit. I also used to be afraid of cats...until I got one. Boy, did I overcome that one really quick!

What fears have YOU overcome?

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Did you Know these 3 Things about Jason Statham? #nablopomo #blogher #atthemovies

King Dong,NaBloPoMo,Actors

Did you know that a stuntman who was working on “The Expendables 2” starring Jason Statham and Bruce Willis, etc. died from an explosion while they were shooting this movie in Bulgaria?

Yep. Another stuntman was also hospitalized for injuries he suffered from the same explosion.

Did you know that Jason Statham may help Michael Bay extend the “Transformers” film franchise?

According to Screencrave, Statham will be taking a lead role in the fourth and fifth installments of “Transformers,” since Shia Labeouf has had enough of heading up this action series. However, MTV says it’s just a rumor since no offer has been made to “The Transporter” actor. I guess we’ll have have to wait to learn how all of this pans out.

Did you know that Jason Statham does not seem to be an advocate for any one specific charitable cause?

He did however, sign a “Killer Elite” movie poster for The Autograph Store in September. This poster is among many other items that The Autograph Store offers in silent auctions to raise money for several of their partner charities, including the Susan G. Komen for the Cure, United Way, National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Animal Humane Society. The charity fundraising company must either be doing a good job or have a special place in Statham's heart, because he also signed a movie poster for them back in January while promoting "The Mechanic."

So, would YOU watch another “Transformers” sequel if Jason Statham revamped the franchise?
Just curious!

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Flashback Friday #6 with Black and White Film, Documentaries, oh my! #nablopomo #blogher

nablopomo,guest posts,guest bloggers

Last week, I introduced you all to some guest posts that I wrote this year for other blogs. Today, you are all welcome to join me in taking a look back at some guest posts that other peeps wrote for this blog. Here we go!

Black and White Movies....why Not?

Anyes at Far Away in the Sunshine was kind enough to share not only why she loves black and white movies so much, but also which films were the favorites in this genre. I remember not being in the best of places that month and am grateful to have met Aynes, who is such a joy to host as a guest blogger. She brought the sunshine to my world that week! -- in black and white, go figure.

Favorite Documentaries that Made Me a Better Writer

Who knew that you could improve your writing by watching movies?! Well, Rashida at Books, Bass and Beauty explains how documentaries help her with character development being authentic and more. I had no idea that one of the documentaries on her list was one that I watched on Netflix some time ago and didn't love it...but, didn't hate it either. That goes to show how a movie that doesn't really move one person (me) may still move another (her), so never count a title out until you've watched it for yourself because you just may find it to be among one of your favorites.

The Flashback Friday series was inspired by Tara’s “Fake It Friday!” at Two Hands and a Roadmap.

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