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Quotes from Music Tribute Movies to Inspire us All

'Q' is for "Quotes" for this A to Z Challenge post, specifically movie quotes and how they can inspire anyone at any age. While you do not have to watch movies to benefit from the positive impact that good movie quotes can have on your life, some motion pictures are worth viewing multiple times to seek out key moments to reflect on after those end credits start rolling on the television or theater screen. Here are three movies containing movie quotes with ability to transcend time, space and culture.....just like the music that these films are based on.

“Always remember your promise to me. Never let nobody or nothing turn you into no cripple.

Watching Ray starring Jamie Foxx made me look at singer Ray Charles differently. While talented, he seemed to have had a troubled personal life and still managed to become one of the music industry’s most legendary singers and pianists. I remember watching him perform in those Pepsi commercials on TV when I was a kid but never really pay attention to his music until the movie was released. The “Ray” quote is particularly inspiring because its meaning can be subject to interpretation.

Ray’s mother wanted to stress the importance of her son standing on his own two feet. However, this quote can also go further to inspire us to not let other people or circumstances get us down. No one or circumstance should have such a negative impact on you allow yourself to be placed in a state of sorrow, fear, self-pity, anger and/or hatred. Such negativity will likely only make matters worse and it costs too much energy, when the same amount of energy can be spent on improving ourselves, our feelings, our habits and/or our circumstances. The “Ray” quote can also inspire us to make sure that we do not allow anything or anyone to get in our way of becoming the best that we can be in life, whether personally or professionally.

What’s Love Got to Do with It
“You Can’t Keep Hiding Black Eyes”

During my childhood, I liked many of the Tina Turner songs that relatives played or sang around the house. It was exciting to be able to go see this movie in the theater when it came out, for what appeared to be a reward for my honor society achievements. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you view it), I did not get to watch the entire movie because my aunt made me cover my eyes on certain parts. Of course, when I got older and obtained a job, “What’s Love Got to Do with It” was among the many titles added to my movie collection.

Having now watched the film in it’s entirety, I’ve come to appreciate Tina Turner more as an international superstar and also appreciate Angela Bassett more because she played the hell out of her role in this movie. The “What’s Love Got to Do with It” quote inspires us to realize that sugarcoating our problems will not change them. Problems can only be fixed when they are addressed directly when, and only when we choose to fix them. Putting a band-aid on some problems will not make them any better, so it is important to find solutions to our troubles that bring positive changes instead of ignoring problems like they don’t exist or worse....denying that there even is a problem in the first place.

Walk the Line
Record Company Executive: “What’s with all of the black, it looks like you’re going to a funeral"
Johnny Cash (played by Joaquin Phoenix): “maybe I am”

Prior to watching this movie, I had no interest in Johnny Cash or his music whatsoever. I knew that he was a famous musician but that was the extent of my knowledge about him.
The “Walk the Line” quote is inspirational because it challenges us to be courageous in the pursuit of goals that we believe in or are passionate about, even when others around us are critical or judgemental. He risked being persecuted for performing his new music at a prison, knowing that this decision would not come without backlash from the outside community, especially his religious fans.

The possibility of Johnny Cash’s performance at the prison not being received well was very prevalent but this did not stop him.....he went and performed anyway, on his own terms. Many of these important lessons can be learned from Walk the Line, because great accomplishments can be made if we make sure not to worry too much about how other people may react to what we choose to do in our lives.

The next movie I plan on watching is “I’m Not There,” based on singer Bob Dylan. If there are any movie quotes that are of interest in this film, I plan on adding at least one of them to this list.

This post is dedicated to Alana over at Writercize

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Priceless Deeds and the Creative Blog Award

Today is all about Priceless Deeds for the letter ‘P.’ During the A to Z challenge, I’ve met some of the kindest and most inspiring bloggers around the world. Deirdra of A Storybook World is one of those bloggers. She gave me the “Creative Blog Award” earlier this month on April 8th and I would like to take this time to thank her for the award.
Blog Awards
Allow me to also share a quote from my daily calendar that pretty much sums up the meaning of offering good deeds that impact others in a positive way. The most sincere gestures are those that money cannot buy, making them priceless symbols of human nature at its best.

Kind hearts are the garden, kind thoughts are the roots, kind words are the blossoms, kind deeds are the fruit - John Ruskin

Here are four priceless deeds that are worth practicing everyday or every time that opportunities to do something nice for others present themselves:

1. Send a greeting card to someone for no reason other than just to say hello. There are lots of “Thinking of You” cards that could brighten someone’s day.

2. Smile at someone to offer a gesture of positive thinking. A simple smile can bring pleasure, even in the toughest moments.

3. Compliment someone to offer encouragement. A simple compliment can reduce or eliminate self-doubt in professional, personal and social settings. Saying “yes, you can” to someone may be just the boost that they need to keep on moving in a society where there is no shortage of naysayers.

4. Hug someone or kiss someone; if you (or the intended recipient) are not into mushy actions, then offer simpler physical deeds to someone such as agreeing to carry luggage, shovel snow, wash dishes, give a ride to the doctor’s office or repair an appliance.

What was the last priceless deed that someone did for YOU?
Did YOU pay it forward by offering a priceless deed to someone else?

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Pay It Forward with Style, Grace and a Movie

Coming Soon,

Awards,A to Z Challenge

The Stylish Blogger Award starring The Madlab Post, given by Blue Velvet Vincent (on Friday, April 15, 2011) with a special guest appearance by The Stylish Dozen of April's A to Z Challenge.

From Blue Velvet Vincent - To accept the award, you have to do the following:
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 10-15 blogs who you think deserve this award.
4. Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award.

I would like to thank the *ahem* Academy *ahem* a.k.a Blue Velvet Vincent for giving the Stylish Blogger Award to the Madlab Post. I am truly honored to receive this award and would also like to accept it on behalf of all of my readers and fellow Vincent D'Onofrio fans who keep this blog active as he continues to reign as King Dong of April 2011.

All About Me:

1. I used to draw a lot as a kid, was pretty good at it and studied art in high school. While I enjoyed art, I decided to major in film and video production after graduation because I didn't believe that there was a future in fine art. I thought to myself "Artists only make money when they're dead....I want my money now, not later...hmm, Steven Speilberg has money....I know...I'll be a movie director!" I later realized that filmmaking is not the best route for people who want to make money either, so here I am between art and film....trying to figure it all out as I go.

2. When I didn't draw as a kid, I wrote short stories and poetry. I wasn't much of an outdoors type of kid so the typical skateboarding or bicycle riding activities did not interest me. By the age of 15, I had written a full-length screenplay for a feature film.

3. The very first short movie that I made after graduation won an award at one of the domestic film festivals and also got a nice review, which was exciting because it was my first time being in a newspaper....and an out-of-town one at that.

4. I was a high school cheerleader and wish I could go back and repeat it because it was pretty fun. I used to be interested in professional cheerleading until I learned that the NFL, NBA, etc. cheerleaders barely make squat.

5. I'm not a huge sports fan but do watch the Super Bowl and NBA Finals. I figure, there's no reason to waste time watching dozens of games during the season because the teams that matter will be the ones that make it to the championships, so I watch whoever shows up and support one of the teams, depending on whether I like them or not.

6. I designed my own senior prom dress and had it custom made. Today, I wish that I had just picked a dress off of a department store rack to wear.

7. I am currently in development on a television series that will likely air on local public broadcasting station in the northeastern part of the country this summer but it will also be available on YouTube.

The Madlab Post would also like to Pay It Forward by passing this award on to the following A to Z Challenge bloggers who all make up what I call "The Stylish Dozen," in my opinion:

Writercizing is taking the time several times a week to practice the craft of writing through simple exercises.

Random Thoughts
Random writings on the random thoughts of a mother, wife, former elementary teacher and writer.

I've dabbled in poetry and short stories ever since. Now I'm ready to take the next step and see my babies published.

The Non-Review
Satirical critiques of everything from movies to marshmallows.

Reading is Fashionable
Our daily lives revolve around READING in some FASHION or another.

Food and Fond Memories
Hurricane Wilma forced the family into early retirement. I now spend my time making 18K gold jewelry, blogging and writing a cookbook and memoirs.

Inspired by Lisa
I am an aspiring photographer and writer. Striving to improve my skills and have an outlet to share some of my work.

Life, Love and the Pursuit of Publication
Reflections of a creative chica who's hoping to become published.

Little Red Henry
About her: I draw because I can.

Reach for the Sky
A Scorpio who loves life and believe the best is yet to come.

The Write Soil
A blog to practice writing, learn more about the craft and have fun in the process.

The Writer's Cocoon
An author, mom and wife trying to balance it all

I will also publish a future post with a quick blurb on why I selected these particular blogs for the Stylish Blogger Award, to give each blogger some more detailed recognition.

***Pay It Forward in Style: The Stylish Blogger Award video will be released this week, no later than Friday, April 22, 2011 sometime soon. I'm getting swamped with tasks and it's going to take a little longer than expected.

Stay tuned for your regularly scheduled program at the Madlab Post!

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