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Flashback Friday #4: Leonardo DiCaprio Edition with King Dong Nominations #NaBloPoMo

Happy Friday everyone!

King Dong,NaBloPoMo

Since June 2011, actor Leonardo DiCaprio has held the King Dong throne at this blog and we need to vote for a new one that will reign during August.....unless some of you want to give Leo a triple crown. Therefore, nominations for a new king dong that will take Leonardo DiCaprio’s place next month are welcome between today and next Friday. Nominate a male celebrity who has worked in the film and/or television industry and should be given a spotlight on this blog.

Here are the current nominations for August. They are in no particular order, so those reading this post are welcome to either vote on the men listed here or add a new name to the competition.
1. Ron Weasley (played by Rupert Grint)
This is my nomination for August since the Harry Potter series ends this summer and also because Ron Weasly is the best character least of the three magical kids in Harry Potter land!

2. Ryan Gosling
He gets a nomination because he is a favorite of readers of this blog such as Amanda, PLUS, also because his performances in movies about relationships are so different from each other that he can fit well in almost any boyfriend or husband role....whether the role is a romantic one or an unfortunate one.

3. Ben Affleck
Affleck gets a nomination, based on “The Town” and his ability to perform well both in front of and behind the camera.

Until we select a King Dong for August, feel free to flashback to the Leonardo DiCaprio days of summer this year:

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The Day of Leonardo DiCaprio

Polls (read: the comments section) are open, now let the voting begin!

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A 31 Day July Challenge Winding Down #NaBloPoMo #HeckYeah #blogging

Just as we seem to be in the thick of the summer season, back-to-school sales are starting to pop up. So, you know this is quite the tell tale sign of the end of July and the hint of August creeping up on us but the month is not over just yet. Here are most of the remaining questions from Heck Yeah’s 31 Day July Challenge. I’m answering the last two next week in a final lap of this summer blogging race to write everyday.

23. What time do you usually wake up?
Sometime between 9:30am and never (because I didn’t go to sleep) when I have trouble sleeping, which is often. Other times, I wake up around 6:30ish since the bright summer sun is usually shining all bright through the windows..

24. How often do you meet new people?
I meet new people almost everyday. Just last week, I met the programming director (or manager) of a local public access cable TV station, along with some media producers and local community activists.

25. Do you have a job? If so, how is working during summer going for you?
Yes, working during the summer is going a little slow on my freelance gigs this year but has also become quite hectic as I try to mix work with recreation with little time to relax.

26. What’s your favorite lazy day activity?
My favorite lazy day activity is watching a DVD movie marathon in pajamas between long naps.

27. Are you taking summer classes? How are they?
No, I am not taking any summer classes. The editing workshop that I wanted to attend has passed and there won’t be another one available until late Fall.

28. Are you a fan of summer storms?
No, I am not a fan of summer storms (Who do y’all think I am, Jo from “Twister” ?) .....unless they break the heat significantly and this seems to only happen at night.

29. Have you had any summer romances yet?
Well, no, not particularly, but I probably wouldn’t answer this question if I did have any summer romances this year. As Janet Jackson’s character Justice once said in a John Singleton movie, “You’re getting too damn personal.” I’m only kidding with the movie quote but still wouldn’t be likely to mention a romance though!

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3 Reasons to Attend Film Festivals #NaBloPoMo #IndieFilm

Reason #1: Early Birds Get the Worms....or First Viewings
Much like midnight movie showings for new releases, film festivals can give you an advantage of being able to watch new movies first before the rest of the country gets to see it.....or at least everyone else that you know does. Independent films that are backed by a studio or distributor often screen at film festivals before they get released in theaters. Think this is rare? Guess again.

In January, one of my relatives asked me to go see Tanya Hamilton’s “Night Catches Us” starring Kerry Washington (Ray; Last King of Scotland) and Anthony Mackie (The Adjustment Bureau; She Hate Me) to which I declined. Why? Well, because I already saw “Night Catched Us” like way back in October 2010 when it was playing at the 19th annual Philadelphia Film Festival.

Reason #2: Broaden your Movie Viewing Experiences
If asked, the average movie goer will probably not be able to name five foreign films ….real foreign the very least, movies that do not star well known talents such as Bruce Lee and Jet Li nor were directed by Ang Lee. This is because the average movie goer may not be interested in reading subtitles to comprehend what is taking place in a scene or may not consider foreign films to be entertaining. Or, maybe average movie goers just does not have access to foreign films nor is aware of what is available in this category and they don’t know what they are missing.

No matter what factor applies, film festivals provide an opportunity for movie fans to learn about other cultures through film expression and also come to appreciate the differences in what filmmakers from around the world have to offer.

Reason #3: Be in a Movie
Have you ever wanted to be in a movie but didn’t pursue it because you don’t have any acting experience or life got in the way or your family and friends told you it was impossible, etc. ? Do you have acting experience and want to be in another movie to keep this acting thing going or to maybe play a different kind of character than you’re used to portraying? No matter which side of the acting spectrum you come from, film festivals make it easier than ever for you to get a chance (or several, depending on the festival you go to) to be in a movie......probably without even auditioning and sending in head shots.

It works like this: You go to a film festival and attend screenings or events where the filmmakers are also making an appearance. At this point, introduce yourself or casually strike up a conversation with everybody because you never know who is and who isn’t in a position to recommend you for a role in a film. Therefore, it may work to your benefit to talk up the whole crowd, especially at festivals in small towns and such because other actors, crew members and producers are good to meet even if you are never able to meet the filmmakers.

If no one offers an acting job to you during the festival and you don’t pursue one, all is not lost. Contact the filmmaker, producer, casting director, etc. that you wanted to work with and say something like “Hi, it’s me. We met at such and such festival back in whatever. What are you working on now and can you consider me for a role in your new movie?” It helps to have a reel of previous work or website or something that can show the casting person what you can do for him/her.

Oh, and don’t say “me,” say whatever your name is and call the festival by name when contacting someone whose film you want to be in.

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