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Movie Piracy Seminar at Bare Bones Script 2 Screen Film Festival

Instead of repeating the same thing again, here is a snippet from a recent press release that was sent out:

(Philadelphia, PA, USA, SEPTEMBER 27, 2006) - Independent film director, Nicole Ayers will be speaking about movie piracy at this year's Bare Bone's Script 2 Screen Film Festival. The one hour seminar will cover copyright infringement and tips on protecting films from unauthorized use by production staff and talent. Nicole Ayers will also discuss the various effects that movie piracy has on independent filmmakers.

The seminar is being held on Saturday, October 7th at The 5th Annual Bare Bones Script 2 Screen Film Festival & Movie Biz Conference. It is the second installment of an Anti-Piracy campaign being held by independent production company, Madlab Entertainment. The campaign is headed by Nicole Ayers. Its objective is to create and spread awareness throughout the filmmaking community and the movie going audience that movie piracy is illegal. "By speaking out against piracy, others will be more inclined to take action against it. It can then be eliminated", says Ayers.


Lighten Up Switches from ifilm to YouTube

After a little over a month or so, Lighten Up has been moved from ifilm to YouTube. Madlab Entertainment changed the short's online home due to the quality of the video player and a disappointing number of views. While checking youtube after the switch, Lighten Up had about just as many views as it did on ifilm. However, the number of youtube views came within a few days. To me, that is much more worthwhile than having the same low amount for over one month on ifilm. While it is easy for many videos to get lost in the crowd on YouTube, it looks a bit more promising.

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Developments at the Lab

I spent so much time blabbing about my own video drama that I forgot to do my job and report the latest news from Madlab. During this month, Madlab Entertainment has been developing new projects to be released through October and November 2006. The first of our productions slated for the fall includes a sketch comedy depicting the most obsurd realities of society. I am very excited about the upcoming comedy short. It speaks to all who work for someone that treats them badly. Right now (aside from the wedding), I am trying to complete this documentary-like video on movie piracy. If I can get that done within the next 5 days, it would be great. Do those of you who are reading this think that it will be done? Probably not. Do I think that I can pull it off? Of course. It will be done with hard work, no shame, lies, threats, starvation, an empty wallet and no sleep and I will cross my finger and hope that I will be able to make my monthly student loan payment and pay my rent by Friday. It's independent filmmaking at it's best. Or shall I say, it's just independent filmmaking. It will be at it's best if the Doc video gets completed within the desired time frame, which will enable be to send it to Current TV's seeds of Tolerance competition. It will be at it's worst if I apply some, most or all of those scenario's and then, I still don't have a video.