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Summer Party Movie References #NaBloPoMo #MovieMeme #Blogging #amwriting

Today marks the official start of party week here at the Madlab Post. In an attempt to extend The Bumbles’ most recent monday movie meme “Summertime” topic, the first subject up for discussion is summer parties. When thinking of summertime, three parties come to mind.......cookouts (also referred to as barbecues), block parties and family reunions. Here is a list of movies that reference at least one of these various types of summer parties.

Cookouts & Barbecues
In John Singleton’s “Boyz ‘n the Hood,” Tre (played by Cuba Gooding Jr.) attends a backyard cookout hosted by the mother of his friend Doughboy (played by Ice Cube) to celebrate the son’s release from prison.

During the barbecue, there are moments of jealous bickering between girls who are attracted to Tre and become pissed to find out that he has a girlfriend who is in attendance. The guys sit around, play card games and discuss sex and STDs in between Doughboy’s recollection of his activities in the penitentiary.

Block Parties
The documentary, “The World’s Best Prom” is about all that comes to mind when thinking about block parties in the summer. It may not very well fit because the celebration highlighted in the movie is a parade but these things take place on the street, right? So, it works for me and for the purposes of this post. This documentary showcases the city of Racine, Wisconsin and it’s prom mania that is like no other in the country.

The parade kicks of the city’s celebration of their annual mega-prom that includes high school seniors from several schools and locals take to the streets before the planning of dresses, suits, red carpet entrances (yes, they go all Hollywood in this movie), transportation and post-high school goals get underway.

Family Reunions
In “Poetic Justice” (another John Singleton movie), Tupac Shakur and Janet Jackson play Lucky and Justice....two characters from slightly opposite sides of the tracks who crash a stranger’s family barbecue with their friends with plans on getting free food. Lucky even goes so far as to impersonate a fake cousin when approached by one of the family members at this reunion.

While they were able to get the free food and drinks, the friends are also given some unrequested scoldings on marriage and relationships by Maya Angelou. who basically calls the younger generations clueless. Their party crashing ends abruptly when members of the group get into a physical confrontation with one of the relatives.

What other movies fit into either of these three summer party categories?

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Leonardo "DiWackio" According to Generation Y'ers #NaBloPoMo

As much as many movie fans love Leonardo DiCaprio and his work, there are lots of other movie goers who are not a fan of this particular actor. I spoke with two relatives to find out their thoughts on DiCaprio and the movies that he starred in so far. Here are notes one the responses from a conversation with my 14 year-old cousin who watched “Romeo & Juliet,” “Titanic,” “The Departed,” “Blood Diamond,” and “Inception.”

Why does Leonardo DiCaprio get on your nerves?
Because he don’t know how to act.

What was your least favorite Leonardo DiCaprio movie?
“Shutter Island” Because the theme of the movie wasn’t really pleasing to me.

What was your most favorite Leonardo DiCaprio movie?
“Romeo & Juliet” Because I liked how he acted....he played Romeo really well.

Here is an audio recording of my conversation with a 25 year-old relative, with whom I asked the same three questions:

Why does Leonardo DiCaprio get on your nerves?

What was your least favorite Leonardo DiCaprio movie?

What was your most favorite Leonardo DiCaprio movie?

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In Those Jeans #GBE2 #NaBloPoMo #NowPlaying


“Levis, Prada, Baby the way you’re wearing that. Calvin, Iceberg, Sergio....trying to get inside of those.” - Ginuwine

Earlier this week, I briefed you all on why F. Gary Gray is my favorite director. That post was prompted by the current Group Blogging Experience topic of the moment but somehow, it just doesn’t quite fit because Gray is a director and person....not a “thing.” After spending sometime in the last few days trying to narrow down what my favorite thing is, I’ve come to realize that I have many favorite things. If I had to pick one though, it would be denim.....specifically denim jeans.

Jeans are my favorite thing to wear because they work as casual attire and evening attire for a night out on the town. You can dress them up or dress them down, making jeans a versatile clothing item that I never want to live without. During this year’s summer heat wave, I’ve come to build a very close relationship with jeans because I have worn them almost in, 99 percent of the time out of 100....even on days when it’s very hot outside and the weather forecast calls for 95 degrees with a heat index of like, 102 due to the humidity levels and such.


Yesterday, I wore shorts outside for the first time this year and I almost had a nervous breakdown because it was a very uncomfortable experience. I got over it after a few hours but then changed into a pair of jeans later on in the evening. My love for jeans is great but not excessive compared to a woman that I know who owns at least 300 pairs of jeans. I’ve always thought that it was amazing that someone could own that many pairs of jeans....I mean, her closet must be huge, right?!


Since jeans are my favorite thing, you’d think that I would have seen “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” starring Alexis Bledel and America Ferrera before, right? Well, I have not seen that movie yet but it’s on my Netflix to-watch list. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy references to jeans in other areas of entertainment such as the music industry.

Here is one of my favorite music videos of all time, “In Those Jeans” by R&B singer Ginuwine:

While Ginuwine has the better song, fellow R&B singer Bobby Valentino’s “Tell Me” music video expresses a more accurate depiction of a love for jeans. Most of the video takes place in the jeans section of a clothing store, with additional scenes that show women trying on these pants in a dressing room:

I like the concept of Valentino’s video so much that I am willing to ignore the weird peeping tom-esque scenes where he watches security camera images of the women while they are in the dressing room. This same thing that works for entertainment value to sell an album is also the same action that will cause voyeuristic retail store employees to lose their jobs and be sent to jail, in real life.

Here are some questions for everyone reading this post:

What are your favorite pair of jeans?

Would you watch a movie about jeans?

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