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"Stick Me," says the Monday Movie Meme!


It looks like February is not shaping up to be one of my best months. First, I lose all my data on my iPod last week and today (more like an hour and some change ago), I lost the actual device in a New York the worse time ever! Anyway, this week during the Monday Movie Meme, Dale at Smurfin’ the Web put the focus on movies that revolve around the use of needles or injections. With only about 20 minutes to spare with Internet access before I have to run out and try to find a cell phone store that sells chargers, here are my selections for films in some kind of injection mode.

Angelina Jolie plays the lead character in this made-for-television biopic about the famous model Gia Carangi who became addicted to drugs. In this film, Gia goes from using cocaine to shooting up heroine and later gets HIV from an infected needle.As to be expected, the scenes in the movie are gross and sad as the story progresses. I much prefer the beginning to maybe early middle of the movie, during her fashion shows and magazine cover days.

While the movie may be centered on music, it also does tell a story about the famed musician’s dark side, which includes his drug abuse. I recall the bathroom (or was it a bedroom or hotel room? I forget that detail) scene where one of his background singers found him prepping for his routine shoot-up of heroine (...or something).

I mean, do we really need to even mention “Requiem for a Dream” here? I think not, since it would be an obvious choice on everyone’s list. It’s the first movie that came to mind this morning, when Dale chose the needles and injections topic.

I’ve watched some drug smuggling movies but many of them involved pills such as “Bad Boys II” and “Minority Report” while other movies that I saw at least once involved cocaine use such as “New Jack City.”


Denzel Washington Wins Golden Camera Award in Germany #movies #Europe #safehouse

Denzel Washington Wins Golden Camera Award

Congratulations to actor Denzel Washington, who just won the Golden Camera Award for “Best International Actor.” The award ceremony was held in Berlin, yesterday, and gives us another reminder of how Washington’s body of work is as much, if not more valued overseas as it is here in the United States.

The Golden Camera is the most prestigious film award in Germany, according to The Washington Post. Denzel Washington’s honor as the Best International Actor also comes at a fitting time since he is now the successor to Ron Weasley on the King Dong throne for the month of February.

Here is what the Golden Camera Award’s panel of judges had to say about the fine actor:

“Denzel Washington is an exceptionally expressive actor. He exudes natural authority and is therefore so credible in his roles as a leader. He often presents an intact system of values to the audience, and in doing so, becomes a model and archetype of ethical principles. At the same time, his extraordinary versatility enables him to master a wide range of roles. This versatility can be admired in his current production "Safe House", where he plays a fugitive criminal.”

What a way for Washington to start off his 2012 February King Dong month with a bang!

Denzel Washington also stars in the upcoming movie “Safe House,” opposite Ryan Reynolds, which is due to hit theaters on February 10th.

Do YOU agree that Denzel Washington has international appeal?

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Dude, Where’s My Photos, Videos and Related Media? #movies #amblogging


Welcome to the latest edition of the Monday Movie Meme, hosted by yours truly. Last week, Dale at Smurfin the Web had us discussing movies that won an Oscar for Best Picture during his time to host, which was a fun way to take notice of the 2012 awards season that is upon us.

I’m not going to lie, this week is starting off on a pretty sour note for me, as I just lost everything....I mean, EVERYTHING including media and notes with work for my job and upcoming blog posts that I planned on publishing, including four guest posts for a fellow blogger. After being on the phone with Apple for longer than expecting and being told that I’m at a loss and there is no way to get my content and media back, I have no energy nor patience to write another extensive post like the one on Rupert Grint's $50 socks that I did over the weekend. Needless to say, the topic for this week’s meme is: Lost and Found.

Share on your blog movies about people trying to retrieve something or someone that they once had. Remember to visit fellow Monday Movie Meme participants and leave a comment with your thoughts on the films covered in this topic. Here are my selections for the Lost and Found films. All of them may not represent the best in cinema but hey, the titles are what I can come up with in a short amount of time, among movies that may not have already been mentioned in a previous Monday Movie Meme week.

Overnight Delivery
Reese Witherspoon and Paul Rudd star in this romantic comedy about a guy who sends a breakup letter -- complete with a used condom and half-naked photos of him and another woman to his girlfriend when he suspects her of cheating. After learning that his suspicions were false, the guy goes on a road trip to try to stop the letter from arriving in his girlfriend’s mail but encounters some shady people and wild antics along the way. I watched this movie when it came on television many years ago and while I thought it had some humorous scenes, I’m not surprised that it was a direct-to-video release.

Blood Diamond
After being captured to work in a mining field for diamonds, man loses son to a group of rebels manned by child soldiers. He then makes a deal with a gun smuggler, risking his life to try to find and save his son from being caught up in the Sierra Leone Civil War. I watched “Blood Diamond” at my Grandmother’s house and was moved enough to add it to my DVD collection, despite the fact that she totally ruined that first-time viewing experience for me by mentioning the fate of one of the main characters, as soon as the movie started playing.

All About the Benjamins
Comedian Mike Epps, rapper Ice Cube and actress Eva Mendes star in this comedy about a bounty hunter who pairs up with a con artist to capture a group of diamond thieves. The con man is only concerned about finding a winning lottery ticket that he lost, to redeem it and get back in the good graces of his girlfriend. The only problem is -- the con artist skipped bail, so the bounty hunter is supposed to arrest him as well. These two men have to learn to work together to get the people and items that they are after.

and lastly....

Dude Where's My Car?
Two stoners named Jesse and Chester wake up with a hangover and cannot remember what they did in the hours leading up to them being at Jesse's house. After realizing that Jesse's car is missing along with their girlfriends' anniversary gifts, the two friends start retrace their steps to figure out where they parked the car.

Yes, I am fully aware that this movie is no Best Picture Oscar contender but to be fair, I was a fan of "That 70's Show" on Fox, back in the day and figured that Ashton Kutcher would be just as funny in "Dude Where's My Car" as he is on the show -- so I bought the DVD. Yes, I have it in my movie collection. No, I don't watch it and haven't played it in years, but I have a cousin who finds this movie to be quite hilarious -- and he's like 35 years of age or something like that.

So that’s it. What are some Lost and Found style movies that come to YOUR mind?

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