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Black and White movies...why not?

This guest post is from Anyes of Far away in the Sunshine who is a fellow WordCount Blogathon participant. You can also read my guest post on her blog.

The attraction I still have for Black and White movies started early on, while I was watching the late Friday nights flicks every week in my living room. Those magic moments marked the beginning of my love affair with the whole genre. As everyone was asleep and the whole house had fallen into a quiet slumber, a different atmosphere could be felt all around. I order to better my English, I remember watching mostly American B&W movies, in VO (original Version) with French subtitles.

They were showing me a world, I had never dreamed of. I was about 14 years old at the time and my impressionable mind absorbed all of those wonderful images. This foreign language was music to my ears, those landscapes I had never seen made me curious and eager to know more. The actors and actresses were all surrounded with the glow of my teenage admiration.

A movie like Suspicion, where the handsome Cary Grant made me wonder if he was as bad as his co star Joan Fontaine suspected was the kind I really enjoyed. Alfred Hitchcock's quiet understated movies were always so full of suspense. This particular capacity of his to take an ordinary situation and turn it into a frightful scenario, was simply irresistible to me. Looking past the fancy decor and the well chosen words of the dialog, I could see a whole different window into a world I wanted to be part of.

Another one of my all time favourite is Bringing Up Baby this time with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn.  Every scene of this classic movie, was an excuse for a comic repartee from either actors or some physical comedy that left me crying out of laughter. I really enjoyed watching the interaction between the two actors and having a big adolescent crush on Cary Grant made the whole experience even more enjoyable.

Having fairly young children, I have made a point to try and share my love for those old fashioned movies signs of different times. I feel very lucky that both my children still come and sit with me when one of my old favourite is showing on TCM, and get to spend a bit of time into a different world, one I used to cherish in my younger years.

What is your favourite Black and white movie?


Farming on Film

Farming is a subject that I am unfamiliar with, making this week’s Monday Movie Meme quite a challenge. The Bumbles says to share “set on a farm, focus on farmers or reference farming in some way” today and I’m at quite a loss to recall much of any films that fit the bill. Here are movies that highlight farming in one way or another.


WordCount Blogathon,Monday Movie Meme

I wanted to see this movie so badly when it was released but never had the chance to because as a teenager, I didn’t have the money or resources to get the the theater and the adults around me would not support my interest in this recreational past time. The closest theater to where I lived was not exactly one that my family preferred to visit. Thanks to the movie meme making me put on my thinking cap, I now plan to rent this movie. So what if I’m an adult now!

Uncle Tom’s Cabin

WordCount Blogathon,Monday Movie Meme

I saw this movie on a bus during a trip when I was younger and do not remember which versions this was among of the many film adaptations of the book. However, it fits this week’s theme since the story involves a farmer who sold two slaves to cover his debt.

I would add this movie to my collection, if only I knew which one was shown on the bus. Maybe it was the TV movie version starring Phylicia Rashad and Avery Brooks but I’m not so sure but the fact that this movie has both silent and sound versions should help to narrow down a search if I were to shop around for it on DVD. Hmmm. I’ll have to ask one of my grandparents about this, in hopes that some answers can come of it.

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5 Minutes in Johnny Depp Land

Word games can fight boredom, laziness and moments of being unmotivated to write. I found this out last weekend after timing myself to find out how many words I could come up with from Johnny Depp's name.

After five minutes past, it was interesting to notice that I found 10 words that could be made from his name but writing a post that consists of nothing else but a list of words would be rather corny, so here are some Johnny Depp related facts to go along with a five minute word list based on this actor. I'll add more information throughout the week if I find any of relevance to this post.

Where box office sales are concerned, the Johnny Depp voiced animated film "Rango" beat the bunny favorite "Hop" that was released around the Easter holiday this year.

After dying her hair to land a small role as an extra in Johnny Depp's gangster film "Public Enemies," actress Cary Mulligan now regrets doing so because she says that the chemicals damaged her hair so much that she had to cut her tresses off.


The actor's real name is John Christopher, which I did not know but I'm sure his diehard fans already knew. His son is named John Christopher III but they call him "Jack"

Johnny Depp is among those listed in Pop Eater's "Best Fake British Accents" for role in "Pirates of the Caribbean."

The My Little Pony company released a toy based on Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" movie.

In a 2009 Seventeen magazine interview, singer Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers mentioned an interest in an acting career in movies while also citing Johnny Depp as his role model.

Earlier this month, Johnny Depp was at Disneyland, where fans paid $1,000 to attend the premiere of "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" during an event that the L.A. Times called a "pop culture pep rally" complete with a concert, dinner, other live performances and a chance to meet some of the cast.....including our May King Dong himself!



Seven down, three to go!

If you have something to match this word list, feel free to add it in your comments.

This post is dedicated to Alana of Writercize.

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