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My Top 5 Favorite Places to Write

WordCount Blogathon

What are your five favorite places to write? This is the general topic for today’s theme during the WordCount Blogathon that I am currently participating in, which caused me to really think about all of the places where I write and then compare them all to figure out which ones are the locations that I like the most. Here are my five favorite places to write everything and anything from blog posts, freelance articles, love letters and screenplays to grocery shopping lists, poetry and parody no particular order.

1. On the Bus

First, let me get something straight.....I hate buses. Now that we have this out of the way, I do find bus rides to be useful places to write in some circumstances. In fact, I wrote my Day 17 blog post (and a portion of my Day 19 post) for the WordCount Blogathon while riding a bus out of town......all on an iPod. I figured that I might as well write to pass the time since there is not much else to do while on a long bus ride.

WordCount Blogathon,Helpful Reading and Research

2. A Family Member’s House

When floppy disks were still popular among computer users, I filled a lot of them with my writings and often completed the task while visiting relatives. I’ve written at least two screenplays using a family member’s computer and have usually enjoyed the process. In such a setting, I get the best of both worlds.....the ability to write in a remote location and also the comfort of a home-like atmosphere.

WordCount Blogathon,Writing

3. The Library

Since many public libraries are only open during afternoon hours, there is something about having this limited time-frame that I have found to be rather beneficial to my writing activities. Being allowed to work on a computer for only 20 minutes up to 60 minutes maximum can sometimes be the driving force necessary to make sure that I am being productive.

The small window of computer access does not leave much room for idle time, which is a great way to influence me to work on some of my writing in advance before visiting the library so all I have to do is type it up or produce a final draft. I also like to write at the library because it is like an automatic source for references and research material.

If there is a word that I am not familiar with or some historical facts that need to be checked before referencing them in an article, blog post, screenplay, etc. I need not look any further than a public library.

4. My Apartment

This is a no-brainer because if it’s raining or snowing or late in the evening and I do not feel like going out, all of my writing can be done in the comfort of my own home. Much like the public libraries, my home has a lot of resources and supplies that I can utilize during the writing process.....some of which other places, including relatives houses may not have available. These resources include notebooks, pens, pencils, highlighters, markers, magazines, index cards, my favorite books on screenwriting and other tools that help me get work done without needing to travel.

WordCount Blogathon,Writing

5. The Movie Theater

Okay, so this one is a bit distracting because the whole point of going to the theater is to watch the movie....right? However, I brought a notepad with me and wrote down notes about a movie that I had to write a review on (It was “Hanna,” for all of you nosey people, lol) in hopes of obtaining a weekly writing gig for a media company.

I did not think that I would remember some of the important points that I wanted to make or key aspects of the movie that I wanted to cover. So, while this may have been an odd thing to do and was certainly a little difficult experience because I had to write whenever there was a bright scene that added more light into the theater, it is productive enough to make my list of five favorite places to write.

What are some of the best places for YOU to write?

Does the ideal location to write depend on what is being written or do you think that people can and should write wherever and whenever they are inspired to do so?

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Writers in the Movies

Screenwriting is an essential part of the movie making process, so it can be even more exciting to watch films with plots that incorporate authors or other types of writers in one way or another. This week, The Bumbles asks to share movies on our blogs that feature “writers authors, poets and scribes.” I considered highlighting a film like “Sex and the City: The Movie” based on Carrie’s writing career but I think that is way too easy. So, here are two other movies that fit the writing bill a little more closely and have more complex plots than this Sarah Jessica Parker centered box office hit.

Love Jones

Monday Movie Meme,WordCount Blogathon

Starring Nia Long and Larenz Tate, “Love Jones” is among the best dating movies because it is not overly sappy so it has enough depth to avoid being classified as a chick flick. This movie is about a budding photographer who relocates to a new city, where she meets an author who is working on his first book. As the story progresses, the ups and downs of their relationship seem to also have an impact on the career decisions that each character makes.

The couple and their friends also frequent a jazz club where they socialize and enjoy live poetry performances.....a main staple throughout the movie. In fact, poetry is how the two main characters first got acquainted and later becomes the vehicle that opens up a major turning point in their lives.

Perfect Stranger

Monday Movie Meme,WordCount Blogathon

This crime thriller starring Halle Berry and Bruce Willis is a shocker that seems to use writing as the foundation or background for everything else in the story. Berry plays an journalist who goes undercover as a temp worker at an advertising firm owned by a man who she suspects has murdered her best friend.

She poses as two different women to try and catch him but the deeper her personal investigation gets, the more dangerous this movie becomes for the characters involved. I watched this movie based on the recommendation of a friend and while I liked’s a bit creepy so I doubt I’ll watch it again.....unless I’m really jonesing to get another look at Bruce Willis!

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Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow Style Highlights

WordCount Blogathon,King Dong

“Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” is dominating the box office this weekend after being released on Friday. This movie, starring Johnny Depp earned over $300 million worldwide according to the Wall Street Journal....and it’s only Sunday, so far. While moviegoers enjoy the adventures of their favorite pirate on the big screen, the May 13th issue of Entertainment Weekly features actor Johnny Depp on the cover and offers a deeper look into several elements of Captain Jack Sparrow’s costume from the actor’s perspective.

In a feature titled “Johnny Depp’s Guide to Captain Jack’s Style” within the magazine’s cover story, Depp shares some rather off-putting thoughts on the gold tooth hanging from the character’s bandanna. He claims that Captain Jack Sparrow swallowed one of his gold teeth.... “ad then...well, he waited for it.” Um, okay....what moviegoer wouldn’t find that to be pretty disgusting?

WordCount Blogathon,King Dong

Johnny Depp also mentions how he worked with the costume designer for “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” to add antique lace to Jack Sparrow’s list of arm and hand accessories for suggesting that it came from a former lover but the 80s ring belonging to Depp that features a green stone and skulls may be more interesting because it has become a significant part of Jack Sparrow’s wardrobe on retail products based on this movie character.

WordCount Blogathon,King Dong

The ring also adds a unique touch to the costume since it is an item owned by the actor who has to play this pirate role. Maybe it helps to bring Depp closer to Sparrow or something....who knows?! This would not be the first time that an actor used his or her own belongings in a film but where “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” is concerned, it appears that the little things matter more than I thought when creating certain traits for a movie character.

This King Dong series post is dedicated to Alana of Writercize.

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