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Oscar Nominated Cocktails: Avatar #movies #recipes


James Cameron’s “Avatar” inspired several cocktail drinks celebrating this three-time Oscar winning film. “Avatar” won an Academy Award for Cinematography, Art Direction and (no surprise here) visual effects. The movie also received one half-dozen additional Oscar nominations in the categories of directing, film editing, original score, sound editing, sound mixing and the coveted, Best Picture.

No matter whether you enjoyed the 3D blue people and strange love story in “Avatar” or think it’s “a truly horrible movie” like How to Be Black author Baratunde Thurston does, these Oscar nominated cocktail recipes are fit for humanoids on either side of the audience spectrum.

Pandora Elixir
(from Sunset Magazine)

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and then combine ¼ rum, two tablespoons of passion fruit juice, 1 lime leaf torn into small pieces and two teaspoons of fresh lime juice into the shaker. Shake well, strain into martini glasses, top each drink with two tablespoons of club soda and then garnish with a lime wedge. The Sunset Magazine’s “Avatar” cocktail recipe also lists substitutes for the juice (such as guava and orange) and the lime leaf, if you’re interested in learning how to put a spin on this particular one.

Oscar Inspired Cocktails for Avatar2

Ame Na'vi Cocktail
(by bartender Rafael Jimenez Rivera at the Lobby Bar in San Francisco)

Chill a martini glass while adding 1 ½ oz gin, one teaspoon each of dry vermouth, Parfait Amour and orange juice with no pulp to an ice filled cocktail shaker. Shake it up and then strain the drink into the chilled cocktail glass. Garnish the “Avatar” drink with an orange peel. You can also use blue curacao as a substitute for the Parfait Amour, when making this “Avatar” movie cocktail recipe.

Oscar Inspired Cocktails for Avatar3

The Avatar
(by Sandra Lee, featured in Entertainment Weekly)

Combine one ounce each of citrus vodka and white cranberry juice, ½ ounce of blue curacao and one squeeze of lime juice into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Cover, shake well and then strain into a cold glass. Lee says that the citrus vodka is used to honor the tree of life in “Avatar,” and also recommends the Ketel One Citroen brand.

Among these Oscar nominated cocktails for "Avatar," which one do YOU plan on drinking?

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My Favorite Movies Featuring Books in the Story #meme

Monday Movie Meme

It’s a Cyber somber Monday...nothing like a funeral in the morning to get the week started off on a pretty depressing note. Thank goodness that it’s Dale’s week at Smurfin’ the Web, to host the Monday Movie Meme and he has made it all about the story. Isn't this what life is about anyway...what you're story is going to be? Dale says to share your favorite movies that feature a book in the story, not movies based on books. Here are my selections for this week's "book in the story" meme.

The Answer Man

Jeff Daniels and Lauren Graham (of the WB’s “Gilmore Girls” and currently of NBC’s “Parenthood” star in this romantic comedy about a reclusive author who wrote a best-selling book called Me and God. His life changes in unexpected ways after he starts dating his chiropractor and well, things don’t turn out so well when everyone in the world shows up at the doorstep, seeking help with their problems or curiosities that range from the very serious and spiritual to the oh-so mundane.

Well, what did you expect after writing and publishing a book about your close relationship with God? Of course, everyone in the world...or at least enough to fill up several football fields will show up, wanting answers, wanting the hookup with the lord and wanting solutions since you have the direct connection to the all mighty one, and all!


Ok, if you don’t know how this movie fits, stay with me for a minute. The serial killer that Brad Pitts’ and Morgan Freemans’ characters are investigating commits his murders based on the seven deadly sins. Where are these sins found? In the Bible. So, that’s a book. There you go! By the way...I still haven’t gotten up the balls to watch this movie in it’s entirety but it’s on my to-do list. Everything about this film is just too creepy.

The Book of Eli

It’s post-apocalyptic story takes Denzel Washington’s character on a long journey to keep a sacred book out of the hands of those who want to use it for their own greed or ill intentions. He fights his way through the battle of a lifetime while trying to stay true to his mission. This movie, in particular has me thinking about the many books we buy and keep in our libraries or small book collections and whether they are worth fighting for.

The founder of Couchfest films said that he would get in a bar brawl for any of the films that were selected for his film festival this year....can you say the same thing for the books in your possession? Are they good enough to fight for? Are they worth going to the depths of the earth and encountering all sorts of challenges for their protection and preservation for the next generation or the fellow men you encounter today? If not, then why are you keeping them?.....just something to think about!

Since I think I may have used one or more, or all of these films in a previous meme, I'm really going to have to take a friend of mine's advice and step my movie game up, fast!

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Jason Statham’s ‘Blitz’ in a Nutshell #blockbuster #moviereviews

The movie “Blitz” starring Jason Statham leaves much to be desired....I suppose. I fell asleep while watching this movie; that cannot be a good thing, given that it is an action flick and all. In fact, I don’t even remember much about “Blitz” except, the characters talked funny (epiphany #1: It’s a British movie. Ok, check!) and something big was going down but it wasn’t serious enough for me to want to know how it all turned out. Maybe it’s a good movie but the person I know who watched “Blitz” in it’s entirety didn’t seem very excited about it, so maybe the film is actually not that great. I wonder if it’s big over in the United Kingdom.

To all of those Jason Statham fans out there, is he better or worse in American movies versus his work in British films?

Just curious.

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