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Characters on the Movie Title Card #atthemovies #DVD #netflix #blockbuster


After a little mini vacation during the Smurdok's home renovation that is currently still in progress and coming along pretty well, our Monday Movie Meme is back in action.

While checking out movie theater showtimes recently, I thought about "Martha Marcy May Marlene," a movie about a woman who tries to start a new life after growing up in a cult. It is one of several films that I wanted to see, back in December but didn't get around to watching any of them. I will, however, use the flick as inspiration for this week’s Monday Movie Meme topic (because it’s um, simple, and...I have a lot of other things to do today): Role Call!

Share on your blog movies where names of the main characters double as the title of the film.
Easy, right? Yeah, I thought so too!
Here are my selections for the Role Call movie meme.

Jimmy and Judy
Rebellious teens go on a destructive road trip slash runaway journey that involves drugs, vandalism, cults, jail time and murder....oh, and a wedding. Things weren’t so peachy in Jimmy’s home life nor in Judy’s social life before these two outcasts became lovers either. Jimmy had the pleasure of walking in on his parents in a compromising position while Judy was introduced to the joys of school bullying. So yes, their environment is sorta a recipe for disaster but the good news is they recorded it all from their own point of view so we all get a front row seat to their screwed up and misguided world.

For those who haven’t heard of this movie, I wish I could give you a brief overview of what it’s all about but I tuned out from my TV screen after popping this thing in the DVD player. Yes, it’s THAT boring. All I remember from watching “Wanda” is that she is a financially broke drifter who trades sex for alcohol, after leaving her husband and children. As much as I wanted to like “Wanda” after reading about it, I do not care for this film. “Wanda” fits right in line with the movies listed on my snorefest post about the most boring movies on DVD.

Runners Up: Bruce Almighty and Forrest Gump.

What other movies with their character names in the title have caught YOUR attention over the years?

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Harry Potter Party Ideas Inspired by Ron Weasley Scenes #entertaining #movies

Harry Potter Party Ideas Inspired by Ron Weasley Scenes2

As the King Dong series continues, this month begins with a new content posting strategy to try to make it more useful and no longer skip any months like I did in December 2011. Without further adieu, join me in welcoming Ron Weasley, played by actor Rupert Grint, as our January 2012 King Dong. While Ron is one of the cutest little boys ever who often gets in situations that are way over his head throughout the Harry Potter film series, he does have unmatchable skills at the game of chess, compared to his friends Hermione and Harry.

One of my most memorable scenes from watching 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone' is the one where Ron sacrifices himself in Wizard’s Chess to help his pals. After several years of Hogwarts mania at the movies, Harry Potter themed parties may seem like they feature the same activities and planning for entertaining guests, no matter who’s hosting it - a book club, HP fan club or a family somewhere around the world.

Thanks to Ron Weasley, however, you can squeeze out little aspects of the Harry Potter movies, to create fresh party ideas that can be used when entertaining adults or teens and kids who know how to play the game. Here are some Harry Potter party ideas that I thought of based on that Wizard’s Chess scene from The Sorcerer’s Stone film.

Harry Potter Party Ideas Inspired by Ron Weasley Scenes3

A Ron Weasley Inspired (Non)Seating Arrangement

Make a giant chessboard featuring 64 black and white (32 for each color) squares made out of towels, pillow cases, painted cardboard, card stock sheets or whatever you can bind together using masking tape (or duct tape, depending on the materials and your preference) to create a flat game board surface. You can also use blue squares as a substitute for black.

Cover your living room, basement or other party area floor with the giant chessboard. This will become the “seating” area for your guests, so make sure that each guest stands on the proper square, according to his or her position in the Wizard’s chess game. You will need a total of 32 guests to complete the chessboard style seating arrangement for this party theme. However, a smaller guest size for your Harry Potter party will also work just fine, allowing more flexible options for Wizard’s chess costumes as well.

Since this arrangement obviously creates a standing-room-only setup, either position chairs along the walls surrounding the chessboard or move them into another room altogether.

Harry Potter Party Ideas Inspired by Ron Weasley Scenes

The Harry Potter Party Dress Code

All of the standard Gryffindor and other favorite Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley costumes go out of the window for this Wizard’s chess party theme. Require guests to come to the party dressed in a costume that coincides with one of the 16 chess pieces needed for your giant game board.* There are two ways you can enforce this dress code:

1. Assign costumes or dress codes to each guest who is invited to the party - This provides each guest with a running start on making their costume, since they don’t have to spend extra time trying to figure out which one of the chess pieces to dress like.


2. Allow guests to select their desired costume from the 16 chess pieces, for which you can check off as you go along the list, on a first come, first served basis. - This can help you to speed up the RSVP process, as some guests may race to make sure that they nabbed one of the few king or queen positions.

*If you are planning a smaller party that is more casual in design, then just rearrange these dress code options to fit the needs of your celebration.

The dress code options for guests should include kings, queens, rooks, bishops, knights and pawns. Thanks to merchandising, there are a variety of color options for your Harry Potter party dress code. Instruct guests to come in either red or white costumes if you want your live chess pieces to match those from the actual scene in 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone' where Ron beats Harry in a chess game at Hogwarts. Or, create a black and white or black and grey dress code if you want guests’ costumes to match those of the chess game pieces that are found in the retail version of Wizard’s chess board games, manufactured for consumers.

Harry Potter Party Ideas Inspired by Ron Weasley Scenes4,

Wizard’s Chess Game Activity

Nothing says “entertainment” at this type of Harry Potter themed party than a live game of Wizard’s chess. Get a standard size chess game or the Harry Potter chess game and play it with a co-host, while both of you announce each move that you want to make, out loud. The guests will have to navigate through their positions on the giant chessboard based on the moves that you and your opponent announce.

You can also re-enact the scene from 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,' allowing Ron to be the unofficial host of your party game. This way, you can be part of the live action while everyone is moving based on the chess moves that he calls out. While the Ron Weasley element of this activity may fun, it won’t last as long as a real game of chess between two people. It’s your call though -- literally!

Now that we’ve gone through some alternative Harry Potter party ideas, here’s a question...

Would YOU beat Ron Weasley in a game of chess?

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Drunken Characters Gone Wild in the Movies #amblogging #atthemovies


While expressing apprehension to cook a full meal and feeling regret about agreeing to host a New Year’s Eve party for family and friends, at her house, a young lady recently said to me “It’s not about the food, it’s about the (alcoholic) drinks!” Plans for cooking chicken wings changed to serving some meatballs, and nothing else, for guests so they can at least have something in their stomach to prevent them from getting wasted on booze.

Since many people around the world celebrated New Year’s with a drink or two or three or several, I’d be willing to bet that some of these folks treated others in their surroundings to a handful of stories, jokes, insults, incomprehensible rambling and other outbursts that became the highlight of the EVE-ning -- which brings me to this week’s Monday Movie Meme topic: She/He said what?!!!.

Share on your blog movies that feature drunken outbursts during holidays or special occasions. Here are my selections for this week’s She/He said what?!!! movie meme.

The Other Sister

It’s hard to not feel embarrassed for Carla, when her boyfriend Daniel revealed their sexual escapades in front of a room full of family and close friends, at a Christmas party. For what it’s worth he did say that he is in love with her too. His drunken announcement at the party was funny, sweet and surprising. Who can forget the scene...”last year on Thanksgiving, we did it...and it was so beautiful.” I don’t know what’s worse...Daniel’s public declaration filled with TMI or the fact that many of the guests started laughing at him and Carla and not with them.

What’s Your Number

Ally’s tipsy toast left much to be desired after she insulted her sister Daisy’s fiance Eddie by calling him a douche-bag, aired the couple’s dirty laundry out in front of guests by introducing another woman who he cheated on Daisy with and then accidentally broke a champagne glass during an engagement party. Needless to say, Ally sure does know how to drink and say inappropriate things at the most unseemly moments. She’d probably be a lot of fun during a New Year’s celebration but I wouldn’t want to give her the floor unless I was tipsy too and unlikely to remember what she said, the next day.

Poetic Justice

Ok, here’s a lesson for Iesha: Never get so drunk after a family reunion barbecue (that you and your friends crashed) that you feel bold enough to tell your boyfriend “that’s the reason why I’m fucking somebody else” after calling him impotent and weak during an argument, and then expect him to be cool, calm and collected about it.

Chances are, he’s not going to take that one sitting down or standing up for that matter and while the situation in this particular movie scene is messed up and Chicago was wrong for hitting a woman, Iesha’s drunken outburst is the reason that he whopped her ass on the side of the highway. If she kept her mouth shut....better yet, if she wasn’t cheating in the first place, then none of that would have happened. Now, the better way to deal with that from Chicago’s position would be to just end the relationship and tell Iesha to take her drunken behavior to the new man that she’s sleeping with...but I guess that’s too logical of an option.

Don’t forget to visit your fellow Monday Movie Meme participants and show some love by leaving a comment or two. By the way, Happy New Year!

Shouts out to Dale at Smurfin the Web! I look forward to another fun month of hosting this thing alongside you.

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